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Thread leaf coreopsis is a wonderful, maintenance-free perennial which shines its way through any garden with rich-coloured flowers all summer long.
The fluffy, thread-like leaves are very decorative on their own yet before the flowers come out.
STANDARDPlants of this group are 1st class quality with number of branches and overall density adequate to their size and age, considering they were container grown.
FEBRUARY SALE - If you pay for your order until the end of February 2012 you will receive a discount of 5% on all plants ordered. STANDARD QUALITY - Plants of this group are 1st class quality with number of branches and overall density adequate to their size and age, considering they were container grown. DE LUXE QUALITY - This label guarantees a luxurious quality of manually selected plants that, compared to their height and age, are exceptionally dense and beautiful. EXTRA - These plants are usually mature and bigger specimens with exceptional overall appearance. STANDARD (as described in the plant form) means a tree with a trunk of 190-210 cm and a crown at the top, unless specified differently. HOBBY - These plants are of the same quality as our standard-quality plants but younger and therefore cheaper.
HALF-STANDARD or MINI-STANDARD - a small tree with shorter trunk, its size is usually specified.
FEATHERED - These are trees with branches growing already from the base of the trunk and up along the stem. GRASSES and PERENNIALS - Sizes given usually read the diameter of the pot or the clump, as specified. Do not hesitate to contribute by sending us your garden pictures or discovery !Subscribe to our Newsletter!Add yourself to our list, and never miss out.

DescriptionA general purpose mattock with a wide flat end for grubbing out stumps, trenching and breaking up packed soils and removing trees and shrubs.
You can have a country garden or be a town-garden enthusiast, coreopsis will still have features suitable for your plot. They are made of wool, feathers, nonwoven materials, polyester covered by fiber, and even the paper-cut into many fragments. We have so many resources available to us that offer multiple techniques for achieving a clean-lined, contemporary home.
Its extremely long flowering period begins in early summer and ends in the last warm days of autumn. The desirable advantage of this variety is that it is not invasive and does not seed itself around like some of the other coreopsis. Making it a glowing feature in your perennial garden bed is the reasonable and expected way of using it. These are usually used for kneeling or sitting, or for softening the hardness of a chair, chair-bench, or couch.
But what about the outside of our home—in particular, our landscaping?Our homes exterior often gets ignored, leaving our personal style statements for the interior. But placing it among shrubs with different foliage and flowers will mean an honour for this easy and affordable beauty. We think your style should shout from the rooftops, allowing passerby to immediately admire your personal style. For outdoor spaces furniture, a cushion needs special maintenance as it has the potency to be struck more often by any weather conditions (rain and heat). Image Source: Ibarra Rosano Manicured Gardens Are ModernInside a modern home  everything has its place and everything stays in its place.

These same design principles should be applied to your exterior landscape as well.Essentially, a modern landscape is the opposite of an English garden where it is elegant to let plants roam free and take over. Plants in a modern landscape are controlled and told where to go, and through manicuring they are forced to stay put. Akin to a bird in cage where we can admire its pretty plumage, but the bird is not allowed to fly free.Modern landscaping is broken up into clearly defined, tidy spaces.
These shapes have multiple roles, but aside from adding that clean-lined modern aesthetic, they allow you to define areas in your garden and create individual vignettes.For instance, a straight-lined stone path can lead you to an outdoor sitting area that is defined by a squared boxwood enclosure, then perhaps circular stepping stones lead to an outdoor pool area, and so on.
Geometry is not reserved for ground cover and stones, it should also be seen in the plants.It is best to choose plants that are open to pruning. Image Source: Denver Image Adding Modern Zen to Your GardenMost modern homes have a bit of a zen quality to them. They offer a place of refuge; a quiet place to sit back and relax, forgetting the worries of your day.
Image Source: Westover LD Ground Cover and Stone To Shape Your GardenGround cover and stone are essential tools for a modern landscape design.
Rake lines into the sand garden, swirling them around the stones, making a very zen, calming space. The picture below is a perfect example of how stone and ground cover can define a modern garden.Collect this ideaGround cover and stone are essential tools for a modern landscape design.
Just remember to incorporate clean, straight lines, lots of geometry, stone paths, borders, and don’t forget to add a little bit zen!Have you succeeded in creating your own modern landscape?

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