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The regular monthly meeting of the Orange County Master Gardener Association is held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30PM in the new Orange County EXPO Center on Hwy 1442 in Orangefield. Texas Master Gardeners is a volunteer program designed to grow horticultural information throughout the state, town by town.
In addition to the store, Janene and I are quite passionate about living a simpler, less complicated life.
Ben was SO excited to help plant them, and he CONSTANTLY is asking when he can pick the fruit off the trees.
In some places dichondra, a low growing plant and member of the morning glory family, is seen as a weed. Dichondra (Dichondra repens) is a perennial ground cover plant (in USDA zones 7-11) that has a somewhat upright, creeping habit with circular leaves. Silver dichondra is a green-silver annual ground cover that is often used in hanging baskets and pots.
Seed should be lightly scattered over the loosened soil bed and watered until wet but not soggy. Feeding tomato plants is an essential task as they need different nutrients at different stages of the tomato grow cycle, and how much feeding they need depends on whether you are growing them in the soil, in a container or in a grow bag. It is important not to overfeed them in the early stages, especially with nitrogen, or they may produce lots of lush leafy growth instead of delicious fruits. Tomato feed comes in different forms, ready-made liquid types that needs to be diluted with water, soluble types that needs to be mixed with water and slow release types I personally use all of them. The crystallised type provides better value for money but it is more time consuming to prepare because the crystals need time to dissolve in the water. Top Tip: If you really want prize winning tomato plants, or if your tomato plants have got stressed for any reason, I suggest you apply an organic liquid seaweed fertiliser as a foliar spray.

Miracle-Gro controlled-release plant food is great for feeding tomato plants if your going on holiday it contains a special mix of Miracle-Gro nutrients to help produce beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms.
It’s hard to tell without testing the liquid however my guess is that the brown liquid will be to strong to use as a feed.
Cleavers is and easy weed to learn to identify, due to the distinctive shape of the leaves growing out from the stems. These are just a few of the many perennials that are easy to grow in the Orange County, Texas area. Enter the building in the front entrance, meeting room is to your left,  January thru November each year. We were blessed to receive some trees from a friend, and also to find a smokin' hot deal at one of our favorite nurseries (The Plant Farm) on bare root trees. The fruit of the Shinseiki Pear Tree ripens in late July, to mid August and stores extremely well until March. In other places, however, it is valued as an attractive ground cover or even a substitute for a small lawn area. It is not usually over 2 inches in height and retains its bright green color in temperatures as low as 25 F. The cascading habit also makes this attractive plant perfect for rock walls or window boxes.
Depending on how sunny the planting area is, seeds may need to be watered a few times a day until they begin to sprout.
Most people find that mowing to around 1 ? inches in the summer is best and requires cutting every two weeks. So, if I have time to prepare the feed in advance, I use the crystallised tomato feed, otherwise I use the liquid feed unless I’m going on holiday when I would use the slow release tomato feed.

Simply measure out the correct amount of concentrated feed, mix with water and it’s ready to use. The evenly balanced nutrients contained in this plant food are ideal for flowers, fruit and vegetables–in fact, for everything in the garden.
You should try diluting a small amount of the brown liquid in a large watering can with water I think that this will make a good free plant feed.
It has tiny white flowers with four petals (see the third photo below for the flower size compred to my fingertip). A relatively new patented variety, Honeycrisp Apple has a texture similar to a crisp watermelon or Asian Pear.
The Shinseiki Pear Tree bears fruit at a young age and requires 250-450 chill hours to set it's good quality pear fruit. This low maintenance plant with fan-shaped foliage, does well in full sun, requires only minimal care and is drought resistant. When the plants are flowering and have set their first truss (see photo to the right) switch to a high potash feed to get the best results, this will encourage the plant to produce more flowers and fruit. Watering and feeding tomato plants correctly during the their growing cycle will ensure the best fruit harvest from the plants.
There is a special coating on the granules that controls the release of the plant food so that it matches the needs of each plant. When this ground cover becomes full, it appears as a dense carpet-like grass and is often planted in places where other turf-type grass does not grow well.
The release rate is controlled by soil temperature–the warmer it gets, the faster the plants grow and the more nutrients are released from the plant food, ensuring that plants are not short of balanced nutrients over the six month growing season.

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