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George’s “Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening” helps you know when to do what in the landscape. This entry was written on July 27th, 2010 by George and filed under George's Current Ramblings and Readlings.
When I’m asked what makes my entry garden so compelling, I have to laugh because it is a particularly hard question to answer. Because entry gardens can often be narrow with limited space, vertical plants act like visual exclamation points along the journey, drawing people from one point to the next. It takes visitors more than just a few steps to get to the front door, so it is essential that entryway elements lead them down the path. A few summers ago, we hosted a tour of our garden, during which a few hundred people stopped in for a visit. A centre for contemporary and traditional art and crafts, surrounded by four acres of beautiful ponds and gardens. Along the main road from Aylsham to Cromer, you will find this lovely art and craft centre, surrounded by over four acres of ponds and gardens.
The lower craft courtyard contains five working craft workshops covering garden sculpture, art, engraving, wood turning and furniture making. In 1987 following damage from a hurricane, the site was redeveloped into over 4 acres of gardens, with island beds, borders, ponds, streams and wild areas with specimen trees set in grass. TourNorfolk is an independent tourism website and therefore does not represent the views of any official body.
Garden for some men and women might be an important component and can not be separated from a property.
You’d think gardeners in this Lake Erie city would be a pretty discouraged bunch with all of the snow dumpings, late freezes and Canadian cold they get. Weedy grass and meatball yews are replaced by layers of mixed perennials, hanging baskets, window boxes, flower pots on front stoops, spots of colorful annuals and eye-grabbing specimen shrubs, such as the Japanese-maple-like ‘Black Lace’ elderberry, the golden cut-leaf ‘Tiger Eye’ sumac and lots and lots of hydrangeas. My two favorites: James Locke and Annabelle Irey’s Victorian-style home at 75 Lancaster Ave. Then the path leads into an island perennial garden, then a water garden and then a back colorful back border that finally dumps you out into a flower pot garden (once a driveway) that has a landscaped doghouse. The space is only about the size of half a basketball court, but it reads much bigger as lawn paths lead around wide garden beds filled with shade plants and statuary placed perfectly as focal points along the way. You’ll find color clashes, spacing conflicts and a few invasive species if you want to be a critic.
Imperfections and all, the neighborhoods look so much more alive and inviting than the cookie-cutter landscapes and 4-foot-wide foundation beds that are so common to our developments.
To me, it was glaringly obvious that the blocks where Garden Walk caught on were almost entirely neat, clean and well maintained. Not only are we getting better known nationally for our gardens, and creating a whole gardening culture here in Buffalo, but the Walk seems to be re-energizing, rejuvenating and reinvigorating streets in great neighborhoods that may have been neglected or overlooked for years, Putnum is a case in point — great homes in an area of the city that rarely gets walked through. When I force myself to think about it, maybe the garden is enticing because of the feeling it evokes. The passage from our driveway to the entrance of our house isn’t a quick trip: There’s a long stone pathway that takes some twists and turns, so it is crucial that visitors enjoy the journey, not be annoyed by it.

The archway at the head of the walk signals the start of the journey, while alluring plants and out-of-the-ordinary objects along the way draw people down the path to the home’s entrance.Inviting archIt’s important to begin the journey in the right direction, and this unique arbor does the trick. One of the comments I received that day was that the garden “had so much life” and that it wasn’t just about the plants. Orange winterberries shine brightly, while the hyssop in front waits for a passing hummingbird. The converted brick and flints farm buildings are home to a collection of working studios, shops and a gallery. This part of the building has undergone significant rennovation and a picture board in the tea-room shows how the buildings looked before and the work in progress. The garden is the result of a lifetime of collecting by Valerie Alston, and the size of the collection allowed her to plant in groups, for spectacular displays. The centre is open 10am to 5pm on Tuesday through to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays (closed Christmas Day to mid January).
Attempt to take benefit of the garden about the house as a gathering location that blends with nature. Most of the yards are small city lots, but these folks are making the most of what they have. But the cool thing is that most of these people are ordinary, non-Master-Gardener homeowners doing something extraordinary. My front garden sets an interesting tone and lets people know that a gardener who loves plants, wildlife, and her family lives here.
It is important that the plants complement the building’s color but provide something else to look at. It shows visitors the way to go and suggests that the trip is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.Dual borders of interesting plantsThroughout the memorable journey to the front door, people are surrounded on both sides by amazing plants.
Rather, it was about the pleasant feeling created by the flow of the beds and the addition of some personal touches.The personal details that we’ve incorporated into the mix set our garden apart from others. But experienced by itself, the entry garden is capable of leaving people with a positive feeling. The gallery is situated up a flight of stairs and showcases work from local art and crafts-people, including pottery and pictures.
Colour, size and shape have all been important factors in the design, with the aim to provide interest in all seasons. We are daily publishing decorationg ideas, interior design ideas ,home design tips, creative ideas and very useful tips for you. And because our entry garden is a reflection of who we are, it makes people feel instantly welcome in our space.
This approach avoids abrupt breaks in the scenery, which would stop people from feeling at ease. These gardens ensure that visitors are never bored.Unique objectsHandmade sculptures, painted pebbles, and mosaic bowling balls (below) indicate that the family is exciting and full of life. The dual borders also ensure that travelers down the path, even if it is just my son’s friend on his skateboard, are always surrounded by interesting stuff.The smooth and flowing lines of the beds and the path add to the comfort level, making sure that everyone has a positive experience (even if it is subconscious) while walking from the driveway to the door. Visitors often find themselves looking farther down the path to see if they can spot the next fas­cinating object.

It sets the mood for visitors, not only telling them where to go but also suggesting that their journey will be unique.
Flowers, such as those on ‘Casablanca’ (pictured), are fragrant and appear from spring through late fall. No matter what you’re drawn to during your journey, you have to slow down and take it all in as you walk. In the entry garden, it’s not about the uniqueness of individual plants as much as it’s about the appeal that’s created when they are grouped together. These selections add a perpendicular punch to the mix but don’t take up a lot of precious space.I incorporate perennials and shrubs that produce berries in my entry space because they offer color interest when most flowers have vanished. The centre is surrounded by beautiful gardens, planted in 1987, including island beds, borders, ponds, streams and wild areas, with specimen trees set in grass. The entry garden might be the only outdoor space that people get to see during their visit, so it’s important to make it dynamic—something that they enjoy and never forget, making them want to come back. This seasonality is especially important in our entry garden because people might not wander off in fall or winter to see our other gardens, but they will always see the entry. Along the way, there are copper sculptures and glass artwork that I’ve made and nestled into the garden beds.It is also essential for my kids to be represented in the entry garden—after all, this is their home, too. Selecting plants with special attributes and infusing personal touches into the garden are the keys to designing an entry that will make everyone happy. I intentionally chose plants that have attractive vertical forms, produce berries for fall and winter interest, and attract wildlife that animate the garden.
Berries also provide food sources for birds and other wildlife, which add another level of activity and excitement to the garden.
My favorite berried shrub is ‘Winter Gold’ winterberry (Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Gold’, Zones 5–8) because its glowing orange fruit pop against the brown siding of my house. These rocks are scattered along the edges of the gardens, adding a year-round punch of color.
Whatever option you choose, it’s important in an entry garden to be sure that the berries complement yet stand out against the backdrop of your home.No entry border would be complete without a variety of plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
All of these objects add personality to the space and give visitors a sense of who the people are who live inside this house. Because of these subtle addi­tions, the garden—and our home—feels friendly, a place that people might like to visit again and again.
Although they aren’t showstoppers in terms of color, hyssops are fragrant and attract flying creatures to the garden, which give visitors another way to experience the space. Hummingbirds, moths, and butterflies are constantly floating about in our garden, delighting our visitors and my kids.

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