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The resilience she demonstrated after an injury is emblematic of her approach to life and career. Sierra at Tahoe was my mountain growing up!” recalls Cooper.Though she and her parents lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, they regularly sojourned to the Tahoe winter wonderland. By age 10, Marisa had joined a club team at Northstar and began competing regularly.Cooper excelled at slalom and giant slalom, passions she pursued through college. UC Davis, which has an NCAA nationally ranked ski team, recruited Cooper her freshman year, awarding the racer a scholarship to compete on the team. The young adventurer’s curiosity and ambition penetrated into the classroom, where she studied anthropology and communications. After seven surgeries I was told I would never ski or run again, but I was back on the hill a year and a half later.

An injury teaches you how to move past that,” Cooper reflects.The injury, and the end of college, propelled Marisa to bounce around for a bit, seek a global experience and figure out what to do next. The resilience she demonstrated in her healing is emblematic of her approach to life and career.
Sometime during her wanderlust, Marisa Cooper had an epiphany.“I saw that anything we accomplished as adults wouldn’t matter if the next generation wasn’t exposed to their potential. I desperately wanted to give something back,” Cooper said.Realization plus passion — in the form of snow — led her to Reno, where in 2005 she enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno, to pursue a Master’s in Education with a major in biology. A decade later, that drive has pushed her onto staff at the Nevada Museum of Art.In March of this year, Marisa Cooper accepted the position as Charles N. Cooper has no formal art training, but she has always sought an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.“From the beginning of my teaching career, I was interested in interdisciplinary science education, taking the best each field offers, teaching kids to work through all of them.

That conceptual intermingling laid the groundwork of how I wanted to formulate lessons for students. We used the study of light and optics to shed light onto bigger environmental issues,” Cooper said.Marisa regularly attended monthly Educator Evenings at the Museum, a professional development series for teachers that fosters discussion not only on themes emerging in exhibitions, but how to apply those themes in multiple ways, across disciplines, in the classroom. Cooper’s participation positioned her to begin leading interdisciplinary thought forums across the state, a leadership quality that now enhances the educational initiatives of the museum.“I knew that this is what I wanted to be doing, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it,” Cooper said.

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