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According to the article there are some things you should expect to see on a plane if you are asked to assist in a medical emergency along with physiological explanations of why you might see certain types of emergencies on a pressurized aircraft at altitude, largely related to reduced oxygen saturation levels in the blood.
In the in-flight medical bags should be airway adjuncts or similar devices like a bag-valve mask and an oxygen tank. In any case, when you travel, you should think about these supplies and also decide whether you are going to respond or not in the event of an emergency.
Take a look at the whole article which starts with a case presentation the author participated in during a flight including patient presentation, preliminary treatment and outcome.
Follow-up on the link for this and other news items as well as all of the additional resource links in the show notes for this episode – Changing the EMS Education Experience and Episode 357. When packing for a student to live away at college, don’t forget to assemble a comprehensive first aid kit. Be sure to include a copy of your child’s insurance card, the campus health center’s phone number, the phone number for your child’s physician and a list of any known allergies to medications. A conversation on how to use all these new purchases will be helpful for many students living away from home for the first time.
Packing the first-aid kit is only part of the process to prepare a student for any medical issues that might arise at school.
The HIPAA form will allow any medical professionals to share general information such as diagnoses, medications, and test results.

Once all the forms are completed, scan and save them so that they are readily available online or to be printed out on a home computer. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. By the way, this means that you should not be consuming alcohol on the flight if you want to be available to help. Before my son left for his freshman year at college we took an unhurried trip to the drugstore.
Try to leave the medications in their original boxes; but if space is critical, cut out the instruction panel and include it in the baggie of medication. You will also need three forms: a HIPAA authorization form, a Health Care proxy (naming you as the child’s agent) and a Power of Attorney.
If your student will attend college out of state, fill out the forms relevant to your home state and the school’s state to avoid any disputes; and if the school has its own form, sign that too. I sent my son to school with a copy to keep in his files, and another for him to drop off at Campus Health Services. On-campus Health Services are often not available 24 hours a day and some things can be handled easily if the right supplies are on hand.
We walked up and down each aisle, collecting what he needed, discussing why he may need it, with a brief explanation on how to use it. Once a child reaches 18 years old, a parent no longer has the right to receive medical information – even if the child is covered under the parents’ health insurance, and the parents are paying the bill.

He did take a trip to the emergency room in his sophomore year for an elbow through his lower lip during a basketball game, but thankfully that was the only excitement in his four years. Students need more than the typical store-bought first aid kit that contains only one or two doses of medications and a few bandages. Being in a new situation, having an altered schedule and eating different foods can bring on a variety of digestive issues in the first few months that many students may have never dealt with before. Check expiration dates and replace any used or out-of-date contents each year before your child heads back to school. Stocking your own first aid kit also allows you to choose your preferred brands and ensure that the medications have a longer shelf life by selecting the latest-possible expiration dates. Take some time to clarify why you included Imodium or Dulcolax, for example, and explain the difference between them. Before packing his first aid kit, I wrote on a few of the boxes with a sharpie to help him recall what each medication was to be used for. You could also include a short cheat sheet to refresh their memory a few months, or even two years later. You may also want to have a conversation about when this “kit” is appropriate and in what circumstances the Campus Health Services would be a better choice.

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