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There are many different kinds of first aid kits for camping on the market and many different companies that make and distribute these first aid kits.
The Atwater Carey Backpacker First Aid Kit has everything you need for skinned knees to head aches as well as any field injuries and the stuff you need to stop major bleeding. The first aid kit comes with adhesive gauze tape, antibiotic ointment, backcountry first aid instructions and trauma dressing, wound closures and moleskin and much more. A company called Adventure Medical Kits has designed a first aid kit called the Quikclot Sport Silver. The company says the first aid kit comes in handy when you are camping or hiking[hiking safety] or maybe even canoeing and you find yourself up a creek without a paddle. The towelette in the Serious Sun Protection and Insect Repellant has a soft towel which is dipped in sun protection at the level of 30.  This package is a bit more expensive but definitely a must have for sun emergencies and sun protection. Packing a well-stocked camping first aid kit and knowing how to use it is an essential element for a fun and safe camping trip.Thank you so much for an excellent information.Great blog for campers!
Personalised Dog Tag Keyrings are an engraved & stylish high quality keyring in a two-tone chrome plated finish.
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Project Paws Alive has kicked-off its fundraising effort to provide vital equipment for the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit based in Snow Hill, MD. The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit consists of 6 K-9s along with their officer handlers. The K-9 Tactical First Aid Field Trauma Kit is designed for use by Law Enforcement, Military, Fire, EMS, and Search & Rescue K-9 Units.

While emergency care is often readily available to the handler, the same cannot be said of the their canine partner. The K-9 cooling vests are specifically designed for police, military, search and rescue K-9s that work in high heat conditions. Many Law Enforcement K-9 Units do not have the budget to purchase these life-saving pieces of equipment. Click on the first left check box below and add the $10 Amazon gift card to your order for free. Don’t forget to visit us on 101 Deals of Christmas Facebook Page as we post exclusive savings deals for this Upcoming Holiday Season! Do you have a first aid kit that will remedy any situation even in case of an emergency situation? The first aid kit also includes ionic silver and antibacterial elements that stop infection and bacteria as well as fungi from growing. Survival Pack comes with a distress whistle, duct tape, compass, waterproof matches, an emergency fishing kit and signal mirror.
The SmartShield Towelette Serious Sun Protection and Insect Repellant is a must-add to any first aid kit.
The keyrings are high resolution laser engraved to reproduce a permanent image with superb clarity and detail. This kit contains specific supplies needed to treat the K-9 for injuries ranging from gunshot and knife wounds to snake bites.
Training officers to administer first aid to their injured canine partner is only part of the solution, equipping them with a K-9 tactical first aid trauma kit for use in the field can make a huge difference.

They use advanced Phase Change Cooling Material to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around the K-9. Most agencies are prohibited from spending funds on equipment that is not for human officer use.
Those who work in Search & Rescue, Apprehension and Explosive Detection teams have an increased risk of injury due to extreme conditions, poisoning, or explosion. Tracking teams that spend hours in the woods and remote areas do not have access to immediately available emergency care. The Phase Change Material or PCM is a non-toxic chemical that freezes at 58F and stays at that temperature for 2-4 hrs. It is not a cold vest, it is a cool vest, and is designed to keep the K-9 cool and comfortable, not cold therefore there is no discomfort. There is no ice burn, condensation or fluctuating temperatures with PCM, like you would have with an ice vest. PCM is also safe for the K-9s as it is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-flammable.  These vests are a must for K-9s that often have to work in extremely hot weather and fit comfortably under ballistic vests when needed.

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