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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Due to its small 23x20 inch blade size, the Crest Shovel from CAMP would not be ideal in deep burial situations. Includes carrying bag with straps that can be lashed to a small or overly-stuffed race pack (85 grams).
Handle slides into the blade for additional packability options, and redeploys quickly by pulling on the handle.
Four slots on the blade enable you to use the shovel as an anchor or emergency stretcher when combined with skis.

Polypropylene blade is designed to prevent the bouncing that occurs with other plastic blades. Overall: Five Stars for sitting nearly weightlessly in your pack to meet IMSF race regs (Section 10, Appendix 3).
This is a fine ultra-light shovel to stick in your race pack to meet 'full sized shovel requirements' imposed by most skimo races. That's true, they're pretty up-front about the fact that this is designed to meet ISMF regulations. However, given that the Crest is the lightest ISMF certified shovel on the market, it's perfect for skimo races when you have an army of blades for digging. It also has several options for condensing into or onto a pack so you can keep yourself streamlined during the race.

You would definitely not want to dig someone up with it because it seems flimsier than a beach sand shovel but its not actually for digging, its for show. Great statement on a situation where reality and meeting the spirit of the rules gets ridiculous. While I guess the current rule is better than when bear claws were OK, what next, ISMF avy beacons that have a battery, blinking light, certain dimensions and nothing more to them? And I would be so frustrated if I ever witnessed some freak slide, say at the Highlands Bowls in Aspen during the Power of Four, and knew this was the only thing in my pack.

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