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In this WoW first aid guide I am going to reveal my top tips to get you leveling your first aid profession faster and easier. If you plan on taing this skill to the next level, it is up to you to get your hands on a ton of cloth which will not only allow you to make a ton of bags and other gear that you can sell, but it will also keep your skilling leveling growing. When you are going into a raid or an intense battle be sure to not only stay stocked yourself, but have some extra bandages to go around.
A great first aid guide for WoW should reduce the downtime between battles and keep your group stronger and more efficient overall. As with all professions you will need to talk to the local trainer to gain first aid as your secondary profession. Tip: Have you ever wondered how players have so many level 85s or how they can level an 85 so quickly?
As you know, if you are a player of wow; leveling any profession skill can be very difficult and time-taking work. Leveling first aid is easy and can be done in under an hour if all the cloths you need are available on the auction house.  You’ve just got to know exactly when to move on to the next type of bandage to get your levels quickly.
Retribution Paladin Guide - WoWA WoW Retribution Paladin guide with ret pally gear, leveling, pvp, raiding and stats. The stats on certain pieces of leather gear are very good, far making up for the miniscule difference in armor mitigation. In almost all scenarios, you want the healers eliminated as quickly as possible.  Healers will be primarily attached to a flag carrier, as well as a team (or individual) attacking your own flag carrier. Now I am above the 1000 HP mark, reaching 1191 HP fully buffed at level 15.  I haven’t even equipped by best-in-slot level 19 twink gear yet! Shaman dropping totems to slow me down are only 50% effective, as I can usually strike them down as I am running before they take effect.
When I did manage to get the flag back to our base (of course one of them had theirs as well), they other two would come hunting me. I started a Dwarf Pally yesterday but due to not having a high level ally to help twink-out the dawrf (and all the hassle of sending money through the AH) I quickly abandoned that idea.

Turning off XP makes the bgs differnt, now with an all twink bg ability it has really upped the status of what a Twink really is. Hey this is rediculously late Check out my pally Nonstophealz on Frostwolf The name contradicts itself. This site contains the free guides I create during my daily adventures in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. At the bottom of this post you will find my first aid leveling charts that will guide you from level 1-525 in a heartbeat. It is equally important to stay stocked with backup bandages in any case that you need to heal after barely escaping death from a creature in the wild.
This is a great way to take the pressure of the healers in your group and allow them to use their energy more effectively. That means you need to develop diverse patches that you can use when faced with different circumstances.
So, before you THINK you are ready to run right into battle take an extra moment to heal yourself. It is your job to stay equiped with the right items like cloth and other necessary tools so that you can heal yourself and team when the time comes.
Now that you have trained to be a first aid professional, you need to train your first formula which is linen cloth and should have been given to you when you learned the profession initially. There’s nothing really new, just crafting Windwool Cloth instead of Embersilk Cloth a few dozen times.
You could save a few gold by having 3-4 stacks of Embersilk Cloth ready on the day Mists of Pandaria goes live and use that instead of Windwool Cloth to reach level 535. I use and strongy recommend Zygor's in-game leveling addon which will enable you to level in 5 days of played time. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
This guide will focus on gear, talents, enchants, and anything else essential for making an elite level 19 Paladin twink.  Warsong Gulch is the only available battleground for level 19 twinks, so learning the layout of the battleground is also very important.

I have created a Warrior (called Proteinshake ) that I will probably twink at some point but im not in a real rush as the moment.
Guide to picking a class in World of Warcraft, which class is the best, which class is the best solo, which class is the best PvP, which class is the best PvE? Since I currently play Alliance, you will see that the content is mostly geared towards the Alliance side. This WoW first aid guide requires that you think not only aout yourself because after all, World of Warcraft revolves around the idea of groups and teamwork! For instance, you should reserve bandages such as frostweave or runecloth that have high healing powers for intensive quests where they are likely to sustain substantial damage.
I don’t know how many times I have avoided fully healing in between battles only to waste my time running back after I died. The fastest way to get these tools is obviously the auction house so you may need to get a stack of gold going. There are really only two crafts that you need to use and both require nothing but Windwool Cloth. Save mana for your team, and stop dying so much by using my 4 simple WoW first aid guide tips! To go from level 525 (max level in Cataclysm) to level 600 all you need is 100 Windwool Cloth, or 5 stacks. The point I’m trying to reach is that, DO NOT TWINK ALONE, with friends it’s so much funnier!

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