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DISCLAIMER: This blog should not be mistaken for individualized medical advice or the instructions of a physician.
If you’re worried, your best bet is to stop cutting once you hit subcutaneous tissue, which is a yellowy white substance. You might hit a capillary, however, which will probably scare the ever loving shit out of you. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It seems like every time I go anywhere with my family there is a need for a bandaid or pain reliever or ointment. The first aid kit is the perfect size to slip in your purse, diaper bag, beach bag, back pack or glove box. I made these as stocking stuffers for my adult children this year they were much appreciated.
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Keep your kit as compact as possible, consider removing tubes of cream or ointments and strips of pills from their cardboard box and simply cut out the instructions. Consider taking a first aid class if you do not have any basic first aid knowledge, particularly if you have children. When you go hiking and camping in the wilderness there are ten things you need to take with you to help avoid getting lost.

When Tiff Thojoya goes camping with her daughter who suffers from allergies, the first thing that is on her mind is her daughter's safety.
There are some in your arms, legs, hands and feet that are relatively close to the surface, while others are much much deeper. And it seems like all the first aid kits were too big or didn’t have enough supplies to make it convenient to carry everywhere. I used little ziploc craft baggies to hold the medication and wrote the names and dosage of the medicine on the bags with a sharpie. You're welcome to use a single image with a brief description to link back to the original post.
A place to relax after a busy day of outdoor activities; to keep you warm, to toast your marshmallows or even cook your meals on. She has learned a few tricks to make the experience more pleasurable for herself and her child and has shared them with us.
Those are close to the surface, but if you hit one of those you’re in considerably less trouble because they carry way less blood than arteries or deep veins.
The problem is finding something to stick the tape to, so that it peels off and is still usable.Peel off long strips of Leukotape from the roll and stick them to the adhesive label paper backing.Avery Easy Peel LabelsHave you ever bought a pack of adhesive labels that peel off a very shiny paper backing? I use the backing on Avery Easy Peel Labels, but any brand should do.Peal off the labels and discard them. Then cut several long strips of Leukotape and lay them out on the shiny backing paper that the labels came stuck to.Cut the long strips into 3-4 inch strips, that you could use to cover your heelsCut the long strips into 3-4 inch strips, that you could use to cover your heels, for instance.

You can cut these down further and shape them in the field if you carry a very small pair of scissors.To store these stripsof Leukotape, you can simply stack them and slip them into a sandwich baggie inside your first aid kit.
Reply Jim April 28, 2015 at 9:56 am # Paul- Do NOT do this if you want usable Leukotape on the trail.
I take it off the roll, and the re-roll it around a cut-down lollipop stick or something like that.
Thank you Philip for the idea, and for others here in the comments for additional modifications. I’ve always just wrapped some around a highlighter cap, which has worked really well. It’s still just as sticky as if you take it directly off the roll, easy to use, and very light.
Reply Dan Smart April 9, 2015 at 4:24 pm # So you clarify the difference between Leukotape and Kinesiotape. I’ve always used Kinesiotape since it wraps around the foot with no gaps since it stretches.

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