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The sixth largest school district in the state of Texas has issued a new version of guidance meant to protect transgender students from discrimination, stating that it will work with parents on matters that affect LGBT students. Guidelines that had previously been issued in April noted the privacy involved in transitioning to a different gender, adding that it would be left up to students to decide whether to involve their parents in the matter. Scribner said the new guidelines involve the parents by default, unless doing so could cause harm to the students. Meanwhile, a non-binding opinion was issued last month by State Attorney General Ken Paxton stating that restroom guidelines were in violation of state law because it instructed school personnel not to out students to their parents without their consent.

He stated that the district demoted “parents to a subordinate status” by implementing a policy without taking into account their input or consent, writes David Warren for LGBTQ Nation. However, a statement released by Paxton late last week applauded the guideline revisions, saying they now comply with state law. The bathroom policy in the district allows transgender students to use a single-stall restroom or access to a restroom when other students are not around.
The district remains part of an 11-state lawsuit accusing the federal government of turning schools into “laboratories for a massive social experiment.”  The suit was brought on after President Barack Obama introduced a directive to public schools allowing transgender students to use the bathroom the corresponds to their gender identity.

Scribner stood up for the policy late last week, shutting down the claims that special accommodations were being made for these students. I am pleased the FWISD superintendent and school board have listened to parents in the school district and pulled down their existing transgender policy,” said Lt.

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