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The title track and first single off the LP is, in my opinion, the perfect way of describing what these girls should and do sound like. Lion' roar buddhist wisdom time, Lion's roar is the website of the buddhist magazines lion's roar (formerly shambhala sun) and buddhadharma with exclusive teachings howtos news and commentary on. The lion' roar newspaper, The official newspaper of the students of southeastern louisiana university distributed on tuesdays the lion's roar is published weekly. Pema chodro lion' roar, An introduction to the life books and teachings of pema chodron one of america's most beloved buddhist teachers..
Deras folkliga americana sveper forbi, inte bara den amerikanska sodern, utan aven den skandinaviska landsmassan. Their sound is fundamentally similar to that of Fleet Foxes as they create folk songs with much more life and enthusiasm. They tell haunting stories within their lyrics while keeping up an edgy, acoustic guitar progression that keeps your mind wrapped up in the warmth of the sound.

There begins an a capella, unplugged version of Ghost Town – a brave move in a venue this size. Latar som Stay Up Late och Heavy Days huserade pa varenda klubb som andas en aning garage eller gitarrbaserad rock. Sprawling acoustic guitars, upbeat drums and pianos, and flutes and horns accompany the girls on much of their new LP entitled The Lion's Roar.
First Aid Kit have surely matured not only with their song writing abilities but also with their sound as a whole.
On top of guitars and drums, Mogis brought in some flutes to lay the track down and give it a concrete foundation to build on. When she and her sister Johanna finally get chance to stop and reflect on the last 12 months, they’ll probably have a similar reaction.
The Soderbergs add to the spookiness by wearing their long hair over their faces, and waving their flowing sleeves around as they open with In The Morning, from The Big Black and Blue.

The production has gotten better too as the young and talented Mike Mogis has taken over at the controls. The song lyrics speak of religious themes, "The Lion's Roar" symbolizing Jesus Christ's leading.
The girls seem to disagree with the church's words of direction and go against the sayings of the bible. These are very harsh waters they are playing in but I think that edginess is exactly what they needed to explore on their second LP. I give First Aid Kit lots of respect for coming out and using mature themes in this and each other song on their new album, I guess we can stop saying that they are just simply the "little sister to Fleet Foxes".

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