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Almost everyone has a first aid kit in their vehicles and medicine cabinets, but does it have all the items recommended?
It is my intention to start with list one from the red cross and then compare what I have and update it with the other lists!
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8 Feb 2014 - 48 sec - Uploaded by Kuchen PlaufYou need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Internationally lauded as the preeminent text in the field, Campbell-Walsh Urology continues to offer the most comprehensive coverage of every aspect of urology. Algorithms, photographs, radiographs, and line drawings illustrate essential concepts, nuances of clinical presentations and techniques, and decision making.
Features hundreds of well-respected global contributors at the top of their respective fields. Four-volume set serves as a series of comprehensive mini-textbooks on every major subject in urology. Previous edition chapters have been substantially revised and feature such highlights as new information on prostate cancer screening, management of non–muscle invasive bladder cancer, and urinary tract infections in children. Boasts an increased focus on robotic surgery, image-guided diagnostics and treatment, and guidelines-based medicine. Periodic updates to the eBook version by key opinion leaders will reflect essential changes and controversies in the field. The new edition of Campbell-Walsh Urology is the must have reference for practitioners and residents! You’re a doctor 11 hours into your shift, and you’ve just walked into a waiting area packed with patients. Welcome to a typical day on the job for doctors in emergency departments: the most intense department in any hospital, and home to the kind of split-second decision making, high-stress troubleshooting, and rapid medical detective work that can make the difference between a patient’s life and death.
Unlike scheduled doctor appointments, no one actually plans to end up in an emergency room. Get the same on-the-ground, case-by-case learning experience that medical students get when going through their emergency department rotations. Learn how medical emergencies ranging from allergic reactions to concussions to heart attacks are diagnosed and treated. Be better able to communicate with doctors and nurses in the unfortunate event that you, or a family member or friend, ends up in the emergency department.
Learn basic preventive health measures that could keep you out of an emergency room yourself. With Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine, The Great Courses gives you the chance to experience for yourself the high-stakes drama, scientific detective work, and medical insights of life in an everyday emergency department.
Every lecture of Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine keeps you on your toes and brings you up close and personal with the common and uncommon medical emergencies that emergency doctors encounter throughout their careers. A schoolteacher named Claire has recurring bouts of abdominal pain that reveal how emergency doctors use the “OLD CAAAR” mnemonic device to remember the specific questions that need to be asked every time they evaluate someone complaining of generalized pain.
Individuals of various ages illustrate symptoms of different chest pain complaints, including myocardial infarctions (the medical term for a heart attack), myocarditis (a disease of the heart muscle), and pneumothorax (when air appears between the lung and the chest wall). A three-week-old child helps you understand how emergency doctors risk-stratify fevers in newborns, where every fever (even a brief one) could be the sign of a serious infection that a newborn cannot easily fight off. You don’t want to be someone who’s rushed through an emergency department without having to wait. Any time an emergency doctor encounters an unresponsive patient, the first thing he or she does is perform a rapid scan of the “ABCs”: assess the patient’s airway (and open it up if it’s closed), assess the patient’s breathing (and give rescue breaths if there’s no breathing), and check the patient’s blood circulation (and give chest compressions if there’s no heartbeat). Snake bites, contrary to popular belief, should not be treated with the “cut and suck” method.

Displaying masterful storytelling prowess, detailed medical knowledge, and personal experiences as a practicing physician, Dr. Whether he’s discussing how doctors treat patients with highly infectious diseases, how they determine when patients are suffering from a hidden trauma (like an eating disorder), or how they inform family members in the event of a patient’s death, Dr.
Drawn from actual medical stories, these 24 Grand Rounds take you everywhere from the calm of a doctor’s office to the chaos of an emergency room.
With The Great Courses, you don’t have to soldier through medical school to learn how doctors diagnose and treat patients.
Each lecture is a specific Grand Rounds in which you’re presented with a perplexing problem and then follow an expert as he takes the necessary steps to figure out the underlying issue and how best to treat it. Drawn from actual medical stories, these 24 Grand Rounds take you everywhere from the calm of a doctor’s office to the chaos of an emergency room. A member of an Antarctic expedition, suffering from constant nausea, needs emergency surgery. These and other individuals offer intimate ways for you to practice the same strategic thinking and decision-making skills doctors rely on to save lives.
The Doctors In Training Solid Internal Medicine video series offers you an opportunity to learn the high-yield information that you need to perform well on your rotations, prepare for shelf exams or review an area in which you need to strengthen your foundation. The physician educators at Doctors In Training have taken a—let’s face it—really dry topic taught differently at every school and brought out what you need to know. Learn how to correctly perform basic nursing procedures with these interactive, engaging videos. A consistent format for each skill takes you from planning to follow-up care complete with review questions!
Overviews present the purpose of the skill, safety precautions, and delegation guidelines to help you put skills in the context of patient care. Preparation includes patient assessment and any appropriate patient preparation needed before the procedure. Procedure Videos let you watch and learn with over 125 videos of key nursing procedures that are performed by real nurses and feature the most current practices. Follow-up Care outlines appropriate assessment, evaluation, and interventions to ensure comprehensive patient care. Documentation provides guidelines on what and how to document care provided and patient response, and includes sample documentation that can be printed for review. Review Questions feature NCLEX examination-style review questions with rationales so you can evaluate your understanding of each skill. Sections can be viewed sequentially or you can easily select a specific section – so you can choose how much time to spend on each section or select or skip specific material.
This course is designed to help physicians prepare for the ABIM certifying examination in internal medicine. The 16th edition of Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP(R) 16) is specifically intended for physicians who provide personal, nonsurgical care to adults. Just be sure you include any specific medications that you know you need on a daily basis or that you feel you most probably might need for any sporadic issues you or your group may have. Mother nature doesn’t give us notice and we never know where we might be when disaster strikes or an injury can occur. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. Perfect for urologists, residents, and practicing physicians alike, this updated 4-volume set highlights all of the essential concepts necessary for every stage of your career, from anatomyandphysiology through the latest diagnostic approaches and medical and surgical treatments. This enhanced eBook experience offers access to all of the text, figures, tables, diagrams, videos, and references from the book on a variety of devices. There’s an elderly man complaining of chest pain, a teenage girl whose arms are swollen with bee stings, and an ambulance bringing in two unresponsive kids from a car crash. There’s an elderly man complaining of mild chest pain, a teenage girl whose arms are swollen with bee stings, and an ambulance that is bringing in two unresponsive kids from a car crash. Benaroch, is about helping patients and making difficult decisions with information that is often insufficient or equivocal. Benaroch’s lectures are filled with fascinating insights into the experiences of emergency department doctors.
The only way to get to the “front of the line” during triage is to be the sickest patient in the department—and to make sure no one sicker than you shows up while you’re being evaluated. By cutting up the wound and trying to suck out the poison, you’ll only increase tissue damage and further contaminate the wound.

Benaroch makes these lectures a unique way for you to experience life in an emergency department—without having to visit one yourself.
Benaroch has crafted a rewarding learning experience; one packed with thrilling Grand Rounds cases that will captivate you, that will provide you with an exciting new way to think about medicine, and that will help you become a better, more informed patient. The answer: the Grand Rounds experience, an essential part of medical students’ education and the ongoing process whereby doctors practice how to make diagnoses by examining real patients. Benaroch, you’ll get a rewarding learning experience that illustrates his knowledge of medicine and, above all, his ability to transform medical cases into thrilling adventures that will have you thoroughly captivated. Benaroch can teach off the strengths of his roles as a full-time practicing physician and instructor of pediatrics, you’ll gain medical knowledge in layman’s terms that can be easily understood by the average patient. Whether you missed a day of class, you’re about to go on rotations, or you just need a stronger foundation, this is the video series for you. Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of over 125 key nursing procedures present the skills you need for confident performance in labs and clinicals.
The course is led by a distinguished faculty from all the sub-specialty areas who are experts in education and board exam preparation.
Roy Benaroch of Emory University’s School of Medicine, these 24 lectures are a thrilling introduction to emergency medicine and the emergency department educational experiences of medical students around the world. Benaroch lives by: If you still don’t know what’s going on with a patient after taking their history, investigate the medications (many of which often have adverse side effects or negative interactions). These insights will broaden your understanding of what it takes to save a human life, break down preconceived notions about how emergency medicine works, and strengthen your appreciation for what it takes to perform one of the most stressful jobs on the planet.
A better form of treatment is rinsing the snake bite under running water for several minutes.
You’ll feel like you’ve donned the white coat and stepped into the well-worn shoes of an emergency doctor at the top of his or her game. Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine reveals the everyday adventure, mystery, and fascination of emergency medicine, showing you why it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding branches of medicine to work in. The Grand Rounds experience, where they practice how to make accurate diagnoses by examining real patients. Watching doctors solve medical problems like detectives is a fascinating way to explore medicine. Roy Benaroch, a practicing physician and an adjunct assistant professor of pediatrics at the Emory University School of Medicine, guides you through 24 unique Grand Rounds that reveal insights into how doctors do what they do. Couple that with in-studio demonstrations, diagrams of the human body, and other informative visual elements, and you’ve got an exciting new way to think about medicine—and to become the smarter, healthier patient you deserve to be. For each skill, you can also test your understanding with NCLEX® examination-style review questions with rationales. You can also print out handy procedure guidelines that include the steps for each procedure. Using the audience-response system, faculty members engage participants in clinical problem solving through multiple choice questions that reflect the structure of the ABIM examination. The learning objectives of MKSAP(R) 16 are to: Close gaps between actual care in your practice and preferred standards of care, based on best evidence.
Although actual examination content is not known, core topics in internal medicine and current literature approaches, along with test taking strategies, are stressed.
What items are you most likely to need in the most probable emergency situation you might face? Benaroch on his shifts, and sometimes even venture off-site, you’ll encounter patients coming in with a variety of symptoms and complaints—some of which are easily diagnosed and treated, and some of which are more life-threatening than they first appear. Every lecture brings you up close and personal with the common and uncommon medical crises that emergency doctors encounter throughout their careers.
By the end of this 24-lecture rotation, you’ll have a stronger knowledge of, and greater respect for, emergency medicine and the brave doctors who practice it. Pass the ABIM Certification Examination and the ABIM Maintenance of Certification Examination. This option is ideal for those who like to work from a book but need them to be lightweight enough to be portable.

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