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Much of the organic foods available in the markets are fake, Assistant Food Safety Commissioner (Kollam) A.K. March 22, 2013Thanks to corporate loopholes and profit-driven manufacturers, it’s harder than ever to really know what you are putting into your body — or perhaps even more importantly the mouths of your children. Granted, some of these items under the subsidiary companies are certified organic in the United States and are definitely of higher quality than processed non-organic junk.
Not only is it misleading but it is a down right lie and what I am about to share with you will make you furious! I tend to be in a rush in the mornings and so I am guilty of buying the Chobani flip yogurt with blueberries, chia, hemp and walnuts for a quick grab breakfast.
This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged All Natural Food, amasai, Beyond Organic, Natural Food false advertising, natural food video, Natural Foods Exposed, organic food on February 21, 2014 by admin. This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged anti-gmo, antibiotics in food, Health Food Stores, Health News, jordan rubin, Meat Without Drugs, Organic Eating, organic food, organic living, Trader Joes on October 3, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez.
Have you thought about joining the thousands who are enjoying Beyond Organic foods and beverages by Jordan Rubin, but didn’t have a good enough reason to get started? What if I told you the top five reasons that Beyond Organic is exactly the step you need to take. This entry was posted in Beyond Organic, Join Beyond Organic and tagged Beyond Organic, Beyond Organic Jordan Rubin, Beyond Organic TV, Beyond Organics, foods and beverages, GMO-FREE, health, Join Beyond Organic, jordan rubin, organic, organic food, Organic Foods, Organics, Reasons to Join Beyond Organic on August 22, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez.
Ok dramatics aside, I know its not the end of the world at all, but when you drink a soda, it could be even worse than you think. This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged #Infograph, Beyond Organic, Harmful Effects of Soda, Harmful Effects of Soda Infograph, Healthy, Healthy Eating, Healthy Food, Healthy Nutrition, how soft drinks impact your health, organic, organic food, Organic Life, organic living, Soda Infograph on June 15, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez. This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged All Natural Food, All Natural Products, Beyond Organic, Fake Organic Food, Kashi, Kashi Cereal, Kashi Cereal Scam, organic food, Organic Foods, Say No to GMO on June 8, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez. Pink slime has had its fair share of people’s attention these past few months, and for good reason. So, I was just reading this and was sickened to discovered more things that has snuck into our food that I was unaware of. This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged bad food, disgusting food, disgusting foods, gross ingredients, Healthy Eating, Healthy Nutrition, Nutrition, organic, organic food, organic living, Organics, Processed Food, Processed Foods on June 5, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez. Acai contains Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against life’s stressors. If you haven’t heard of it, you are missing out on an amazing new organic beverage by Beyond Organic! This entry was posted in Beyond Organic, Beyond Organic Products Offered and tagged amasai, Amasi, Beyond Organic, Beyond Organic Jordan Rubin, cultured dairy, Grassfed, Green Living, GreenFed, Jordan Rubin Beyond Organic, Kefir, live beyond organic, living beyond organic, organic, organic food, Organics on March 27, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez. Vote with your dollars!  Make it a priority to buy non-GMO items at grocery stores, restaurants or online food stores. While you’re eating out, ask servers and managers if they have non-GMO items available.  Again, this is your chance to educate others and help spread the word about GMOs!
This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged anti-gmo, food, Genetically Engineered, Genetically Engineered Foods, genetically modified organisms, GMO, Green Living, Living Organic, nongmo, organic food on March 9, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez. If you have any type of health conscience, you may shop at such stores as Trader Joes, Whole Food’s Market, or some other upscale grocery store.
This entry was posted in Organic Living and tagged All Natural Food, All Natural Products, Beyond Organic, GMO, Monsanto, Natural Foods Exposed, organic, organic food, organic living, Trader Joes, USDA Organic, Whole Foods Market on February 14, 2012 by Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez. Now, I know I’m kind of weird in that I do make sure my kids eat dirt (as does Stephanie) and I try to fill them with as much offal as possible, but… wood pulp? While clay and liver may be excellent for our children’s diets, processed wood pulp most certainly is not. Also, if you want to do further research about fake food ingredients, Food Babe, Fooducate, The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Food Renegade (definitely check out her Decoding Labels series!) are just a few of many great places to start. Also, you may recognize a few of these from our article last year when we published the list of 7 Foods to Avoid.
Artificial growth hormones are hormones that are given to bovines in order to help them grow bigger and produce more milk. Although the USDA and FDA claim these hormones are safe, there is growing concern that hormone residues in meat and milk are harmful to the health of both humans and animals, as well as there are unknown long-term environmental effects (such as the leaching of hormones from bovine manure into groundwater and soil that will be used in organic food production). If growth hormones are present in the meat we eat and the milk we drink, then those hormones are taken into our systems as well.
Currently, growth hormones are not allowed in any meat in the European Union, and no rBGH is allowed in the EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.
Purchase certified-organic or better-than-organic meat and dairy, including raw milk if you’re so inclined. Genetically modified organisms, more often referred to as GMOs, are foods whose actual genetic structure has been altered in order to make the food last longer, resist pesticides or provide some other similar benefit. Look for a label that identifies the item as genetically modified or including GMO ingredients.
Buy as much of your diet from the local farmer’s market as possible and ask the farmer if they used GMO seed or feed.
Corn syrup is a highly-processed syrup made from cornstarch and is the darling of the food industry because it is both cheap and versatile. High fructose corn syrup helps you overeat, makes your liver pretend you’re a raging alcoholic, causes memory loss, interrupts your ability to process emotion, is possibly about as addictive as cocaine, and helps you gain fat, especially around the belly.
It is suspected by some researchers that the current obesity epidemic in the United States is directly linked to the effects of high fructose corn syrup and its ubiquitous nature. A hexane-expressed oil is any oil that is removed from its seed by being bathed in hexane, a petroleum-based solvent, rather than being pressed, such as olives, or placed in a centrifuge, such as avocados.
Hexane is used because typically these oils are very difficult to extract and the hexane method is used industry-wide because it is extremely effective, usually extracting at least 99% of the oil from the seeds.
This is the method used for most cooking oils, including canola, cottonseed, soybean, and corn, and for oils for the hydrogenation process – namely the trans-fats mentioned above.

From a health standpoint, the hexane method is questionable both because the oils are in the presence of a toxic solvent but also because the oil must then undergo exposure to extreme heat in order to remove the hexane. This results in a tasteless oil (which is why it is used so predominantly in cooking), but it also means it’s highly oxidized, which wreaks havoc on our cell membranes.
As an interesting side note, once the oils have been extracted from the seed, the remaining protein and hull of the seed are often sold to be used for animal feed, so if we later eat those animals, we can be exposed to hexane residues a second time. Trans-fats affect us because they confuse our body’s systems with how to process them. There are fats that are naturally liquid at room temperature, such as olive oil, fats that are liquid or soft at room temperature, such as the fats in avocados and nuts, and fats that are naturally solid, such as coconut oil and lard. Now, our bodies need fats in order to function – everything from brain function to cell reproduction to hormone production and vitamin synthesis rely on fats. Surprisingly, the fats in our bodies are about 97% saturated and monounsaturated fats, with the remaining 3% being polyunsaturated. In the case of hexane-expressed oils, the effects can range from inflammation to skin cancer. Vegetable oils that are derived from canola, soy and others are very high sources of Omega-6 fatty acids, which our bodies need only in small doses (and are better sourced from foods such as oily fish), and due to being exposed to excessive heat during extraction, are highly rancid, which is what causes inflammation and cell mutations that can lead to skin cancer. Trans-fats are in most processed foods, including packaged cookies, breads, crackers, cereals, margarine, frozen foods, fried foods and many fast foods. Use fats that are naturally solid at room temperature, such as butter, coconut oil, and lard for cooking, baking, and spreading.
Use fats that are naturally liquid at room temperature, such as olive oil, for salad dressings and dips.
Glutamates are amino acids that naturally occur in the body and their very important job is to transport messages. This is why it’s classified as an excitotoxin, meaning that it can overexcite your cells, which can cause brain and nerve damage, irregular heartbeat, skin rashes, and potentially even triggering or worsening learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and more. Thus, over the last few decades, food manufacturers have increasingly reduced the amount of real food in processed foods, opting for cheaper fillers such as wood pulp (cellulose) and TVP (textured vegetable protein). MSG can also lead to overeating, as MSG stimulates appetite by inducing insulin release so that glucose is metabolized, whether or not you have consumed anything with carbohydrates (sugars). With regards to the hormones in chicken and milk, why does it say on the product that th FDA does not allow hormones to be used? Well, if I understand the complex world of food labeling correctly, each state governs its own laws about food labels, even though federal agencies such as the FDA and USDA have their own policies regarding food safety and labeling.
So, I don’t know if that is immediately helpful or not, but those are the thoughts that come immediately to mind.
I discovered the other day at my in-laws’ house that gourmet jelly beans contain shellac in the ingredient list. So, I sat for a LONG TIME with that sentence I was writing this article, trying to figure out how best to state in non-scientific terms and in one concise sentence what trans-fats are – and you can see what I came up with. Very good info…thanks kindly for sharing and for all you do to help us eat well and stay healthy. There are a number of good brands that do avocado by expeller-pressing, so just check your labels. Mini, Assistant Food Safety Commissioner (Kollam), inaugurating a seminar on food safety in Kollam on Saturday. That said, it is possible to make sure you’re getting what is not just labeled organic and shipped from a contaminated facility in China, but actually high quality. That said, some companies are showing their entire hands by failing to actually care about the health concerns of aware individuals and are instead going as far as China to get fake ‘organic’ products that have been found to contain large amounts of contamination.A number of organizations have sounded the alarm on this subject, including The Cornucopia Institute, which is the same institute that discovered the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in many so-called ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ products — many of which under the same brands found on the chart as being owned by multi-national Big Food corporations. First and foremost, it’s time to start purchasing from reputable brands that aren’t owned by Coca-Cola or sourced from China. People are waking up and even becoming activists for better and cleaner food for our families. Check out the infograph below detailing the harmful effects of soda, and how it impacts your health. Yet it’s found in everything from packaged hamburgers and shredded cheese to ice cream and breakfast cereal. The effects are purported to range from problems in physical development, reproductive issues including early puberty and lowered sperm count in boys, and possibly even the development of certain cancers, especially breast, ovarian, prostate and colon cancers.
Cows that are given rBGH have a greater incidence of mastitis and other related issues, which are typically treated with antibiotics. In fact, most skeptics agree that there is the significant possibility that GMO foods will have serious detrimental long-term effects.
In fresh foods, more than 90 percent of the crops growing canola, corn, cotton, papaya, soy, sugar beets, zucchini, yellow summer squash and alfalfa are genetically engineered. It helps candies and sweets stay soft without weeping or turning grainy, it sweetens without adding a flavor of its own, it softens the texture of breads and other baked goods, and it extends the shelf life of multiple products. If a person eats a product with HFCS only every once in a while, the toxicity load on the body is minimal. It can be found in breads, yogurts, salad dressings, candies, juices, cereals, condiments, sodas, hot dogs and much much more.
Basically, any oil that should be liquid at room temperature but is chemically changed in order to be solid at room temperature is a trans-fat. This denatures the oil and makes it severely rancid, so the oil is then bleached to improve the color and remove the rancid smell. Most infant formulas that include ARA and DHA include hexane-expelled DHA and ARA from algae or fungus. As a result of high insulin concentrations, your blood sugar drops and you end up being hungry again only hours later.
You are making broad, sweeping statements about these foods without giving any sort of hard evidence, not so much as a scientific journal article to back up your claims.

Crisco, as we all know, is nothing but liquid oils that are chemically changed to become solid at room temp (they whip hydrogen into the oils).
It’s obvious that many of the foods we eat as Americans are highly processed and contain chemicals and other substances in them that are dangerous in high quantities.
In all my reading about trans-fats over the last few years, I have yet to run across a concise AND precise definition of trans-fats in layman’s terms. The NBC story itself tells how the Smuckers company, the makers of Crisco, have reduced the trans-fats, but not removed them.
For some reason I’m finding the wood pulp the hardest, mostly because it’s in so many organic and natural products! Thank you so much, Kresha, for working so hard to put together such a terrrifc, comprehensive overview for us with all the links for furthering researching. It was back in 2011, however, that the organization exposed rampant organic certification fraud stemming from China.Originally brought up in a 2009 report on the real quality of so-called USDA ‘organic’ food from China, the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) went public in their fight against deceitful organic labeling practices in China. For starters, it’s always important to look for a few things to know right off the bat that this company most likely cares about your health:Is it certified organic in China? Milk that is produced during the treatment period thus can include antibiotics, which are then in the milk we drink.
This also includes many animal products, as livestock feed commonly includes soy, corn, cottonseed and canola. But because high fructose corn syrup is in nearly every processed food available, the amount of sugar the body has to deal with can actually reach toxic levels.
For my husband and I, it's been…Pear and Ginger Slow Cooker Oatmeal By Kresha Faber, Contributing Writer If breakfast time in your house is anything like mine, there's a prerequisite that it be quick and easy. I wonder if it’s used on mass market chocolate because it’s not tempered well so it needs an added shine to look like better quality?
While I whole-heartedly agree that we need to be careful what we eat and examine food labels meticulously, I wish you would back up your claims. But I think it would help if we had hard, scientific evidence to prove what you’re saying. That being said, sometime a frozen pizza appears on our table — we like the recently reformulated McCain ones (frozen fries, too) that have a very short, all real ingredients list. I will admit that I have, and its why I continue to share this type of information as far as I can.
Eating a diet rich in antioxidants may interfere with aging and the disease process by neutralizing free radicals. You’ll find 150+ recipes for pantry staples that you used to buy but can now easily make at home, including crackers, cookies, condiments, cake mixes, beverages, breads, soups, and SO MUCH MORE. A CT scan showed nothing, and my doctor suggested it could be the aspartame, so I avoid it like the plague. The chlorella tested actually contained 29 ppm of aluminum, but that’s not really the worst part. I recently ran across an article in Time magazine stating that Whole Foods is ridding its stores of Chobani brand yogurt due to the use of milk that contains GMOs. Try Alternating Hot and Cold… By Andrea, Contributing Writer It's the time of year when its common for most people to start feeling run down and sick. Adding even permitted colours to meals sold from restaurants is an offence.Earlier food safety authorities looked only for unpermitted colours. Due to the serious lack of regulation (as in there is none) regarding China’s environmental practices, the food produced there (and supplements) are open to extreme toxicity from all ends of the spectrum.Is it possible to test for every single toxic element? If in doubt, do a Google search or call the company if you purchase frequently.Does the product specifically list that it does not contain GMOs, or is it a verified product within the Non-GMO Project? But now, detection comprises quantitative analysis to find out whether permitted colours have been added in excess of the permitted levels.
This shows some sincerity in actually displaying to an informed consumer that this product (or brand as a whole, like Amy’s) doesn’t use GMO sources. And when the sweet tea pitcher…Clean Eating Chana Dal Stew with Winter Greens (aka The Most This chana dal stew with winter greens is a simple stew that's also easy, delicious, and frugal – even your kids will love it! What is clear, however, is that Chinese certified organic chlorella contained 10 times the amount of aluminum that Taiwan-based chlorella registered. Mini said all food supplements could be marketed only after obtaining the mandatory approval from the Food Safety Authority of India.Such food imported should comply with the domestic regulations in force in the country.
Don’t forget, that ‘organic’ milk can be ‘fortified’ with synthetic vitamin D2 — a toxic, synthetic form of vitamin D. Hillary The Untouchable Welcomes Hackers As Muslims Worship Angela MerkalMonday: The Alex Jones Show. This is the reason why some food products from China have been denied import permission recently.
If you find synthetics, chances are it is a cheap ‘organic’ product.These tips alone will help you weed through most junk quality brands. She said while cigarettes were not banned, pan masala was banned under the Food Safety and Standards Act because it was a consumable product. As always I want to congratulate you for even deciding to start avoiding toxic ingredients and processed foods full of GMOs and deciding to eat real food.
The Hillary Steal, Obama’s SJW Army, And The War With GlobalismThursday: The Infowars Nightly News.
The High Court has now given permission to destroy the entire seized quantity.She said during drives in the past the use of hazardous chemical erythrocin in watermelons was detected in Kollam district. ISIS, Wikileaks, And The DNC’s Attempt to Steal The Election From The TruthMonday: The Infowars Nightly News.

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