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Search and Rescue teams have a tendency to compartmentalize their equipment: One bag contains climbing rope, one box contains life vests, and so on. This kit is made to be packed into a polycarbonate water bottle, which provides a crush proof and watertight container. The majority of traveler’s health problems, in larger cities or urban areas, consist of influenza like symptoms, diarrhea and fevers.
Travel to more exotic destinations with harsher climates, or participating in specific recreational activities often require a supplemental kit.
The details and specifications for this vessel have been provided to us by the Vendor and are intended as a general guide only to the vessel. In fact, they’re traditionally one of the first things left behind, in the interest of size and weight. It will be highly customizable depending on the health needs of the travelers, length of travel, and destination.

If somebody is taking regular medication at their house, they should, of course, continue to do so while traveling.
The point of this kit is to provide basic medical supplies to treat common ailments, either stabilizing before seeking more advanced care or managing the problem yourself. Ideally, a traveler will be armed with a few smaller kits that they have prepared in advance to be ready to use depending on the adventure. This is the kit that is ideal to bring on a trip through larger, developed cities and towns where advanced medical care is easily found and re-supply of medicine is possible. An important thing to remember is to bring enough medication for the length of the trip, and spare for those unexpected layovers, cancellations, storms, or finding that perfect spot and staying an extra week. The baggies are large enough to hold only a few days of medication, and can be written on with a sharpie.
A spare set of eyeglasses and copies of all home medication prescriptions is also a good idea.

The point is only to deal with emergencies, not manage a problem that may require assistance. This kit is designed to be used in areas with a pharmacy or retailer to re-stock, when the kit gets depleted. The key is to recognize a few special needs of the individuals who will be using the kit, and the locations they are traveling in.

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