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Prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, radiotherapy, brachytherapy, treatment and quality of life were used as keywords.ConclusionBoth RT and brachytherapy result in high rates of ED.
Although arterial damage seems to be the main cause of ED after RT, exposure of neurovascular bundle to high levels of radiation dose has been also implicated in some studies with brachytherapy. The radiation dose received by the corpora cavernosa at the crurae of the penis may also be important in the etiology of ED.

Intensity-modulated radiotherapy and vessel-sparing prostate radiotherapy are new techniques but those treatments may not guarantee complete preservation of the erectile function.
Patients need to be correctly informed on the possible sequela of radiation-based treatments on their sexual well-being while planning their treatment.
New York2.McCammon KA, Kolm P, Main B et al (1999) Comparative quality-of-life analysis after radical prostatectomy or external beam radiation for localized prostate cancer.

6.Fransson P, Widmark A (1996) Self-assessed sexual function after pelvic irradiation for prostate carcinoma.

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