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Watch our video tutorials to discover the functionalities of our car diagnostic software and applications. Where is my OBD port?Since the implementation of the OBD standard, each vehicle has a standard 16-pin connector, as described on our OBD presentation page.The norm states that the port must be located inside the vehicle passenger compartment. Our application "OBD2 port Lookup - Car's DLC" is available on Google Play and on the App Store. It’s that rare thing: a car that looks great (or at least distinctive), drives very well and won’t bankrupt you. Since 1993 there’s also been the SportKa, which has Ford’s 1.6-litre Duratec, producing 94bhp, with a close-ratio five-speed gearbox plus the suspension from the Puma and a few design details, such as the central reversing light and reshaped grille, from the StreetKa (the convertible version that’s best glossed over). The SportKa, with its 16-inch (rather than 13) wheels, wider tyres and lowered ride height, has heavier steering that feels more grown-up – the sort of feeling you get in the Mini and the new Fiat 500. The door-tops are still painted metal, but that’s part of the design rather than meanness on Ford’s part, and is actually much more pleasing to the touch than a lot of the plastics you get in other cars at this price. The Ka has stood still while the competition has changed: good diesel engines, bigger boots, better crash protection and more equipment can all be taken for granted. Although the front seats are big enough for two portly adults, and the rears can easily handle two teenagers, the Ka struggles with luggage. The SportKa has three-way seat adjustment, while the basic Ka’s front seats don’t adjust up and down, and neither version has any steering wheel adjustment, so there will be people who just can’t get comfortable. And although the SportKa has longer legs than the Ka, they both get noisy at motorway cruising speeds, and the seats start to feel rather thin after 300 miles or so.

Its Euro NCAP scores don’t look too hot these days, either: three out of five for adult occupants, one out of four for pedestrian protection.
Depending on the make and model, it may or may not be easy to locate.To diagnose your vehicle yourself, download our EOBD-Facile car diagnostic software. Two Focuses and a Fiesta have come and gone in that time, but the Ka has remained remarkably faithful to the original.
Ford has found itself (for once) leading the way as more and more other manufacturers have joined in with versatile small cars that fill a gap created by the bloating of their superminis. Even today the Ka continues to do good business way beyond its core market of teenage girls buying their first car. Since 1993 it’s been the sohc 68bhp Duratec engine, which is less wheezy than the earlier 59bhp sidevalve Endura engine. It also has more supportive seats and an aluminium gearknob.So it the SportKa some sort of bargain hot hatch supermini? What else do you expect from a car that’s essentially a Fiesta with the hatchback hacked off?
Intended primarily as a runabout, it’s actually much more fun and versatile than it needs to be, without the price premium of the Mini. With the Ka due to be replaced at the end of 2008 by a new Fiat-500 based car, CAR has had one last drive.
It does a perfectly good job, although what’s always been more impressive than the engine is the chassis.

What you actually get is a car that, today, feels like the original Ka felt when it was new: agile, balanced, lively, etc.
But you can still get a version without central locking or electric front windows, and even on the SportKa you can’t get a trip computer, stability control or climate control, and electrically controlled mirrors are an extra – although it’s a doddle to reach over and adjust them manually from the driver’s seat. You get a modestly sized, unhelpfully shaped boot, and the rear seatbacks fold down, plus there’s a tiny glovebox and annoyingly small door pockets. It has its space and distance limitations, and no longer feels as sharp or invigorating as it once did, but it can still be a joy to drive.
What you actually get is a car that, today, feels like the original Ka felt when it was new: agile, balanced, lively etc. It uses old-shape Fiesta components, including MacPherson struts at the front, but the Ka is lighter and better balanced than that generation of Fiesta and benefits accordingly. The extra power, slightly higher spec and sharpened dynamics bring it more or less in line with the best of the small cars introduced over the last few years. The basic Ka, meanwhile, is feeling its age, although it is tremendous value and a great car to learn in.

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