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The services and resources in The Iona Abbey Worship Book reflect the Iona Community's commitment to the belief that worship is all that we are and all that we do, both inside and outside the church, with no division into the ?sacred? and the ?secular?. Previous incarnations of this book have been used extensively throughout Britain and abroad by lay leaders, bishops, clergy trainers, youth groups, house groups, women?s groups, prisoners? groups, worship groups ? in fact absolutely anyone exploring transforming, creative and participative worship. For centuries pilgrims have travelled to the isle of Iona in search of the sacred, inspired by the example of St Columba, a 6th-century Irish monk who founded a monastery there, and whose influence is felt to the present day. In this time of great spiritual longing as well as unprecedented busyness, stress and difficulty in focusing, Swedish bishop Martin Lönnebo has devised the Pearls of Life as a method to help the mind attain a state of stillness, meditation and prayer. An ecumenical movement of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Christian church. Committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to following where that leads, even into the unknown. Engaged together, and with people of goodwill across the world, in acting, reflecting and praying for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Convinced that the inclusive community it seeks must be embodied in the community it practises.

A short prayer or reflection for each day, taken from our publications, which shows up on your mobile phone at the tap of an icon. Online Services and Software: Participating parties are provided with the tools to add powerful maps, routing capabilities, location analytics and more for their products and organization. Support and Training: Esri enables the participating parties with an entire suite of training and support options, giving them access to Esri’s detailed knowledge base, documentations, blogs, forums and more. Community and Co-Marketing: Participating parties are supported with a variety of opportunities to help them grow. The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation and supported their annual fundraising event, CyberRun for Rehab. GeoHub is a portal of open location-based data from city departments that empowers both the public and city employees to explore, analyze and build on the data. Youths are highly enthusiastic about starting their own businesses in order to realize their dreams. Hundreds of runners and walkers gathered in the afternoon of November 8, 2015 at Ap Lei Chau for the 12th CyberRun for the Rehabilitation with the theme of “Sunset Jogging to Cyberport”.
Esri China (HK) participated in the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of our long-term business partner NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) Co. Esri User Conference (Esri UC) 2015 was once again successfully held in San Diego from July 18-24.

In Esri User Conference every year, Esri presents hundreds of organizations worldwide with Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards.
GIS professionals, users and friends who open the website of Esri China (Hong Kong) every day may have a pleasant surprise in early August.
Smart City promises to enhance the quality of city living by using Information and Communication Technology and related initiatives are generating interests among different sectors in the city. In this way, we are drawn back to what is most important in our lives, to our spiritual centre and an experience of God. It is handmade in India and is purchased through a fair trade company.There is a pearl for each kind of occasion. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.
Or make a point of setting aside a moment every day for stillness and a conversation with God.

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