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Way back in August, Eminem released a new track called “Survival” as part of the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts, and today he drops the official video for it. Eminem is set to release his eighth studio album in the form of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 on November 5. Seriously go blow one off to Yeezus that did 360k first week then had an %80 drop second week for 60k the worst ever second week on RAP history!!!
Im not even talking content I am talking about fluidity over beats(riding them) and the flow.
The fact is, we debate like this and he gets all this criticism because he is and will always be the best to do it. Im on house arrest until may 2015 for selling lots of weed to lots of partyers that make your saturday nights.
Bad Guy, So much better, Rap God, Brainless, Love Game, Headlights, Evil Twin, Groundhog Day, Beautiful pain and Wicked Ways are all gems.
I hate niggas like you who sit on a computer all day and get in arguments with people just because they have a diffrerent opinion than you and you think YOURS is fact. You want some beats with a sick ass kick and hella bass and hype shit, you the type of nigga who want DJ Khaled to produce every beat. Em’s contract ended a long time ago, so he could have left a long time ago if he wanted to. Hell yea this some classic HIP HOP SHIT that these new Eminem dicksuckers don’t kno shit about. Niggas overreacted to the accents, which aren’t that crazy (shit, that one verse from Criminal had like 6 different accents in just that one song) Relapse is just a well produced, cohesive album.
Quality album, no matter how many negative comments one butt hurt faggot posts doesn’t change the quality of the album.
It has been a minute since we were last graced with some new words from the Detroit spitter, Eminem.

The full drum sheet music for Survival by Eminem from the album The Marshall Mathers LP2 (2013).
OUR METHOD BOOKSLearn drums with examples from hundreds of beats and fills from chart-topping songs from the '60s through today. Watch the NSFW video on the next page and below the video is the “Survival” lyrics!!
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Spend the Holidays Together But Are Tired Of Living Together! It also includes footage from the game, which plays in the background behind him, and video from Eminem’s concerts.
Produced by DJ Khalil and featuring Liz Rodrigues, Marshall Mathers raps dressed in army fatigues while scenes from the game play out behind him. That’s all Jay has ever done creatively, he just does exactly what is hot at the time and is able to do it better than the scrubs that are doing it. When you have this many great songs on 1 single album, how can you say anything negative about it. Beats on mmlp2 are good just because em flows with em like a bird diving in the air ya feel?
If you got a hot beat and a halfway decent flow with shit lyrics (which is what Jay-Z is now) and compare it to one of the most original flows in the game, a decent beat, and good lyrics (Eminem now), how are you gonna even make that argument? FOR ALL YALL THAT JUS BE SUCKIN EM’S JOCK STRAP N CLAIM YALL R REAL HIP HOP FANS, TAKE A STADIUM FULL OF SEATS RIGHT NOW CUZ YALL DONT KNO SHIT ABOUT SOME REAL CLASSIC HIP HOP LIKE BUCKSHOT SHORTY N BLACK MOON. Throughout Em’s career, he had alot of good albums like The Eminem Show or Recovery, mixed in with bad albums like Encore. Definitely his best post drug era album in my opinion, followed by relapse, BME and finally recovery. I am the only person making all detail complete decisions in music and movie industry because everything are all my true story.

Although there has been a feature here and there, Em has not dropped any new solo material-until today. Magazine Groove Analysis video instructor, Nate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH. On paper, the combination doesn’t sound like a good one but it translates very well on video.
We should all have opinions but we should also appreciate this mans work just like we would anyone else who is in hip-hop’s elite.
Eminem using wordplay is NOTHING NEW at all, he used it going all the way back to INFINITE, and his beat selection was solid on this album. It’s not in the same league as the SSEP, MMLP or TES, but no em album will ever be like those again, that was a point in time where he was breaking all the rules, he was fresh and new, something different.
So Much Better, Brainless, Evil Twin, Bad Guy, Berzerk, So Far, Rhyme or Reason, Wicked Ways, Legacy, Headlights. The DJ Khalil produced single finds the legend dropping some aggressive rhymes over a heavy guitar-ripped beat. Special copies of the first person shooter game available exclusively at Game Stop will include a code to download Em‘s new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in its entirety at a reduced price.
Of course, there are other heavy weights like Scarface for instance, but the others have transcended the time space continuum, if you will. Otherwise like many of his songs say like The Way I Am or the Monster, he just wants to be a regular civilian.
The shouty punch liney fast paced style is what eminem thinks the new teenage rap fan wants.

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