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We are excited  to be teaching life saving skills in order to help you be prepared to help others.
We provide for those who need to be certified for their jobs, vollunteer activities, or simply have an interest in being an Everyday Hero.
This site provides you with information about CPR, but is not a stand-alone training resource. Register in MARCH or APRIL to get our special introductory prices starting at just ?30 + VAT!!!
As part of our commitment to excellence, our instructor led mandatory training are carried out in-house to ensure that our workers undergo relevant mandatory training, while at the same time fortifying them with our culture of compassion, integrity and excellence.
As a basic minimum, all our workers must comply with legislation and attend in-house training or provide verified training certificates in Patients Moving and Handling (Practical and Theory) and Basic life Support.
About usGalileo Medical Ltd is a multi-disciplinary medical recruitment and training agency providing staffing solutions to the public and private healthcare sector. Essential to have completed a relevant accredited Personal Fitness Training qualification.
Invictus has recently teamed up with the Palm Beach Police Chiefs Association and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through the Public-Private Partnership Workgroup.
The Division of Licensing is no longer accepting the Law Enforcement HR 218 training and qualification in lieu of the 4 hours of annual firearms training that every Class G License must complete in order to maintain their Statewide Firearms license.
With the rise in crime and the serious onset of domestic terrorism that has threatened many nations including the United States, public and personal protection is essential in order to maintain safety in the country. The G License: Security Firearms Safety Class covers the general safety rules to be used by licensees in the handling, storing, and wearing of the service handgun.
Always keep your muzzle pointed in the safest direction and never intentionally point the muzzle at anything you are not prepared to shoot.
A Safe Direction is one where NO injury and only minor property damage could occur if an unintentional shot is fired. Keep your finger straight, off the trigger, and outside the trigger guard until your sights are on target and you are ready to fire!
While targets on a training range are easily identifiable, threats on the street are often in close proximity or in front of innocent bystanders. Statewide Firearms G Course Instructors will advise all students that at no time will any firearms be loaded or handled out of the holster without prior approval of the range officer. NOTE: AT THE COMPLETION OF EACH STAGE OF FIRE THE INSTRUCTOR WILL ENSURE THAT ALL STUDENTS HOLSTER AN UNLOADED AND DE-COCKED HANDGUN IN A SAFE MANNER. INSTRUCTORS NOTE – Some shooters have a tendency to allow the barrel of the pistol to be pointed at their feet when removing and inserting the magazine. The Class G Security License  requires that all students know what is expected of them on the firing line and can operate the firearm in a safe manner. The firearm must be holstered and not handled until the next command of the G License firearms instructor. The security industry is growing daily and companies have security jobs available seeking professional security guards.

Invictus is a Veteran Owned Business and bring years of real world security experience to our classroom. This section need be taught only if the security officer will carry a Revolver in the performance of his or her duties. The Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee voted 8-4 to support the measure (HB 163) for the 2016 legislative session to allow Florida Concealed Weapons License to allow Open Carry . Does Open Carry help make citizens more of a hard target to the criminals over Concealed Weapons License? In my opinion, too many citizens in Florida who have Concealed Weapons License have little to no training on a firearm. Not all security schools are the same, Invictus is Florida’s #1 School for a reason Read our reviews. Invictus takes pride in providing training and employment assistance to U.S Military Veterans through our Careers for Heroes Program. Invictus offers discounts for current and retired Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, Criminal Justice Graduates and Police Academy Graduates.
He has acted as a safety consultant for Manitoba’s Provincial Fitness Leadership Development Program, is a frequent contributor to several industry publications was a guest lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, Trinity Western University, Fraser Valley College, Selkirk College, and the University of British Columbia. In order to be prepared to help others, you need to practice CPR and have your skills checked by a CPR instructor. The amount of police officers is small compared to the huge amount of security officers that exist worldwide.
They will then release the slide allowing it to freely travel forward chambering a fresh cartridge and loading the pistol into battery. If there is any doubt, or any shooter demonstrates that they cannot or will not function within the safety behavioral standards, they shall be removed from the range. The target will be exposed, or the signal to commence firing will be given in approximately three seconds. Many of our behavioral patterns are unconsciously learned, while others must be behaviorally acquired and willfully repeated until they become an integral part of our makeup. It is with this thought in mind that you should develop the habit of wearing your holstered weapon where the hand touches the side on the same side as your gun hand.
It is the practice of safety rules to a point where they become automatic that prevents accidents. There is a huge job market for security officers here in the State of Florida, so why not start your security career today! We are also a approved VA training school for Veterans Benefits helping our returning Veterans find security jobs and management opportunities.
While an individual may be a very proficient marksman in the daylight hours, when there is little to no light present many things change.
This section covers the physical aspects of the semi-automatic pistol along with the care and proper handling for the Statewide Firearm Class G License. Every American citizen has a right to bear arms to protect themselves and their families, especially in a time when crime and terrorism is increasing and Law Enforcement budgets are being cut yearly.

Learn from the best and become a better marksman with the skills necessary to work in an armed capacity.
Invictus is an approved FL Veterans training academy and we work with local Veteran organizations helping our Military Veterans with employment opportunities in the private security industry. Security (B 9900138) one of the largest locally owned […]Security Guard (Open & Flexible Schedule) (Miami)**Spanish speaking a plus!!! We are prepared to share with you the most useful, and effective way to reflect the new science based on the 2010 AHA guidelines. The instructor must take special precautions here to ensure that all shooters have de-cocked their pistols and not holstered a pistol with a cocked hammer. Written documentation surrounding the event will then be prepared and maintained by the instructor. One such habit that should be developed concerns the wearing of the firearm and its off-duty storage. Also of critical importance is to keep all stored firearms under lock and key and use other safety devises where possible.
The daily ritual of placing your service revolver at the same position and location will reduce the reflex time required to draw the weapon in time of an emergency. We have locations throughout Florida and we are driving distance away West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report shows that the worst time for officers to encounter violence is between 8pm and 2am. Each training course requires student participation, practicing with maniquin’s, demonstrations, and skill testing.
There must be a conscious effort to regard the weapon not only as an instrument that may protect life but also as a potential deadly threat to the safety of innocent persons. Trigger locks and devises to lock cylinders in the open position and storing firearms separate from ammunitions are just some safety precautions that may help avoid tragedy. This being said, the student must be able to be an accurate and effective shooter in these low-light situations.
Full […]Loss Prevention Agent 3rd Shift - Portfolio Hotels - Lake Buena Vista, FLMonitor all floors of the hotel and secure the building. The officer must then adopt and consistently follow the practice of properly storing his weapon and keeping it out of the reach of the curious and the immature. I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but when this Law was created in 1791 most Americans carried guns and used them as a tool to hunt and survive.

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