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As part of your driving test you will be asked to explain how you would perform under the bonnet technical checks for oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid and brake fluid. The photograph shows the location of brake fluid, oil dips stick, oil filler cap, engine coolant and windscreen washer. Most of these items should normally be checked visually on a weekly basis and should be built into your own weekly preventive maintenance safety routine on your car. BRAND NEW OEM WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID RESERVOIR TANK FORD EXPLORER RANGER (Fits: Ford)Your Source for Genuine OEM Ford Parts & Accessories! View DetailsTitle: BRAND NEW OEM WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID RESERVOIR TANK FORD EXPLORER RANGER. BRAND NEW OEM WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID RESERVOIR FILLER 2012-2013 FORD FOCUS (Fits: Ford)Your Source for Genuine OEM Ford Parts & Accessories! If equipped, disconnect the wiring harness from the speed control servo located on the left strut tower. Disconnect the brake fluid level sensor wiring harness from the side of the master cylinder.
Remove the master cylinder mounting nuts and, without disconnecting any brake lines, separate the master cylinder from the vacuum booster unit. From inside the vehicle at the brake pedal, disengage the pushrod-to-brake pedal retaining clip.
Remove the 4 brake booster mounting nuts, which are accessible from inside the vehicle against the firewall. Place the power brake booster in proper position against the firewall and tighten the mounting nuts to 250 inch lbs.

Using Lubriplate®, or equivalent multi-purpose lubricant, coat the surface of the brake pedal-to-booster pushrod retaining pin. Place the speed control servo unit in correct position on the mounting studs of the left strut tower and install the 2 retaining nuts. Remove the EVAP canister purge solenoid and mounting bracket, as an assembly, from the vehicle. Remove the mounting bolt, then pull out the transaxle fluid dipstick and tube from the vehicle. Using lubriplate, or equivalent, coat the surface of the brake pedal-to-booster pushrod retaining pin. Position the pushrod clevis over the brake pedal and secure with the clevis pin, washer and snap pin. Where is the parking brake sensor located (the one that controls the idiot light letting you know your parking break is set)? If you depress the pedal all the way, then look at the top of the shaft you'll see a rubber bumper, directly above that you'll see a little brass button with a spring behind it, that's the switch, as shown in the following picture. Also low brake fluid will bring on that light, I know on my 97 expy after doing a brake job and bleeding brakes the fluid level went low enough that the float in the master cylinder stuck to the bottom due to the sludge, keeping the light on. Sign up today for our FREE newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox! Ford has started a recall on the 2001-2004 Escape, the same SUV about which the NHTSA started an investigation earlier this month.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced recall campaigns for the Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans, as well as the Ford Escape SUV.

If the pedal is spongy, air is present in the system and bleeding of the entire system is required. If you look in-between the dash and kick panel with a flashlight you should be able to just barely see the switch. If so, the vehicle would suddenly lose driving ability without warning, possibly causing a crash.
You will not have to physically perform these technical checks just show the location of each safety reservoir cap and describe how you would check the fluid level for each. Consult your vehicles manual or ask your ADI to locate the necessary items listed below for your driving test. Get to know them; do not leave it to your next car service as serious damage can occur to your engine if some levels are too low.
Please make sure you can open and close the bonnet confidently as this gives a first good impression. If so, the fluid could cause corrosion in the ABS wiring harness, potentially causing a short circuit and fire. However, Ford doesn’t expect to have all the necessary parts available when recall notifications are mailed to owners starting January 23.

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