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Hi?n nay chung ta chua co m?t th?ng ke chinh xac d? noi v? t? l? m?c b?nh thoai hoa c?t s?ng noi chung va c?t s?ng th?t lung noi rieng, tuy nhien day la m?t b?nh ly c?t s?ng r?t ph? bi?n, chi?m kho?ng tren 60% b?nh ly ch?nh hinh c?t s?ng. Di?u tr? thoai hoa c?t s?ng th?t lung co nhi?u phuong phap, m?i phuong phap phu h?p v?i t?ng tinh tr?ng b?nh c?a m?i ngu?i nen hay tim hi?u k? tru?c khi quy?t d?nh tr? b?nh nay b?ng cach nao. Thoai hoa c?t s?ng la t?n thuong m?n tinh d?ng thoai hoa c?a cac than d?t s?ng va dia d?m n?m gi?a cac d?t s?ng, cung cac day ch?ng c?t s?ng. Khong co thu?c di?u tr? qua trinh thoai hoa, ch? co th? di?u tr? tri?u ch?ng, ph?c h?i ch?c nang va phong b?nh b?ng cach ngan ng?a va h?n ch? cac tac d?ng co gi?i qua m?c len c?t s?ng. Cac bac si chuyen khoa luu y, ngay khi co hi?n tu?ng dau th?t lung, b?nh nhan c?n di kham d? du?c ch?n doan va di?u tr? k?p th?i.
These conditions and any symptoms they cause do not qualify for Military Disability Benefits and so cannot be given Military Disability Ratings. These conditions cannot be rated in any way, in any circumstances, unless there is an exception clearly stated in the discussion of that condition below.
For example, let’s say a service member has schizophrenia that causes him to become a kleptomaniac.
Personality disorders are behaviors that seriously clash with social expectations, like not following rules, always laughing too loud, always invading people’s physical spacea€”anything that makes the person significantly stand out.
Congenital conditions are conditions that occur at birth or within the first month after birth.
Congenital, hereditary, and genetic conditions are not ratable, merely because they cannot be caused by military service.

EXCEPTION: If the service member is on active duty for 8 years or more, all congenital, hereditary, genetic and EPTS conditions are service-connected and thus ratable. C?t s?ng co 4 do?n la thoai hoa d?t s?ng c?, c?t s?ng ng?c, c?t s?ng th?t lung va do?n xuong cung c?t. Khi dau lung thi nen n?m ngh? tinh, tranh n?m vong hay n?m m?m, nen n?m ng?a th? l?ng ngu?i tho?i mai tren giu?ng c?ng.
This could be because they are not considered service-connected, they existed prior to service (EPTS), they do not significantly limit the overall functioning of the service member or make them Unfit for Duty, they are caused by natural causes, or they are caused by a person’s own bad decisions. While being a kleptomaniac is definitely a bad thing and could easily cause him to be fired from a job, it is not ratable.
These people will often have trouble with relationships and with their own self-esteem and self-identity. People with this condition will do radical and often inappropriate things to get attention. People with this condition suffer from excessively low self-esteem and never feel that they are good enough. Hereditary and genetic conditions are natural physical developments based on genetics that would occur no matter the circumstances of a person’s life. If a genetic condition develops while a service member is in the military, it is automatically assumed service-aggravated, and thus ratable, unless it can be definitely proven that it would have developed at the exact same time and to the exact same degree outside of the military.

This does not mean that the VA will always rate thema€”just that the VA may consider them ratable in special circumstances.
Find all the answers you need to maximize your Military Disability Benefits and VA Disability Benefits today! Hai do?n c?t s?ng hay b? thoai hoa d?t s?ng c? va c?t s?ng th?t lung, la nh?ng vung linh ho?t nh?t c?a c?t s?ng nhung hay ph?i ch?u t?i tr?ng va ph?i ho?t d?ng nhi?u nh?t. A person with this condition would not be able to make any decisions for himself or perform various tasks. Phuong phap xoa bop, chu?m nong m?i khi dau c?p (khong nen dung d?u nong, ru?u m?t g?u), cham c?u di?u tr?, t?p th? d?c v?a ph?i, h?p ly. The schizophrenia is ratable, but when analyzing the condition for a rating, the fact the he lost his job because of stealing things cannot affect the rating.
Vi?c chich thu?c ph?i do bac si chuyen khoa co xuong kh?p hay ch?n thuong ch?nh hinh th?c hi?n.

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