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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Although typically thought of as an emergency food, superior taste, nutrition and convenience are now making our food supply entrees legitimate alternatives for daily use, as well as the perfect solution for any outdoor or camping activity.
Our 200 Serving Food Supply Kit provides healthy, quick-prep meals that store for up to 20 years*, and only take 20 minutes to make from start to finish. Easy, re-sealable lids that allow opening and closing without unnecessarily exposing the other pouches to air. Our 1000 Serving Food Supply Kit provides healthy, quick-prep meals that store for up to 20 years*, and only take 20 minutes to make from start to finish. The Emergency Essentials 4 Person 72-hour Food Supply provides enough food with the adequate calorie intake for four people to survive for 3 days or for one person for 12 days - all at an unbeatable value!
Simply grab this bucket (and your emergency kit) on your way out the door, and rest assured knowing you have 3 days of food that will give you the familiar taste of home during an emergency and the endurance to survive. The Emergency Essentials® 4 Person 72-hour Food Supply offers you better quality, flavor, and pricing than what you’ll find on competitor sites.
Each item is packaged with nitrogen flushing inside high quality foil to protect contents for long term storage. To learn more about how packaging makes a big difference in keeping food at optimum levels, view our Food Storage Packaging article.
The Freeze Dry Food Emergency Meal Supply Kit comes with 56 Meals that is enough to provide a family of four, two servings a day for a week.
The freeze dried food comes in its own sturdy storage bucket to help make it easy to transport and stow away for when you need it. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Camping Supplies and tagged camping food, disaster food, emergency, food, food kit, freeze dried food, freeze dry food, meal, survival on March 15, 2011 by admin.
The Reliance Hassock Camping Toilet is portable, lightweight, and inexpensive and works as an emergency backup toilet or for camping. The Reliance Hassock toilet comes equipped with an inner splash cover and built-in toilet roll hanger for your convenience. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Portable Toilets and tagged bathroom, camping toilet, hassock, portable, portable toilet, portopotty, reliance, toilet on March 15, 2011 by admin. This emergency food supply kit contains 275 servings of food to provide you with food while camping, or survival meals in case there’s a earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster.
The food in this survival kit is easy to prepare, you just need access to water and a heat source. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Camping Supplies and tagged emergency, emergency food, food, food supply, kit, meals, rations, survival on March 15, 2011 by admin. There are some safety features built in to this heater like an automatic shut off in the event the unit gets tipped over. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Propane Heater and tagged buddy, heat, heater, little buddy, mr heater, portable heater, propane, propane heater on March 10, 2011 by admin. The Coleman BlackCat Heater provides 3000 BTU’s of heat and makes a great portable heater for use while camping, or anywhere you need warmth. The Coleman Blackcat is a catalytic heater meaning it is safer for use in indoor environments like a garage, bedroom, or tent.
Some other features of the Coleman BlackCat Heater are its built-in easy grip handle, and retractable legs to help provide stability and allow you to position the unit exactly where you need heat.
Have you tried using this Coleman BlackCat Heater while camping, around your home, or in your garage? This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Propane Heater and tagged catalytic heater, coleman, coleman blackcat heater, coleman heater, heater, propane heater on March 9, 2011 by admin. The Coleman SportCat Heater is a nice little heater that can help warm up your small tent while camping.
The Coleman Sportcat Catalytic heater is designed to provide you with clean flameless heat, that is safe to use.
Before you use the heater for the first time it’s a good idea to break it in by letting it run for a while. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Propane Heater and tagged coleman, coleman sportcat heater, heater, portable heater, propane heater on March 9, 2011 by admin. The Coleman Instant Tent 14×10 8 Man 2 Room model is spacious and comes with plenty of room for the whole family. Then you’ll take the 4 telescoping poles that run from the center of the tent and snap them into their respective four corners. The Coleman Instant Tent definitely provides plenty of room to stretch out, change clothes, or just hang out in. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Tents and tagged 14 x 10, 2room, 8 man, coleman, coleman instant tent, instant tent, tent on March 8, 2011 by admin. This Coleman Sleeping Bag model# 8041-741 Rimstone is a great choice for the family camper who needs a sturdy and comfortable bag.
This Coleman Sleeping bag come equipped with roll control to help make rolling it up easier.
This Rimstone sleeping bag is a great budget friendly model that can provide plenty of warmth for mild temperature camping conditions. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Sleeping Bags and tagged coleman, rimstone, sleep, sleeping bag on March 7, 2011 by admin. The Deluxe Texsport Camping Shower and Shelter Combo is a privacy tent that works as a changing room, shower enclosure, or room for your portable toilet.
Since the solar shower attached to this privacy tent is gravity fed taller people may have to bend a little while showering.
This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Outdoor Shower and tagged camp shower, camping shower, outdoor shower, privacy tent, shower, sun shower, texsport, toilet tent on March 6, 2011 by admin. The cargo pants are constructed of durable yet lightweight textured nylon that dries quickly and helps block harmful UV rays with UPF 50 protection Omni-Shade protection. When wearing these pants you’re sure to enjoy the pant materials quick drying ability, as well as the ability to easily convert them to shorts when it gets too hot out. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Outdoor Clothing and tagged apparel, cargo pants, columbia, pants, shorts on March 5, 2011 by admin. Whether for long-term or short-term use, you will enjoy mouthwatering entrees that please your family and are easy on your pocketbook.
The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same exact product listed.

Each serving costs about the same as the change in your pocket, but provides a healthy, low-cost substitute for fast food.
The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same or similar as product listed. Each meals comes wrapped in a nitrogen filled mylar pouch that is designed to help preserve the food for up to 25 years. Each kit comes with many family food favorites like cheese macaroni, blueberry pancakes, honey granola, creamy chicken pasta, stroganoff, and lasagna. The unit is self contained and comes with a contoured seat with a removable inner bucket for quick waste removal. You may find it uncomfortable to squat so low, however many more expensive toilets have similar low profile design.
If so we’d love to hear what you thought about this portable toilet, please leave your comments and reviews about this product below.
The survival food supply kit comes in a weather proof bucket and has a shelf life of twenty years.
However, the serving size of meals in this survival food bucket is a little on the smaller size with the average caloric value per serving around 128 calories. If so we’d love to hear what you think about the quality of this survival food kit, please submit your product reviews and comments below. Heater Propane Gas Portable Little Buddy is a powerful radiant heater that provides 4000 to 9000 BTU’s of heat. The 4000 to 9000 BTU’s of heating power the Little Buddy puts out is sufficient to heat a space that is up to 200 square-feet. There’s also a low oxygen sensor built-in that will turn the heater off if the oxygen level in the area you are in gets too low. The 3,000-BTU heating power of this unit can raise the temperature in your tent by several degrees in about 10 minutes.
The catalytic feature means it provides a flameless heat that is more efficient with fuel consumption while providing superior heat output.
The 3000 BTU’s of heat puts out a good amount of warmth for small areas and is a must have for cold weather camping. We’d love to hear what you think of this product, please leave your comments and review below to share your thoughts.
While it’s not the most powerful portable heater on the market, this heater does a great job at providing heat for small area. It comes equipped with Instastart technology that means you can light the device without the use of a match.
The 2 room tent measures fourteen by ten feet and has straight walls and enough headroom at 6 feet, five inches to stand up in. Using the shock-corded poles you can set up the entire ten in under ten minutes once you have the hang of it.
Then you can move on to extending the vertical poles working from the corners first and snap them in position.
Leave your comments and tent review below to let other readers know what you think about this product.
There’s also a ZipPlow zipper glide feature that is designed to give the zipper a nice easy to pull operation around corners to help prevent snagging. The unit comes with Texsports solar shower with a five gallon capacity for easy showering while camping. The sun shower does warm up when exposed to sunlight meaning after some time the water of the shower will be more comfortable. Leave your comments and reviews about this outdoor shower below to share what you think of this product. Made for rugged environments like hiking, camping, or boating these amphibious pants feature zip off legs which easily transform them into shorts.
Unlike normal SPF or Sun Protection Factor, Columbia’s pants protect you from both UVB rays and harmful UVA rays. Send in your review about this product below, we’d love to hear your comments about these pants. Servings per pouch may or may not be exactly the same as shown in the product description but you will get at least as many servings as you order. And our food supply entrees are excellent for daily use, as well as the perfect solution for any outdoor or camping activity.
Stored in a sturdy, easy-to-carry bucket, this supply offers flavorful entrees, delicious milk, and tasty drink mixes in 4-serving pouches. The device is functional and works for what it was designed for, however bigger, or taller people might have a little trouble with it’s smaller size. When you have to do your business, you can easily tie up the disposable bag and get rid of it to clean up. In toal the kit comes with the following foods: 40 servings of Blueberry Pancake Mix, 30 servings Country Noodles, 45 servings Whey Milk powder, 30 servings Corn Chowder, 25 servings Country Stew, 30 servings Barley Vegetable, 25 servings-Rice Lentils, 25 servings Potato Soup, and 25 servings of Cacciatore. For proper preparation of natural disasters it’s always a good idea to have some food and water supplies on hand. To use the unit you attach a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder, or you can purchase an additional connector hose to adapt the tank to accept a 20 pound tank. In addition the heater will immediately turn off if the pilot light goes out and it can also be deactivated with its single button kill switch. The automatic shut off when tipped, as well as the kill switch, and pilot shut off are nice safety features to have.
How well this heater works depends largely on the current temperature and the area you are warming. The heater provides 1500 btu’s and can last up to 14 hours on a single propane cylinder.
If you have a big tent you want to keep warm, or want a heater with more power you might want to check into a model with more btu’s. In addition to being big and spacious the tent has a lot of windows and a wall divider you can use to create 2 rooms (front and back) or have 1 big room. The thing that makes it this Coleman Instant Tent so easy to setup is its integrated design. The Rimstone bag comes with four pounds of ThermoTech insulating material that can keep you comfortable down to around 40 degrees.

Another cool feature is the ability to zip two of these bags together to form one couples sleeping bag.
The privacy tent is portable and comes with a removable polyethylene floor, stakes to secure the tent, rust resistant poles, and mosquito mesh panels on the roof. When using this camping shower it’s usually a good idea to keep the removable floor in place when on dirt or sand, otherwise the ground inside the tent often gets wet and muddy. The versatility of these pants makes them perfect for a variety of climates and activities. It even has the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for a sun-protective clothing fabric. Columbia’s cargo pants are well made and with the built-in underwear you can go swimming anytime you want.
It’s easy to prepare, tastes good, has a long 25 year shelf life, and can be easily stored in its own storage canister for when you need it.
Overall, if you’re of average size and looking for a no-frills portable toilet you may be very happy with this model. All in all when you compare everything this model is priced low and works well for providing a backup toilet on the go, during emergencies, while camping, traveling, or while remodeling your bathroom.
The food is pre-seasoned and mixed to provide you with ready to go meals when you need them. This emergency food supply kit can provide you with peace of mind and security in the event of an emergency, power blackout, or political upheaval.
Heater Little Buddy is well designed with a heavy-duty wire guard front and sturdy yet still light-weight construction. The units swivel out regulator helps you position your propane tank in the location you desire.
Since hot objects could potentially catch fire if placed directly on objects it’s a good idea to be careful how you position this heater while in use. It works great for heating up your tent when you wake up in the morning, or at night before bed. However, if you’re looking for a good quality heater for personal use, or for use in small areas, this is a great choice. There are seven windows and two doors providing plenty of ventilation, and nice 360-degree viewing from inside.
The tent goes up and comes down easily, is made with durable weather protective materials, and is quite attractive. The sleeping bag itself weighs 5.6 ponds and has a polyester cover with an inside comfortable cotton flannel lining. If you are not conscious of weight requirements this bag is nicely suited for family camping. The material of the shelter is flame retardant making it safer for use around the campsite.
However, it is light weight and portable enough for most tent camping where you don’t have to walk too far to set up.
When you are done using this outdoor shower tent you can store it in its own carrying case. Overall, these pants are great for use around or on the water, while hiking or just hanging out around the campsite. This type of survival food kit is great for camping, or as an emergency backup in case of a natural disaster. The Blackcat heater runs off of the standard 16.4 oz propane cylinders and it can provide up to 7 hours of heat from each one. It also comes with high and low temperature settings to help you get the right amount of heat for the area you’re in. It can also be used as an emergency backup in your home in case of a power outage, at a chilly sporting event, or to help warm up your garage. There’s also a removable screw on base that provides stability to set the heater where you need it most.
This may seem counter-intuitive to heating up, however it is required for the unit to work safely. So all it takes to pitch the tent is to unroll it and spread it out, extend the poles, snap them together, connect them in place, and you’ll have your tent ready to enjoy. The size of the shower provides you with plenty of headroom, and there are built-in towel racks, and shower caddy inside. These zip off cargo pants are made with an adjustable drawcord to get the right fit, they also have an elastic waist. Packaged in a weather-proof bucket that is easily stacked to conserve space, our 200-serving kit can be stored up to 20 years in a cool, dry area*.
In this case it’s a good idea to purchase some Lysol 4 in 1 spray to neutralize any residual odor between cleanings.
It works well for keeping you warm while fishing, in the garage, at a tailgate party, while boating, as an emergency backup, during power outages, or out camping. It’s easy to start, adjust temperature, is well built, and sure to help you stay warm whenever you need to. When operating this heater inside a tent or enclosed area it’s recommend that you allow for some ventilation to fallow the manufacturers safety recommendations. Eyelets are built-in to the heater as well that let you secure the heater so it doesn’t move around if necessary. Since all of the parts except for the stakes are connected right to the tent it couldn’t be easier. Before you use want to use this item it’s a good idea to test it out with a trial run in order to avoid dealing with an odor it may put out the first time it is used.
You may want to give it a dry installation run at home so you get the hang of up before reaching your destination.

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