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The Pilgram Psychiatric Center in Long Island, NY, USA could house as many as 14,000 patients at a time. In the late 19th century it was a widely held belief that masturbation caused insanity and devices such as this were designed to prevent the wearer from touching or stimulating himself.
Hydrotherapy first used in the early 1900s, Immersion in a tub of water to make a patient relax when agitated or relieve some ailment, lasted a few hours to overnight. A million children in the UK have headlice at any one time, and we spend millions of pound on cures from combs and chemicals to oils and professional help - but which method is the best one?
CHINESE teenagers hooked on the internet are being subjected to electro-shock therapy at a clinic that claims they will be "reborn" free of the obsession.
The Electric shock therapy for curing game addicts finally has been stopped by Chinese goverment, after more and more accusants posting their painful experience on the web. Related Articles:Chinese government stops Electric Shock Therapy for gameElectro-Shock Therapy Cures Addicts?
According to a Chinaa€™s game-site, a Chinese palyer called Xiaopang admits he hasn't stepped out of the Internet bar for 4 years.
The people like Xiaopang have been not only played games, but made money from playing games.
Soldiers who light up after combat in Iraq may not be happy that the Pentagon is considering a ban on smoking in the military, but at least they'll get a new videogame in the bargain.

Don't be left scratching your head: We spend A?30m on cures from combs and chemicals to mayonnaise - but what works best?
Don't be left scratching your head: We spend A?30m on combs, chemicals and mayonnaise - but what works best?
An essential oil with antiseptic qualities, it attacks the nervous systems of lice, ultimately killing them.HOW IS IT USED?
Some mothers swear by an American fad from the Nineties of covering the head with a sticky substance such as mayonnaise, margarine or olive oil. Over-the-counter silicone-based treatment that blocks the respiratory system of lice, killing them off.HOW IS IT USED? Teams of dedicated a€?lice assassinsa€™ who treat infestations at a€?lice loungesa€™, using specialist kit.HOW IS IT USED?
Insecticide treatments, sold over the counter, are designed to poison and kill lice.HOW IS IT USED? However, its harsh methods have caused an outcry after some of the 3,000 youths treated so far began posting their experiences - on the web. They play the latest games to get the best equipment, then sell the equipment or the game account to acquire real money. The scope of our quotes covers MMORPGs, players, game industry, fashion statements of giant game makers or whatever else we can think of that in some way relates to MMORPGs.

An official study two years ago claimed that almost 10% of the nationa€™s young people were "addicted to the web". Prokhorov will use the grant to develop a game that will help troops buck their nicotine habit. Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. The doctors at this asylum started using large doses of insulin and metrozol to drive patients into a violent coma, just to be rid of them. About 2,000 soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas will be the first to playtest the game, called Project Combat.
Dr Christian Jessen, of Channel 4a€™s Embarrassing Bodies, praised them after they cleared a child on the show who had been infested for four years. The game is based on an earlier smoking cessation game developed by Prokhorov, Escape With Your Life.

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