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National CoverageWith local knowledge and national representation, our local representatives are experts in providing and servicing your business with the right products for your application. CustomisationWe recognise that first aid standard kits are great for basic use but may not be customised to your type of work environment.
Tri Alliance offer a wide range of training options to suit you and your goals as an individual, group, or organisation. Our programs are suitable for beginners in triathlon or fitness, through to the elite athlete and Ironman training and racing. Tri Alliance is associated with a number of events and provides FREE training sessions and Clinics for participants. Tri Alliance offers a wide range of products and services to our Athletes and the general public. All products are shipped form TAHQ in Melbourne and can take between 5-7 working days.
Last Saturday we also had a great number of athletes compete in the worlds largest and most popular open water swim – the Lorne Pier to Pub. Last Thursday we had the Team from Mizuno and Running Fit join us for our Combo session again and it is great to have Mark, Simon, Trent and Ashley share in their passion for training and share their knowledge in running and running shoes with our team. And with great looking, functional and fantastic priced shoes – why wouldn’t you want to get your feet in a pair of Mizunos! Alison Faulkner is one dedicated athlete who makes the travel from Woodend area to MSAC on a regular basis to attend 5.45am swim sessions!
Meg Takiguchi is leavnig us next week to relocate to the west to pursue her dream of becoming a dentist.
Tuesday 15 January 2012Our Smiling for Smiddy Campaign Launch was a great success on Tuesday Night as part of our Athlete Team Meeting.
Saturday Training for the Australia Day Weekend will incorporate the Middle Brighton Australia Day swim. No matter what you do, it pays to have first aid skills because you can’t learn it in an emergency!
A number of the Tri Alliance coaches will be attending an Apply First Aid course with CPR on Friday 1st of February 2013. ADVANCED SHORT COURSE ATHLETESAs we continue to deliver the best coaching and service to our athletes we are now structuring specific advanced short sessions. Final reminder about our new program and fee structure as part of our last change to our structure.
After the huge success of our ‘Aid Stations’ at Ironman Melbourne last year, we are again putting a call out for athletes, friends, family who would like to volunteer some of their time to help man a Tri Alliance Aid Station on the Run Course of Ironman Melbourne.
We are also in search of two people who would be willing to help us with the organisation of the volunteers. Bicycles Inc is offering a FREE delivery service, where you can drop your bike in for a service at their store during the week and they will personally drop it down on Thursday Night Combo Session. FIT Health Insurance is a new type of health insurance that’s all about encouraging, supporting and rewarding active Australians – just like you! All athletes should have some form of medical insurance so why not look at this fantastic offer FIT insurance is offering for a limited time only! Click here to read more about this fantastic promotion! We are stocked up with Shotz Sports Nutrition – so make sure you aren’t caught short a gel or left without hydration on your next training ride. Buy online today! Please note that riders on this ride MUST know the route, have sufficient nutrition, fluids, money, phone and spares.
Please ensure you allow sufficient time to travel to Bulla (back of Melbourne Airport) to ensure the ride leaves at 6.15am SHARP.
IM Melb: Meet at or around Mordialloc, ride to the swim (75km), complete swim and then ride home. The safety first aid guidance posters can help to raise safety awareness throughout your organisation. Thank you for choosing to sign up to receive our newsletters.By signing up you will receive exclusive offers, the latest industry news and all our new product launches from Safety First Aid. These cases happen every day, and most of the time, nurses are expected to provide first aid care. Keep DRS in mind: Danger (check the scene for danger), Response (check for the victim’s consciousness) and Send someone to call for help.
Remember that you have to stop bleeding by applying gauze or a clean piece of cloth to the wound firmly but gently. Puncture wounds, cuts, scrapes or amputations may cause external bleeding that needs immediate medical attention. Prior to giving care, make sure that you don protective gloves or any barrier between you and the patient that can minimize transmission of disease. Nosebleeds are very common, and are usually caused by dryness, allergies, infection, increased blood pressure and aggressive nose picking among others.
Bleeding from the nose for more than twenty (20) minutes may be considered a medical emergency and immediate medical attention is necessary. Squeezing the soft part of the nose using the thumb and the index finger for about ten to fifteen minutes or placing an icepack on the bridge of the nose may also help stop the bleeding. There are two types of airway obstruction, one of which is the partial airway obstruction wherein the breathing is labored or noisy and some air may be felt from the mouth. If it is a complete airway obstruction and the victim is conscious, you have to call for help first (Call 911) before performing up to five back blows with the heel of one hand in the middle of the victim’s back, just between the shoulder blades. If the back blows did not work, you can move on to performing up to five chest thrusts (or the Heimlich maneuver), which is similar to chest compressions, but sharper and must be delivered at a slower pace. Otherwise, place the victim on a side-lying position to promote drainage of secretion from the mouth.
When the organs and tissues in a person’s body are not receiving enough flow of blood, that person is susceptible to shock.
Make sure to manage any bleeding, if present, by applying direct pressure and elevating the site.

If possible, let the victim raise his legs and feet (shock position) and make sure to keep the patient warm and comfortable. A head trauma may cause a temporary loss or altered level of consciousness which occurs after an impact to the skull area. If the patient is not responding, but is breathing adequately, put him in a side-lying position.
If the victim is not responding, but is breathing adequately, assist him to a side-lying position. Try to identify what has been taken, how much and when it was taken, while making sure that you maintain your safety.
If the victim is experiencing difficulty of breathing, abdominal pain, facial swelling and has signs and symptoms of shock, the first thing you should do is to call for help (Call 911), and assess the patient’s ABCDs. Assist the victim to a side-lying position to prevent him from choking if ever he vomits or bleeds through the mouth. A person can still be revived during a cardiac arrest, but the more time that passes, the more unlikely that the victim will be revived. Before performing CPR, make sure that you have already asked for immediate medical attention (Call 911) and that you have assessed the patient’s ABCDs.
A person in cardiac arrest will lie motionless without breathing, and will not be able to respond to any questions or stimulation. If the victim is unresponsive, turn him on his back and assess if breathing is completely absent. If the bite is actively bleeding, apply direct pressure with a clean, dry cloth until the bleeding subsides.
Cats don’t normally bite though, unless they are restrained or when you attempt to intervene in a cat fight.
The first aid involves controlling the bleeding and washing the wound thoroughly under running water for a few minutes.
Near drowning is when a person suffers from severe oxygen deprivation while submerged in water, but not resulting in death.
When a person suffers near drowning, water may enter the lungs, causing them to cease transferring oxygen to the blood. The eyes are well-protected from injury by the structure of our face and with the help of our eyelids. Before helping a person with eye injury, make sure to seek for medical attention (Call 911) immediately.
If the injury is caused by a blunt impact, ice packs may help reduce swelling and ease pain. Do not rub or apply any pressure to the eye either, as this may cause further damage to the injured eye.
While waiting for help, cover both eyes with sterile dressings to minimize the injured eye’s movement. If the victim stops breathing and becomes unresponsive, follow DRS, assess ABCDs and immediately perform CPR. You have to assume that a person has a spinal injury if there is an evidence of head injury.
If you suspect that a person has a spinal injury, make sure to seek for medical attention (Call 911) immediately. Check the victim’s ABCDs and keep the person still by placing towels on the sides of the neck to prevent movement.
You will need help from another person if it is vital to move the victim because he is vomiting or choking on blood, or if he is at risk of further injury. About the Author: Mary Elizabeth Velarmino Francisco earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines. Most ViewedRecent Posts100 Funniest Nursing Memes on Pinterest - Our Special Collection 50 Best Bible Verses for Nurses Top 10 Nursing Schools in the US 20 Greatest Florence Nightingale Quotes For Nurses 20 Short But Effective Prayers for Surgery 25 Cutest Gifts for Nurses You'll Also Want 50 Vintage Photos of Nurses Being Awesome 25 Medical Slang Terms Nurses Use Today's Meme: Brace Yourselves 7 Easy Stain Removal Tips Every Nurse Needs To Know 5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Vocational Nurse Today's Meme: Am I Going Crazy?
Burns and scalds require immediate treatment once the patient has been removed from the offending situation. These activities and interactive videos will introduce you to the core principles of first aid and equip you with skills applicable in everyday life.
The practical techniques and mental checklists will give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle almost any emergency whether you look after children or care for older people. The course will be delivered on a Saturday at one of our nurseries and will be delivered by Sophia, who is a fully qualified First Aid trainer, County Council approved, a childcare graduate, Early Years Professional and our manager at Penryn !
You will receive a certificate from Flying Start and a free First Aid handbook, and all for only ?15. Our experienced first aid specialists have access to up-todate knowledge of relevant standards, legislation and codes of practice.
Accidental can work together with you to assess your workplace needs and can include specific products for your industry.
We organise with each individual workplace on the frequency of visits and can come as often as every month, quarterly or half yearly. With our brand new facilities located in Port Melbourne, our in house testing lab has a wide range of state of the art programs to take your training to the next level. Check out what free clinics and training are on, including: Gatorade & Mini Triathlon Series training, Sussans Womens Fun Run Training, Corporate Triathlon and more! After a stint in Canada last year Alison is now moving herself to Sunny Queensland Gold Coast and will look at joining out team up there. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the night we raised $680 on the night to go towards our National Goal of $100,000! All short Course athletes are highly encouraged to attend with sessions including race speed runs, transition training, aquathons, duathlons, race simulations, open water swimming plus more! If you are interested in becoming accredited or need to renew your accreditation to apply First Aid then consider joining us.

Course covers a broad range of topics to enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations, providing care for the ill or injured until medical aid arrives.
These sessions will be for athletes on our advanced short course program only (and will be communicated to directly).
With around 50-60 Tri Alliance athletes competing in Ironman Melbourne, it’s going to be a huge event again for Tri Alliance and so we are looking for your support!
See the guys at Xosize, 282 Centre Rd Bentleigh to get sized up and grab a new wetsuit at a great price! Session will include learning the basics of triathlon transition and skills and open water swimming.
Athletes of this level should be self sufficient and depending on the riders attending, will split into smaller groups to ensure all riders have a continual ride with minimal stops as possible. A small esky comes in handy out here, and there is NO toilet so bring toilet paper if you think if may be an issue before we ride. The First Aid for Eyes Guide has clear step by step instructions on how to provide treatment to someone that has suffered an eye injury. For instance, we should all know what to do with a victim of a road accident or someone with an injury as simple as a burnt finger.
We should learn not only how to stay as calm as possible, but also what to do while waiting for help to arrive. Is the victim’s airway (mouth and throat) free from foreign objects that may cause blockage?
If you can stop, or at least lessen, the bleeding until help arrives (Call 911), the patient’s chances of surviving may increase tremendously. This will help in reducing the blood pressure in the veins of the nose, thus, minimizing the bleeding. The other type is the complete airway obstruction wherein no air can be felt escaping the mouth.
Make sure that the site is free from jewelries and clothing that may be contaminated by chemicals. Stings may be considered an emergency, especially if the victim experiences an allergic reaction. You can use the “look, listen and feel” approach: Look if the person’s chest is moving up and down, listen to any sounds of breathing and feel for air passing through the victim’s nose or mouth. It is a very life-threatening condition that results in extremely high body temperature, thus causing many organ systems to fail. Domestic animals like horses, pigs and cows, do not bite often, but when they do, serious wounds may result.
Otherwise, the proper authorities must be notified so that they can observe the animal for signs of rabies. Nonetheless, injuries are still possible, some to the extent that vision is lost, or, in rare cases, the eye must be surgically removed. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, stress, pollen, molds and changes in air temperature are only a few. Fractures may cause pain at the injury site, bleeding, deformities, tenderness, swelling and, often, inability to move. This may result to unresponsiveness, headache, nausea and vomiting, paralysis or convulsions. Both of you should work together to keep the victim’s head aligned with the neck and the back while rolling him onto his side.
Ice should NOT be used and creams, ointments or other greasy substances should NOT be applied. This may mean removing the person from the area, dousing flames with water, or smothering their body with a blanket to put out any flames. Alison has promised she will be back and we may even see her at the last Gatorade Race at StKilda. What this means is Saturdays there will be an advanced short course ride and Sunday’s advanced short course run. As used by 3 x IM World champion Craig Alexander Retul is the most advanced bike fitting system in the industry.
Key focus will be race specific – so ensure you are ready for a solid (but fun!) session. Emma is a valued member of our coaching team, working with newbies through to high end short course athletes. The poster is designed both first aiders and non-first aiders with the essential first aid and safety information. If the bite is not bleeding severely, wash the wound thoroughly with mild soap and running water for 3 to 5 minutes. Cat bites, on the other hand, involve deep puncture wounds that, most of the time, become infected. Asthma attacks are characterized by difficulty of breathing and speaking, shortness of breath, cyanosis and wheezing. With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one article at a time. Over the next 24 to 48 hours, observe the bite for signs of infection (increasing skin redness, swelling, and pain).

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