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This revised Ford Kuga is only the start of a smorgasbord of new and updated Fords promised for Australia in the next five years.
2016 Ford Escape - may be one of the solutions by Ford so they can compete with the other car developer such as Mazda, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. In addition to the engine and system, these cars will also having serious improvements on the interior and exterior design. 2016 Ford Escape engine is expected to be having four different variant of the four-cylinder engine. Exterior for the 2016 Ford Escape will undergoes some improvements especially on the body design and the size of the body. As implies on the previous paragraph, due to the larger body design, the interior of the new 2016 Ford Escape will also having new improvement mainly on the space of the interior which is now even larger than before. Ford’s SUV family is due to be expanded in the next few years, according to official sources.
Since the 2015 Kuga came with a facelift, we don’t expect its successor to offer any substantial changes. As such it has the sort of handling dynamics and solid feel that appeals to keen Australian drivers.
This new car is going to have several redesign and improvements especially on the inside part such as the engine and the system so it can compete with the other car that are being released on this year. This improvements and changes are done by Ford to improve the car comfort and atmosphere so it will be much more appealing and attractive. The expected variant is divided into four cylinder engines with 1,6 Liter eco boost engine while the other three are 2,5 Liter, 2,3 Liter and 2,0 Liter specs. The new body of this new car will be having larger but shorter height to give better aerodynamics feature.
Additionally even though it is mainly for 5 passengers, we can also install additional seat so the passenger seat can be used for almost 7 passengers including the driver which makes this car a great family car.

Not only will the American automaker launch new models, the existing ones are expected to be offered in various new versions as well.
As mentioned above, the most notable innovations expected from the 2016 Ford Kuga are its new Vignale and ST versions. The entry-level model will be powered by the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost that generates 147 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. Also, this revamp of Ford Kuga uses the European design philosophy in that all the budget has gone to the engineers and there are no appearance changes.The biggest news is that the lowest cost model, the two-wheel-drive Kuga Ambiente, is now available with an automatic transmission. So how will this 2016 Ford Escape fare with the other competitor from the other car developer?
All of the engines are four-cylinder engine with Eco Boost system which makes it even more balanced in fuel consumption. Additionally, the larger bodies will also having serious improvements for the interior space which will be much larger due to the new larger body design. As for the company’s current SUV lineup on the European market, it includes the EcoSport, Kuga and Edge models. As for the more powerful unit, it will come as the 1.8-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost that gives 180 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. Here are some information regarding the car engine, exterior design or body and interior design of the car.
However the 2,0 Liter will only be available for the 4WD system which means it is exclusive for 4WD system of this car variant.
Additionally, the price of this 2016 Ford Escape is not revealed yet, however we can expect that this car price is going to be much more expensive than the previous model which priced for $36.000. The fact that the EcoSport is the entry-level SUV, while the the Edge has only recently been premiered, makes the Kuga most likely to receive the high-spec Vignale treatment. Ford’s luxurious sub-brand actually transormed the Mondeo into a premium model, replacing its top-spec Titanium X Sport trim level.

Not only that, rumor has it that the 2016 Ford Kuga will also be offered in the sporty ST variant. Since the current Kuga boasts exceptionally high sales of the Titanium and Titanium X models, we believe that it will be the the first Ford’s SUV to receive a similar treatment. However, we believe that it might adopt the engine that already propels the Mondeo Vignale.
So, the Kuga Vignale will be replete with high-end materials and features, while its exterior styling will be adorned with chrome accents and other posh styling cues. It covered an excellent range of roads, everything from motorways to gravel roads, with boring suburban streets and winding country roads to round things out. Other than that, the mechanical department of the Vignale model will be virtually identical to the one found in the standard model. Perhaps the Australian Ford engineers can have a chat to their colleagues in Europe about this.We like the interior styling of the Kuga, it's very modern and an excellent home for the infotainment system that uses Ford's Sync setup. Amongst other safety features this can automatically call for help if you're in a crash, and even pinpoints the exact latitude and longitude of the car – extremely important if you've managed to leave the road and are out of sight in a culvert or the like.Ford Kuga won't be on sale downunder until January 1, 2015 - though we doubt that there will be many dealers open that day. Nevertheless, it's worth a phone call to your favourite dealer before then.It's no secret that Ford is pulling up stumps in Australia manufacturing late in 2015. Keen to promote the fact that it will remain as a full importer Ford Australia is taking the American marketing route and challenging the market leader, Toyota, on many fronts.

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