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Byron Kerns Survival is operated under Special Use Permit with the National Forest Service and is an equal opportunity provider. The trip was originally planned to be with limited gear, consisting of a knife, compass, water bottle, and insect repellent, but a few allowances were made to accommodate the different skill levels of the participants.
Whether they used a tarp or natural thatch (or a combination of both), the shelters we built and used tended to be a variant of lean-to, and a pair of participants shared most. The trip lasted for six days and five nights, and during that time, we spent a lot of time gathering a whole assortment of roots, tubers, herbs, mints, leaves, and berries.
Country Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Simple Living, Homesteading, survival product reviews, back to basics, alternative medicine, wild foraging. To add a little something extra to the experience, we took advantage of one of the benefits to having access to so much unoccupied space.
To be true to our generous host, as well as to the environment, we cut only as many plants as we needed for demonstration of a particular concept. Although this trip was not quite as difficult as I had hoped, the feedback that I have received left me feeling like everybody enjoyed themselves, and left feeling like they learned a thing or two about their abilities, and maybe even about themselves as well. Also a couple of tarps were also used for some of the shelters to prevent the total devastation of the landowner's population.
I'd probably go out on limb here and say that Tim had the shelter with the best thatch work of palmetto shingles, though Jason did a pretty good job with his as well, in his intent to build just the basic roof and use less material.

These, we used to balance out our protein rich diet, from the all the bream, catfish, gar, snake, frogs, and other critters that we proceeded to fatten ourselves with, during our stay in this natural wonderland. We were able to send individuals out in separate locations, with nothing but the most basic gear and the knowledge and skills that they had acquired, to make their own separate shelters and spend time living on their own. We either re-used materials or substituted others whenever possible so as not to put any unnecessary strain on the plant or animal life in any particular area.
As for me, I viewed this as not just a chance to spend some time with a few old friends, or even an excuse to meet a few more, but also as an educational experience on a level that few people ever get to enjoy. I just wanted to drop you a line, and say thank you again for a wonderful weekend full of great information and training. Fernando and Mike came up with a really nice elevated platform, which would have kept them well above the level of any rising water. This gave them a chance to take concepts which they had seen and heard about and truly test the techniques, as well as their own abilities. And, bodacious thanks to my big buddy on the back row right, Emmitt Wakefield, for assisting.
This was a potential threat because prior to our arrival, there had some pretty heavy rains upriver, and the river was already pretty high.
Spending the night alone in a strange environment, particularly with little gear to lean on, is a very eye-opening experience.

It was interesting to note the variations in the cutlery that were chosen for the trip, which included my personal 12" Ontario machete, a Mora Clipper, a TAK and RAT-7 from Ontario Cutlery, a Bark River Golok, an Indonesian Golok, Alan Blade Pac-Pal, Alan Blade Puukko, Becker BK-7, custom knives by Chris Arrington and James Gibson, plus a few other that seem to have slipped my mind.
We had originally planned to use canoes for transportation to the area but the current would have made it all but impossible to come back upriver without going overland.
Many of these participants noted a new level of self-confidence that they may have never experienced. Also, I would like to extend our hearty gratitude to Tuppie Rushing, Ed Emmons, Margie Williams, Jerry Williams, Angie Williams, Possum and Pearlie Mae Miller, Guy and Mandy Ramsey, Wayne Rushing, and everyone else who went out of their way, both to make us feel welcome, and to enlighten us to what its like to grow up and live in such a wonderful area. Fortunately, even though it threatened to rain almost every evening, we actually received very little.
As an additional benefit to the dryer weather, the mosquitoes were not nearly as bad as one could normally expect for this time of year.

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