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Abdominal pain is very common but the point at which a patient seeks medical attention varies wildly depending on the individual. Mild abdominal pain can be very difficult to find a cause for but it really isn’t your problem and can be followed up by a healthcare professional if it persists. Wash your hands often with soap and water when dealing with these patients and keep them separate from others if you can. Again it comes down to shock, if the patient has a normal pulse and blood pressure and you are confident of your diagnosis, send them home, they often don’t need to see a healthcare professional. Pain in the gall bladder is, unsurprisingly by now, colicky and often in the right upper quadrant. If the patient is shocked, has a temperature, yellow or the pain is uncontrolled send them to hospital immediately. Pain in the bladder is often felt much lower down in the pelvis and is normally a dull ache. If an embryo implants into one of the tubes, there isn’t enough space for it to grow, so it starts to cause pain. Abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) are often painless and go unnoticed until they rupture or rapidly enlarge. 50% of ruptured AAAs die before they reach hospital and of those who get there the outcome is still very poor with a risk of lifelong disability.
If anyone presents with any history of collapse, low blood pressure, loin to groin or back pain or a pulsatile abdominal mass, consider an aneurysm. Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course.
In order to access our online first aid course you must have registered an account with us and be logged in. Identification of abdominal pain may prove to be a challenge but location and duration of pain, appearance of child, presence and nature of vomiting will help narrow down the possible list of causes. It is important to note the symptoms of abdominal pain in a child to determine whether the child has to be brought to the hospital. Disclaimer: The information provided above does not substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. A gastric problem refers to abdominal discomfort or pain in the abdomen or the organs of the upper abdomen.
The upper abdomen includes the organs starting from below the rib cage to the navel–such as the oesophagus the stomach, gall bladder, pancreas and liver. In both children and adults, the condition is accompanied by abdominal bloating, headaches and heartburn.
Gastric pain can be experienced anywhere along the upper abdominal region and can vary amongst individuals. Generalized pain indicates a viral infection, gas or indigestion whereas, severe generalized pain indicates obstruction of the intestine. One of the common home remedies for gastric problems include diluted lemon juice and garlic soup.
If you are experiencing gastric pain, a little baking soda mixed in water or coconut water may give you a speedy recovery. Avoid meat, alcohol, strong teas, coffee, sour foods, red peppers, cakes and pastries if you want quicker recovery. For more information about serious stomach pain caused by internal bleeding and poisonings enrol in first aid training.

One of the advantages of taking first aid CPR Hamilton classes is that it allow them to learn how to manage the life-threatening complications of many metabolic disorders which can save the lives of many residents. Lethargy is loosely defined as a condition wherein the patient exhibits lack of energy or enthusiasm. Most of the time, metabolic disorders are triggered by the body’s inability to digest protein, carbohydrates and important compounds. Vomiting is one of the most common complications of diseases that are related to digestion. Taking first aid CPR Hamilton classes is a must in order to properly handle seizures as these patients are prone to self-inflicted injuries and should receive specific medical treatments that should only be administered by rescuers and healthcare professionals. As with pain localised to any part of the body, abdominal pain can be caused by any organ within the abdomen including stomach, bowel (small and large), gall bladder, liver, spleen, abdominal aorta, bladder, uterus and pancreas. Any pain from a tubular or hollow structure like the stomach typically comes and goes in pulses, often referred to as a colicky type pain. If there are any signs of shock (tachycardia or a low blood pressure) then you need to get them to see a healthcare professional urgently. It may be related to food but not always and is often accompanied by feeling bloated or full.
It typically comes on after eating foods high in fat as the gall bladder tries to pump bile into the small intestine and a stone gets stuck in the bile duct. First off, this is only an issue in female patients and you have to think about it in ALL women.
This is an emergency and needs to be operated on as soon as possible (Albert Einstein died of this).
It results in a very severe pain, normally in the upper abdomen, that radiates to the back, often some hours after eating and is accompanied by profound vomiting. To learn how to treat abdominal pain in children and other symptoms involving pain, enroll in Emergency childcare first aid and CPR courses.
Most cases of gastric problems exhibit minor symptoms however; many people experience severe pain and thus, require medical advice.
Many pregnant women also typically experience gastric pains due to the pressure exerted by the enlarging uterus against the organs of the digestive system. Some people may experience minor symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion while others may also experience severe complications which require immediate medical attention. Cramping pain may indicate bacterial infection affecting the stomach and localized pain may be caused by problems affecting the abdominal organs. This can be a sudden onset indicative of gallstones affecting the bile duct, or an inadequate blood supply to the bowel. Pain on the lower right side of the abdomen may indicate appendicitis, lower left side—diverticulitis and upper right side may be caused by gall bladder disorders. Is it a cramp like pain, a steady pain that lasts to many hours, or severe pain that spreads from the upper abdomen to the upper back—these indicate blockage of the intestines, gallstones and pancreatitis respectively. Billury colic pain lasts for only a few hours whereas; pain due to irritable bowel syndrome may last for many years.
This can be digestible foods, fluids or other factors that may lessen or worsen symptoms of gastric problems. Drinking more than 8 ounces of water can greatly alleviate some of the symptoms of gastric problems. Courses such as standard and standard childcare first aid encompass training for these scenarios.

Here are some of the complications of most metabolic disorders that rescuers can learn how to manage by taking firs aid CPR Hamilton classes. For doctors and other professionals, this condition refers to a state in which the patient is experiencing drowsiness or disorientation. This results in mild to severe stomach or abdominal pain since digestion occurs in this area of the body. This medical problem can cause a wide array of other medical problems which include dehydration and fatigue. This symptom or complication usually takes place when the metabolic disorder is not recognized or the treatment has not begun a few weeks after the onset of the disease. This is why taking first aid and CPR classes is highly recommended for those who are taking care of loved ones who suffer from seizure attacks.
Stomach pain is often related to food or drink and can either be made worse or better by eating. The things to look out for here are diarrhoea and vomiting either at the time of pain or in the last few days. They may be urinating more often than normal and may complain of urgency (needing to go NOW) and foul smelling urine. Patients get some relief from curling forward into a ball and the pain is worse on any movement.
August 5, 20160Close look on malignant otitis externa August 5, 20160What is allergic conjunctivitis? The digestive organs and the stomach push against the diaphragm causing gastric problems such as gastric pain and reflux.
It is important to note that even mild pains should not be taken lightly as they might be caused by other, more serious underlying causes such as appendicitis or cancer. Taking first aid CPR Hamilton classes will enable rescuers to administer pain medications using the right methods. Aside from learning how to administer medications for vomiting, rescuers will also learn how to manage and prevent these medical problems by taking first aid and CPR classes using pharmacological and non-pharmacological means and ordinary household items such as homemade rehydrating solutions.
Weight loss can be problematic for patients as it can increase their risk for falls and other injuries because of their fragile state. This is when hard faeces sits in the rectum for so long that it begins to suck water out of the bowel wall around it and patients have what looks like loose stools. There is a wide variety of causes for abdominal pain in children, ranging from generally harmless to life-threatening. If your pain is prolonged and does not alleviate even through treatment, it is important that you seek medical advice from a doctor. Patients who are suffering from lethargy are at risk for breathing and circulation complications which can be prevented and managed by knowing basic first aid and CPR.
If these accidents happen in the presence of a rescuer, further complications can be avoided.

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