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So many divers started taking the Leafy Sea Dragon home as pets that the Australian government had to start protecting them.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Research by Sami experts shows that sterilised males can grow larger and so are better at digging for food — as Arctic temperatures vary more, thawing snow often refreezes to form thick ice over lichen pastures.

Neutered males are more able to break through ice with their hooves or antlers, and seem more willing than other males to move aside and share food with calves that can die of starvation in bad freeze-thaw winters like 2000-01. Castration has traditionally been used by reindeer herders, partly to make wild animals more docile.
Herders on the Yamal peninsula in Russia still neuter about half of all males — usually by biting into the testicles with their teeth.

About 100,000 Sami own about 2.5 million reindeer in homelands in the Nordic countries and Russia.

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