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Study this source carefully and consider what it tells you about why people thought women should not get the vote. According to the cartoonist, what are the priorities of the Liberal government - votes for women, social reform or getting votes? 3D Medical Education web-application has been released as an alpha version to the public domain.
The reason for this early degeneration relates to the relative poor vascularisation of the discs, but there are many other contributing factors. Progressive development of hypertrophic bone around the discs and facet joints leaded to relative stability of the intervertebral discs. Horner HA, Urban JPG, Effects of Nutrient Supply on the Viability of Cells from the Nucleus Pulposus of the Intervertebral Disc: 2001 Volvo Award in Basic Science. This is my contribution to ABC Wednesday and for Round Ten I am focusing on people from the past, some famous, others less so. Burrhus Frederic Skinner was an inventor, author, social philosopher and poet but is best known for his work as a behavioural scientist. Skinner was born in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, in 1904 and became an atheist at an early age when a Christian teacher tried to explain the concept of hell as described by his grandmother.
Skinner had intended to become an author and studied English literature at Harvard University and after graduation he spent some time attempting to be a writer of fiction, but concluded that he just didn’t have enough worldly experience to be successful.

Instead he returned to academia to study psychology and to develop his own applications of behaviorism, based on his experiments on animals and birds, especially pigeons. It was this work that led Skinner to devise one of the strangest weapons of World War II – the pigeon-guided missile. He used pieces of grain to teach his birds to peck at pictures of possible targets on a screen, such as trains and tanks. A glass lens allowed the pigeons to see out and the theory was that as soon as they saw a target they had been taught to recognise, they would peck at the lens. Prototype missiles were built and hundreds of pigeons trained, but at a demonstration in 1944, officials were not convinced that the birds could be safely controlled and Skinner’s stratagem was scrapped. Skinner was one of the most influential and controversial scientists of the 20th century and you can read more about him on Wikipedia. I remember reading about BF Skinner in my freshman psych course, but I hadn’t heard about the pigeons! The entire experiment sounds a bit off…I can imagine the pigeons being blown up before the missile got launched! I studied Skinner and Behaviorism in detail in graduate school, although I don’t remember learning about the pigeon-guided missiles. His research and writings on operant conditioning makes B F Skinner one of the great pioneers in psychology.

About Shooting ParrotsMy offline name is Ian, but Mr Parrot has been my alter ego since 2003 when I first started Shooting Parrots. I sometimes wonder just why I started blogging or why I’ve carried on for as long as I have. He figured that he could use his behavioural skills to train pigeons to guide missiles to specific targets. Once this behaviour was learned, three pigeons would be loaded inside a pressurised chamber in the missile nose cone.
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I don’t recall being taught this about pigeon-guided missile research in university, but I do remember the slanderous (untrue) rumours flying around some many years back about his raising his daughter in laboratory conditions. As Sinatra might say, "That dame…Roger O Green on F is for Maria Teresa de FilippisI love that ad. It certainly isn’t for the fame or the glory, which is just as well because blogging hasn't brought me any.

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