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Having base engine type as 2.7 liters, this 2015 Ford Edge Sport 4dr FWD has base engine size as V-6. Clearcoat Monotone paint is imparted on this 2015 Ford Edge Sport 4dr FWD which has entirely galvanized steel body. Bucket style of front seat is provided on this 2015 Ford Edge Sport 4dr FWD which has 8-way power front driver seat direction controls and 5 passengers standard seating posture. Deep Tinted Windows, standard heated door mirrors, integrated roof antenna, fixed rear window type, liftgate rear cargo door, dual power remote mirrors and fully automatic exterior light control are provided in 2015 Ford Edge Sport 4dr FWD. 2015 Ford Edge Sport 4dr FWD is having features like 4-wheel anti-lock braking system, coil front springs, gas-pressurized front shocks, standard brake assist, standard rear anti-roll bar, regular suspension tuning, standard electronic stability system, ABS and driveline traction control, standard front anti-roll bar, coil rear springs, gas-pressurized rear shocks, rack and pinion steering and front-wheel drive type can be seen. Conveniences like driver and passenger 1-touch window up, power front windows, standard exterior temperature display and power rear windows are available with 2015 Ford Edge Sport 4dr FWD. 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Fully Automatic Exterior Light Control .
2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid S 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Coil Rear Springs . 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Power Rear Windows. 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Coil Rear Springs . 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Fully Automatic Exterior Light Control . 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Carpeted Front And Rear Floor Mats . 2017 Ford Fusion SE 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -In-Dash Mounted Single Cd Player . 2017 Ford Fusion S 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Curb Weight of 3,431 lbs.
2017 Ford Fusion Platinum 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Luggage capacity . 2017 Ford Fusion SE 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Fixed Rear Window Type .
2017 Ford Fusion Platinum 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -Advancetrac Electronic Stability System .
2017 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium 4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan Specifications & Features -In-Dash Mounted Single Cd Player . Range of Ford automobiles to help you find a new car according to the size of each vehicle.Width measurements are indicated without outside mirrors (in brackets with mirrors unfolded). Use the car comparison tool to simultaneously compare the external dimensions of three automobiles to choose from different makes and models. Discover which vehicles of any make are similar-sized to the Ford model you choose in its three dimensions of length, width and height.
The search engine sorts new vehicles of any make by the dimensions of length, width and height you specify. Specs of length, width and height of each vehicle Ford are expressed in millimeters.The boot space is expressed in dm3, equivalent to liters. But still, people found it compelling, especially the new features such as the MyFord Touch System, the vista roof glass panel and the real grownup interior.
The Limited and SEL models are available in manual mode with the SelectShift Automatic feature. The changes in the overall exterior design are profound enough to tell car owners that the 2012 Edge is fresh and is different from last year's model. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the 2012 Edge a score of 4 out of 5 stars.
The Edge comes with MyKey, a proprietary technology from Ford that limits car speed, audio volume and seatbelt alerts. As today’s crossovers are going smaller and smaller, the redesigned Edge actually grew in length by nearly four inches. The new Edge has a redesigned exterior that still holds true to its new-era station wagon look. An angular body frame near the C-pillar juts into the LED tail lights, and the rear spoiler is an attractive touch.
Ford is adding turbos to many of their vehicles, with their EcoBoost engines increases power numbers while also saving on fuel economy.

Other available technology includes voice-activated navigation, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and parallel park-assist. From a safety standpoint, there’s an ultra-cool 180 degree front camera that helps after you’ve reversed. Unfortunately, most of the aforementioned features are part of a higher trim or sold as part of an added equipment package.
Sporting new looks and new engines, while bigger, yet more fuel efficient, Ford’s five-passenger crossover SUV continues to live on the Edge. When you first hear the name your mind probably conjures up thoughts of an edgy sports car. For the 2015 model year, the Edge receives a complete overhaul featuring new grills and a design language that follows the rest of the Ford family: muscular bodylines, edgier taillights, and a fast sloping rear window.
The Edge Sport sits firmly atop the totem pole of the Edge lineup and is remarkably well equipped for the money.
The seats are very comfortable and offer great support for long journeys a€“ I’m also a big fan of the suede seat inserts. Speaking of road trips, for a mere $4,350 premium the Edge will come loaded with all the latest safety technology to keep the driver alert and out of a ditch somewhere on the side of the road.
The first time that it happens, the experience is jarring and I suppose that’s the point to wake sleepy drivers.
The addition of two turbochargers on the V6 gives this car a healthy power bump from the standard 3.5 V6 to 315 horsepower.
Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the hefty SUV handles just fine in the city a€“ until you try to make a pass on the left lane. The upgraded suspension however helps minimize some of the body roll and the car definitely feels firmer on the road. A quick glance across the midsize crossover market and it becomes rapidly evident that a Ford Edge devoid of any rough edges is really what the segment needed.
The Sport model has a V6 3.7 liter engine that delivers 305 horsepower, also paired with 6-speed SelectShift paddle shifter-equipped automatic transmission. Optionally, you can get the MyFord touch screen interface but if you are not interested with cutting edge technology, you may skip it.
It has also earned the Top Safety Pick title from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It also has anti-lock brakes, hill start assist, roll stability control, traction control, and side and front curtain airbags. You may not initially think of it as an “edgy” vehicle, but it was actually ahead of its time back in its early days. The front end is stubby as is the back, while it’s long in the middle, where, as passengers, you want the length.
Ford has had the park-assist feature for a while, and each time I use it, I’m still impressed.
This system has been critically panned for its less than intuitive interface and terrible voice control.
As is always the case, read the manual or get a demonstration of the system from the dealer if you purchase one. All automotive brand names, model names and event names are the property of the respective manufacture and event owners. Thanks to the shared Ford Fusion platform, the new Edge is about 100mm longer than its predecessor - a difference that pays dividends on the inside.
Ford has done a stellar job beefing up the utilitarian features of the car, the center console is like a cave a€“ literally my entire arm fits inside it. Hit the button located on the right of the gear selector and the car will begin scanning for available parking spots. Peak torque comes relatively early in the RPM range at 2750, and when you plant your foot down the car elicits a growl that is rather unexpected from a family SUV.
Steering feedback also benefits from the stiffness but the overall driving experience is still far from sporty. While other manufacturers all offer some variant on the standard crossover formula, they always come with a caveat. It has two sets of LATCH and the rear seats can be reclined or folded to increase backseat comfort and cargo space. At the start of the crossover craze (which still continues today), carmakers would build vehicles that rode like a car but was higher off the ground like an SUV.

Most vehicles look better from the front, rather than the back, but with the Edge its posterior is actually its best side. As is the current trend, design indentations on the side panels are crisp and also help drive the eye toward the back of the vehicle. This is even more the case with the Sport trim which has leather and suede-like seats, ambient lighting and heated and cooled seats. How this works is, if you have the key fob on you, the back liftgate will open if you just sway your foot underneath the back bumper. Again, this may seem like a gimmick, but when you are in a tight parking lot or parking garage, it will help you see objects that can scuff up your rims. To compound that further, my tester with the extra equipment package that includes the 180-degree camera, the sensors and the park assist had a final price of $45,380. The cabin is spacious and very comfortable; I love all the little cubbyholes Ford has implemented all over the interior. And while these details may seem trivial at first, they do add up when the car is packed full of occupants for a long road trip. In addition to the upgraded power, it comes with a unique set of wheels and a firmer suspension. It’s almost as if the car would take a moment to ask “are you sure you want to press the throttle that hard? Regardless, the ride comfort doesn’t take much of a toll and the Edge manages to keep your drink from flying everywhere in the cabin.
The Edge Sport might be a little pricey at an all-in price of $51,539 (including the $200 Sport-exclusive Electric Spice paint option).
That is a vast price difference from the base model, and from a consumer standpoint can be bewildering for the car buyer. It’s an Anglicized phonetic transcription of the Japanese word kanmuri, which means crown. Despite the ill-fitting angular nomenclature, the model name shouldn’t sound too foreign to you as the Edge is currently on its second generation. With such a heavy weight on its shoulders, Ford can’t risk mucking it up, and thus out comes a crossover that does a whole lot right and very few bits wrong.
If you’re particularly lazy (or in an extremely tight spot) the car will also help you exit the parking space.
Make no mistake, all the extra go-fast bits won’t equivocate to the driving dynamics of a true fast SUV, the X5 M more or less sets the bar for that. However, if you opt for the fully loaded Titanium trim with the 4-cylinder EcoBoost, you’d save just about $9,000 for what amounts to be a well-sorted family hauler free of any major critical flaws. For a complete upgrade, I was hoping for more gears, or at least a more responsive transmission. Then my wife (who’s opinion I value on things like this) perfectly demonstrated why this is a great feature. Whether the name sounds fast or exotic, it’s all there for a purposea€¦ for the most part. Finally, as an added convenience option, the Edge’s power lift gate will open if you wave your foot around the bottom of the car. This procedure takes a solid second or two and can make some highway passes really awkward.
Keep the Edge within the edges of its confines (pun intended) and the car will keep occupants very happy. In fact, this engine makes more torque and horsepower than the bigger (and less fuel efficient) 3.5-liter. Ford is not alone in doing this, as many carmakers hide the technology and features you want in the higher priced options and trims.
In the world of five-passenger SUVs, you’d be hard pressed to find this kind of combination of power and fuel economy. Again, all the utilitarian features of the car are a welcome addition for burgeoning families. Overall, the transmission still felt a little outdated, which is the opposite of how the rest of the Edge feels.

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