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I ripped into my zucchini bed last week when my elderly friend Lauris visited for an inspection and rolled her eyes at the enormous zucchini jungle.
I've planted broadbeans and climbing beans and I have to get some autumn type veg into seed trays soon.
I've learnt that green capsicums and red capsicums are the very same plant, you just have to wait wait wait for them to turn red!!
A top commercial contract lawyer says entrepreneurs must ensure their legal documentation permits them to force employees leaving the company to serve out their notice period away from work. Briegal said negative legal consequences can be avoided if employers check their contracts from the outset.

Government proposals will be awkward for employers and humiliating for older workers, says the Forum of Private Business. The receipt of resignation with garden leave letter can be used by an employer to place a resigning employee on gardening leave. Gardening leave or garden leave is where an employee who is leaving a job is required to stay away from work during the notice period whilst receiving normal pay. The receipt of resignation letter with garden leave is an open format Microsoft Word document that allows the wording to be adjusted to suit different needs.
We have already worked on cases where a departing member has contested garden leave because it was not referred to in his contract.

Someone who you invite for coffee who just wants to poke around your pots and beds and see what you're growing and talk about how do you control cabbage moth organically?

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