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Dynamite: Large multi-stemmed plant with beautiful crimson buds that open and turn cherry red in the summer. Muskogee: Panicles of light lavender-pink flowers appear amid glossy green foliage that turns red in the fall.
The herring bone cotoneaster is an excellent deciduous wall plant whose green leaves turn red in autumn displaying bare stems covered in orange fruit. A versatile deciduous wall plant capable of growing to 1.5 metres smothered in small white flowers in spring.
10 Metres Of Hedging Plants Selected To Give You A Dense Hedge Which Will Provide Food And Shelter For Birds and Bees.
Some with the black thumb give up easily on planting, while others still have the urge to fill the corner with a [living] plant, but cana€™t. It is said that the Philodendron has been used as a house plant since the time of the Victorians.
Unlike most cacti, the Christmas Cactus isna€™t one thata€™ll hurt you if you try to touch it. The Chinese Evergreen in just the last five years has been able to produce more than 20 different varieties. Though this plant is nothing but leaves, it surely adds a good amount of color to any bland room in your home.
Originally found in South Africa, the spider plant is probably one of the most widely used houseplants. Watering plants is an important part of keeping them alive, and since plants cana€™t talk, it can be hard to know when its time to water them, especially if youa€™re no gardening expert. Mother-in-law's tongue or snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is also very hardy, as Mary mentioned. The Ficus we have definitely is a survivor, it gets just ambient house light and has grown to the ceiling.
I think that Croton is so easy to kill – one little draught and all the leaves fall off.
I have to praise the Yucca, Jade and Dracaena – all plants that have survived long periods of neglect from myself or family members. I really need some advice I have peace lily which I bought 2months back &its full with healthy green leaves now it has some baby leaves but the leaves getting brown not yellow and not flower since I bought the plant. I received a philodendron clipping from my husband’s secretary when I met him in 1972. Ristimagi is truly a spectacular performer, with its showy violet blue tepals accented by a red-purple central bar and creamy center. The flowers bloom continuously and very prolifically from late spring to late summer.   Pruning is very easy being group 3, bred to withstand the cold climates of Estonia. Ristimagi is well suited for cold climates and can be pruned 30cm  from the ground and then mulched, has been bred and tested for the climates of  Estonia. Individuals are asked to contact their local nurseries and garden centers and ask for our exclusive varieties by name.

They were not hardy enough to live through our cold winter months and instead thrived only in warmer climates like North Carolina. The leaves are brilliantly colored in shades of green and burgundy and many of the flower buds are just beginning to pop.
Look for plants with color and texture such as hosta, heuchera, azaleas, grasses, roses or hydrangea. The small green leaves turn red in autumn before falling in mid november to display branches laded with red berries which the birds love. Deciduous fast growing green leaved shrub to 4 metres with abundant creamy white flowers in June and elder berries in autumn. Some people seem to just have the touch and ideas to keep a garden looking beautiful throughout all of the seasons, or maybe they just know how to take good care of indoor house plants.
In any case, thankfully, there are flowers and plants available that are more on the a€?hardya€? side. As a tropical plant, it requires some sun, but this can be achieved by letting it sit outside during the day, or using artificial light within your home. This cactus is an extremely easy plant to take care of, and usually doesna€™t require re-potting. With its out-of-the-ordinary leaves and pink flowers that bloom during the winter, the jade plant can make a good addition to your home. You will usually find these in a tropical garden, but recently they have become extremely popular indoor plants.
This plant is definitely different looking, as its point long leaves eventually bud into flowers, that then die and turn into smaller spider plants. However, the Peace Lilya€™s leaves will start to wilt, in order to let you know that ita€™s literally in dying need of water.
They get leafy too – you can also cut off the leaves if they have a bit of stalk, and BAM! It got so many little bugs tho eating on it I had to cut it back to the truck just leaving 3 branches with about 5 very little leaves on each. They are actually fairly picky plants, and need relatively attentive caretakers to truely thrive.
Ristimagi is absolutely excellent for container growing and small gardens, with its compact growth habit, meeting the current trends.  As with all of the fine Kivistik clematis hybrid selections, this clematis blooms annually, developing flowers on the current seasons growth. Dig a hole 12 cm deeper than the root ball, then plant with enriched soil, ensuring the top of the root ball is slightly higher than ground level.
Fertilize consistently with a well balanced general fertilizer beginning in April at start of growth. Luckily many of those southern varieties have been cross-bred with hardier types, making crape myrtles more accessible to areas of the Northeast. Known for blooming for up to 100 days, crape myrtles are a great choice for sunny summer gardens.
Ultimately you should choose plants that you find interesting and that fit your sunlight and size requirements.

Everyone at Hicks had a smile and a pleasant word and I will continue to come back year after year.” Joan H.
On the other hand, we also know those who seem to be able to just look at a plant and kill it. So, no matter if your thumb is black, here are ten plants that are perfect for those without a green thumb. Ita€™s important to be sure you dona€™t over-water it, but not watering it enough also damages the plant. Because it only requires a little bit of sunlight and doesna€™t need a lot of care, ita€™s the perfect plant that wona€™t die easily, no matter how much you neglect it.
However, it is important to make sure that the plant isna€™t over-watered, so making sure that the pot is well drained is a necessity.
The ZZ plant can live without having enough water, and doesna€™t require a specific type of lighting in order to grow. When keeping an ivy plant inside, ita€™s important that it is given enough sunlight during the day. They dona€™t need to be watered more than once a week, and its best that the plant is able to dry out before being watered again. As well, they come in countless colours, and not only bi-coloured but tri-coloured as well.
I guess really i am an enemy because I apply herbicides for a company I work for, but have some knowledge of plant physiology. BTW, love the new landscape design center more visible and accessible – had a great consultation!”          – Jacqueline S. Thata€™s right; those people with the dreaded black thumb who could probably kill a vase of plastic flowers.
It is a slow growing plant, but introducing it to more light can surely speed up the process. You will find this plant offered in many different colors, including lavender, purple, mauve, and a two-color flower. Lucky Bamboo is also unique in that you keep it in shady areas of your house with only ambient light. This plant is extremely easy to take care of, and ita€™ll bloom once a year to bring some color into your living space. It's also a very cheap plant, so there is no need to worry if you do kill one, another one is just a couple dollars away! This Kivistik’s clematis has repeat blooming, so prune old flowers after finished, and you will enjoy more blooms.
Lucky Bamboos should be cared for like the tender tropical shrubs they are not like cold hardy sun-loving grasses & bamboos.

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