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Pemmican is a tasty high-protein treat that’s perfect for snacking, traveling, hiking, camping, and for disasters or other crisis events, where cooking meals may be difficult. Traditional recipes for Indian pemmican usually calls for a mixture of shredded jerky, dried berries and nuts, along with a bit of melted fat to hold it all together. The fast-food idea caught on with the Hudson’s Bay Company and became a standard feature in the North American fur trade industry. To eat pemmican Native American style, pop a little bit into your mouth and chew it just about forever, sort of like chewing gum. For even longer term storage, I sometimes use raisins in place of fat in the traditional recipe. In a blender, whiz together equal parts of pulverized-to-a-powder jerky, ground dried berries, and chopped nuts of your choice. Another delicious alternative to animal fat is peanut butter, which provides more sustenance than the fat-free version. Lacking traditional containers such as animal intestines or skin parfleche bags to store them in, wrap the pemmican pieces in wax paper. If you do try the combination coconut butter and peanut butter please let us know how it works out, would love to hear about it! My mother made this with fat,jerky and berries, along with spices such as salt, pepper, chili powder. Also a mirror can be used to send out reflective SOS signals.  So if you are stranded somewhere you may be able to send someone a sign by shooting them some reflected light. Speaking of smart phones, sure they are cool and their wolfram alpha technology is awesome, but they can’t light a fire.  And that is something that can save your life, depending on whether or not it is cold or if animals are chasing you.

It’s scary to know that the disaster the United States is the least prepared for, is the one that is becoming increasingly likely to occur. There are three components to an electromagnetic pulse (E1, E2, and E3) and they behave in different ways. Now that we know a little about it, why should we worry?  The US has known about EMP since the early days of nuclear weapons testing and seen its effects during the Starfish Prime detonation, but has made little progress in protecting the nation’s infrastructure since then. Shortly before the September 11th attacks, Congress established the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. Should significant parts of the electrical power infrastructure be lost for any substantial period of time, the Commission believes that the consequences are likely to be catastrophic, and many people may ultimately die for lack of the basic elements necessary to sustain life in dense urban and suburban communities.
To date, Congress has not passed any comprehensive legislation to address the threat of EMP and most of the efforts to protect against it have been taken by the military, leaving our civilian and private infrastructure highly vulnerable to damage or destruction by a rogue state nuclear weapon or large solar flare. There is much to be concerned with when it comes to an large EMP, but by treating its symptoms (disruption to food and water supplies, loss of electrical power) we can address it as we would any other disaster. I have read scores of articles about EMP over the last five years or so, but this is hands-down the best, most concise and laid-out explanation for the average guy I have ever read concerning EMP. Maybe you might want to come on our show as a guest and we can talk about EMP, survival, preparedness, self-reliance and how to create a community of prepared friends and neighbors?
In the old days, it was considered essential for sustaining warriors and hunters on the trail. The highest prices were paid for Native American-made pemmican that was stored in buffalo skin bags, called parfleches. That way you entertain your mouth and extract every bit of goodness from the dehydrated meat, berries and nuts.

If the electricity should ever go out long enough to affect the contents of the freezer, I will take the pemmican out of the freezer, and after making sure that it is perfectly dry, store it in a glass jar or plastic bag in a dark cool place. But then, during really high caloric demanding situations such as hiking, working, or coping with a disaster, you’d be wishing for that little extra fat, because it supplies a majority of the calories in pemmican.
A mixture of coconut butter and peanut butter may make a viable consistency during the lower temperature trips when you pack the pemmican.
Pemmican can be eaten out of hand, or added to soups, stews, or anything in need of an extra nutritional boost. It depends upon the temperature and humidity of the environment, the quality of ingredients, and how it is stored. The parfleches shrank as they dried, creating a kind of vacuum seal that helped to preserve the contents for years. Even though the food is low-volume, it it packs power because it is highly concentrated and loaded with protein.
Immediately stir the mixture, working quickly to allow the melted fat to soak into the powdered ingredients before cooling.

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