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Communication plays a crucial role in our life, as people interchange their ideas, information, feelings, opinions by communicating.
EvidenceAs the communication is generally written, documentary evidence is present.No documentary evidence. AdvantageEffective due to timely and systematic flow of information.Efficient because employees can discuss work related problems, this saves time and cost of the organization. The communication in which the flow of information is already defined is termed as Formal Communication. Upward or Bottom-up: The communication in which the flow of information goes from subordinate to superior authority. Downward or Top-down: The communication in which the flow of information goes from superior to subordinate. Horizontal or Lateral: The communication between two employees of different departments working at the same level.
Crosswise or Diagonal: The communication between the employees of two different departments working at different levels. The communication which does not follow any pre-defined channel for the transmission of information is known as informal communication. This type of communication moves freely in all directions, and thus, it is very quick and rapid.
Single Strand Chain: The communication in which one person tell something to another, who again says something to some other person and the process goes on. Cluster Chain: The communication in which one person tells something to some of its most trusted people, and then they tells them to their trustworthy friends and the communication continues. Probability Chain: The communication happens when a person randomly chooses some persons to pass on the information which is of little interest but not important. Gossip Chain: The communication starts when a person tells something to a group of people, and then they pass on the information to some more people and in this way the information is passed on to everyone. In formal communication full secrecy is maintained, but in the case of informal communication maintenance of secrecy is a very tough task.
Formal communication is time-consuming as opposed to Informal communication, which is rapid and quick. A very deep discussion on the difference between formal and informal communication has been done in this article.
This article is helping me a lot with my assignment, it is very good and had been explained really very well.
While it is still possible that Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love could be traded before tomorrow’s NBA trade deadline, rumors are heating up regarding his long-term future with the team. As reported by Cavs Nation, the Cavaliers are still not sold on Love as a long-term piece of their team at the money he is making. Since he is now playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, a slight drop in numbers was to be expected, but Love appears to be a bad fit with the current makeup of the Cavaliers. While some interesting packages have apparently been offered to the Cavaliers, all of them involved draft picks, young and unproven players, and average NBA talent. While James is still one of the best players in the league, he is starting to lose some of his athleticism every single year.
Since it appears as though the Cavaliers are not going to be offered another legitimate star for Love, it is unlikely that they move him by tomorrow. If the Cavaliers have success in the playoffs this year and Love contributes, the team could decide to hold onto him long-term.
If Love wants to remain with the team, he is going to have to turn things around rather quickly.
Alistair Brownlee wins triathlon gold ahead of brother Jonny as sailors Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark also win on day 13 of the Rio Olympics. I started to ask you on advice for one very specific situation regarding my husband’s family, but in trying to explain the complicated mess, realized the problem at the core is really much broader. In the past we have always lived closer to my in-laws, so we saw them more often, but we still tried to keep a balance: traded off holidays when we could afford to fly to my parents, etc. However, we recently moved closer to my parents in the mid-west, and a situation arose where, to sum up a LONG story, his family basically failed to plan ahead when they wanted us at a family reunion and we made other plans to visit my parents, instead.
The thing is, I know if I had taken the situation into my own hands and planned ahead, we could have worked something out. So you know that old rule of dating and marriage, about thinking you can “change” a boyfriend or spouse, either with ultimatums or sheer force of will?
Is there anything you can do to make his family bend to your preference of planning ahead and advance invites?
A nice, neutral request, with no hint that you think they are a bunch of flaky, irresponsible calendar clowns who offend your delicate planner-person sensibilities. Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty. Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy!

It is important to get everyone on the same page that there is only one of you (or your child) and everyone is going to have to share and be considerate of the whole picture. Amy, can you explain more about how you negotiated the in-laws who live near each other thing?
I don’t know about your siblings or your husbands but as the families grow and more grand kids are involved things will get easier too. I have the same kind of in-laws, and I will go ahead and tell you that Amy takes the high road. Now, like you, I find this convenient because it adds up to less time spent being miserable with the in-laws which is ALWAYS a good thing. As far as holidays go, and time spent with parents in general I’ve learned one VERY valuable lesson. On the other hand my mom lives less than 5 minutes from our house, watches our daughter everyday and in general is a second mom more than just a grandma.
YET every holiday suddenly his family wants to pretend that they are hallmark, close, besties. My in-laws live walking distance from my house and absolutely could not understand that my family flying in from way out of town for last Christmas meant they couldn’t just have us come over whenever it suited them. You absolutely cannot issue any ultimatum regarding advance notice or expect that their family dynamic will change in any way regarding scheduling. Now, to me, people who assume you are sitting by the phone waiting for them to call and say “Can you come see me NOW! Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. In this article excerpt, we are going to discuss the difference between formal and informal communication. The communication follows a hierarchical chain of command which is established by the organization itself. In any organization, this type of communication is very natural as people interact with each other about their professional life, personal life, and other matter.
On the other hand, in the case of informal communication the supporting documents are not available. Nowadays, many big Transnational Organizations has started an open-door policy, in which any employee of any department can communicate directly with the head of an organization, about their complaints, grievances, and requests.
Love’s name has been a hot topic over the past few months regarding various trade rumors, but the team has been reluctant to admit that they are shopping him.
As ESPN notes, the Cavaliers are still looking for another star in return in a possible love deal.
That is actually the reason the Cavaliers traded Andrew Wiggins in a deal that brought them back Kevin Love. If the Cavaliers fail in the playoffs and do not win a championship, they will have more flexibility to trade him over the summer. While he is putting up decent numbers, he is still not a great fit in the eyes of Cavaliers’ executives and ownership. What I’m really wondering, I guess is, how equal do the two sides of the family need to be in our lives? We have seen my parents more recently, but they INVITED us for this next event, whereas his parents never said anything and figured we would just show up if we could. I could say I’m sick of their lack of planning and the way they seem to expect us to be at their beck and call, which I am, but if I had wanted it to be fair, I would have gone ahead and planned it with or without their help.
I’d say that rule probably applies TIMES FOUR BILLION AND SEVEN to in-laws, give or take a few billion.
They might completely ignore that request, of course, but seriously, don’t turn this into some kind of deal breaker because of Other Feelings about them. I would much rather do things with my family than the in-laws…at least when it comes to the parent-in-laws.
I find family gatherings with the in-laws soooo much more enjoyable now that my kids have cousins to play with. My husband is not very close with his family and they don’t make much effort to see us. I have a large extended family and am very close with my mom’s immediate family so we do a lot with them. The christmas before last, as we were getting ready to go to my families’ christmas eve party to show off my two week old baby to everyone for the first time, his entire family showed up on our door. She is obsessed with her own son, she thinks she is suppose to know every single detail of our lives. In general, this type of communication is used exclusively in the workplace, and the employees are bound to follow it while performing their duties. Regardless, the Cavaliers have not yet received an offer that they believe is fair for a player of Love’s caliber, so it appears as though he may remain with the team until the end of the season.

With LeBron James turning 32-years-old in December, the Cavaliers’ window for a championship is shrinking every single year. Wiggins was one of the top young prospects in the league at the time, but the team was willing to trade his potential for a player who could help them win immediately. Kevin Love missed most of the playoffs last year, so it is really unknown how he will play in the postseason. And even if the team does not win a championship, Love could still play well enough to be included in the Cavaliers’ long-term plans. In all likelihood, the team does not win a championship this year and Love is once again on the trading block in the summer. While the Cleveland Cavaliers may not move their expensive forward by tomorrow, he could very well be traded in the summer. I feel like in a situation like this they SHOULD be the ones making the effort because they planned the event, but I know them well enough to know that they wouldn’t and probably never will. Who, as far as I can tell, haven’t done anything worth complaining about in THAT department?
I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that you don’t like hanging out with them and they drive you crazy.
Both our families live far away and I am upfront about how our visits divide up (My parents got the first Chirstmas, his get the second, them we will stay home). There’s a lot less controversy and strife when the discussion is all about the kiddo and his love of his dump truck instead of the political and social correctness of Pat Robertson or whatnot. His sister and her family actually lived in the same city as us but moved back home (a state away) a month ago…with out telling us.
She sits in the room all day yapping on the phone or watching and over analyzing every news tragedy then freaking out and worrying my kids about it. However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all. New head coach Tyronn Lue is also early in his tenure with the team, so he wants to see if he can get more out of love than former head coach David Blatt did.
My side are planners, his side are… well, dis-organized and inconsiderate if you want my opinion. I get that this drives you crazy, but you’re going to have to suck it up and meet them in the middle.
When I am traveling alone (frequently) I spend more time with my parents because it is easier for me there and I will not apologize for that. If they are last minute, you can say you are sorry, but you can not get there because of prior plans. They had driven in that day and went to his sisters first to pick her up and then ended up at our house. And you and your spouse are the time-managers, guest-list composers, and social planners of your family.
They will all survive without your wondrous presence … and you can schedule visits at *your* convenience, like March. In addition to the chaos, his father can be pretty… harsh, arrogant, politically incorrect, offensive, insensitive, so on and so forth and the family lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere.
They had tons of ooze and I ended up with his drunk family being loud and stupid in my house until 2 am, my brother-in-laws girlfriends kids passed out on our couch because they are young kids.
When we go there I end up either hanging out with the cows or in a tense battle of wills with his dad wherein I am the ONLY member of the family who refuses to submit to his judgment-filled Patriarchal reign. Some people aren’t, and prefer a more go-with-the-flow, spur-of-the-moment type of pace. They finally left and I was able to try and put my 2 week old down at 3 am on christmas morning.
This is just a personality difference, and NOT a question of one personality being RIGHT and one being WRONG. Enjoy the fact that you now have an excuse to hang out in the fields or with the cows and away from them. But being in the same situation as you, me being the planner and his family being very poor at that, I have decided that it is important to have time with them. But do not feel compelled to change existing plans, or leave huge blocks of time open, just in case they might come up with something and want to involve you. Totally not perfect, totally not going to change, totally absolutely important to value anyway family. Not every year for every occasion, but if we haven’t socialized with them in a while, I will make an effort.

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