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PromoBall foam stress balls are a highly cost effective promotional tool that is among the best value in the industry. Blank Foam Balls and Stress Balls in the USA, instead of having to wait for imports to arrive. Check out our Promotional Imprint Catalog of Stress Balls, Blank Foam Balls & Foam Squeezies!
I work for a Pediatric orthopedic group and the foam squeezable stress balls with our logo on them have been a HIT! Tension Relievers and Promostressball is our go to supplier when it comes to stress balls. We have been using your stress balls for over the past five years and we wanted to let you know how much we love them. Even in modern day, women face inequality in many forms, including in the workplace.  Whether through lack of opportunity, receiving less pay than their male counterparts, or are victims of discrimination at work, inequality for women is still strongly prevalent. Although my mother’s experience was quite a few years ago, one of my close friends also experienced inequality in her workplace. Although the gap of inequality for men and women has been slowly closing over the years, the workplace is not equal for both genders. To conclude, although equality in the workplace for women is not attainable, I believe the best solution is closing the gap as much as possible. I really feel like this was a topic that needed to be brought up and I’m very glad you did. This topic is always a very controversial one with many male individuals often benefiting from the discrimination against women unknowingly. I have been receiving these stress balls from this company for a few years now and we always ordered the blue color ones. We have been using these stress balls for a few years now and we couldn't be happier with them.

Women were not even considered persons under Canadian law until 1929, and although great strides have been made since then, injustices still occur. During her first summer job earlier this year, she was frustrated that she was receiving barely any shifts. Women are promoted to CEO’s less than men, because it is assumed they will not be hard enough on others and make tough decisions. However, despite what is done to increase equality, I don’t believe equality for both genders is ever attainable as long as women have children. At least controlling the aspects employers can, such as equal pay, would bring about so much change for women. I honestly didn’t even know inequality in the workplace was so prevalent so part of me is kind of shocked reading this.
I thought your post was very interesting and insightful due to the personal connections you have with the examples you have showed us. If PromoBall stress balls don't fit your needs, contact us regarding other shapes of foam stress balls, lapel pins, travel mugs, etc. Every year we participate in the annual 4th of July parade and toss out the balls from our float as we caravan thru town.
She later found out that one of the other male employees hired the same time as her with the same amount of experience  was working full time. Employers see hiring women as a risk, as they could get pregnant and go on maternity leave. I also believe that you proved a very great argument, and that even though in this day and age we try to leave the chauvinistic back in the past, this is one of those things that keeps coming up.
We are the only parade participant that gives away anything other than candy and I will tell you that we are the ‘hit of the parade’. Working with Alan was a treat and I would happily recommend him to anyone in the future who wanted to deal with a honest and reputable company.

When she was a young woman working in retail, she asked her supervisor why a male employee with the same job as her was making more money.
It turned out the supervisor (a man) in charge of giving out shifts was only giving out shifts to male employees. Even behind Rawl’s veil of ignorance, if we decide to have equal opportunity, equal pay, and no discrimination against women, there will still be inequalities. In my opinion I believe it is because of society`s values and the way we often need to conform with them. Another girl working with my friend had to give up a shift for a family vacation (which others had done) and the same supervisor let her take the week off, but also took away her shifts for the rest of the summer. To start, women are the child-bearing gender, a huge disadvantage for a career woman who also wants a family.
We had our logo and phone number printed on the stress balls and the 5,000 ball order was delivered when we needed it. They added that soon she would probably get married and pregnant, and go on maternity leave  anyways. It is surprising when some say that equality for women in the workplace has been reached, and three women I know have been discriminated against. This woman will have to take time off work, putting her even farther behind advancing on the career ladder.

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