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It is said that this was the crest of the Ward family and to it Mary Ward added the two hearts.  It is still to be seen in Ripon Cathedral – the area of Yorkshire where the Ward family lived.
The CROSS in the top left corner as you look at the crest symbolises her and our faith in Christ our leader who won salvation for all by his death on the cross and his resurrection.
The ANCHOR at the bottom right hand corner is the symbol of HOPE, which should inspire us, as it inspired Mary Ward, to meet the challenges of our daily life in a firm conviction that Christ will be faithful to us irrespective of any failures on our part to continue on our path and trust in Him until the end.  This virtue anchors our life in our Lord’s loving care and fidelity to each and all. Secondly, her loving concern for other people through the presence of Christ in her womb and utter forgetfulness of self.  Immediately after the angel left her, she set out on a long and dangerous journey on foot through the hills of Judea to visit her kinswoman Elizabeth who was awaiting the birth of her son, John the Baptist and Mary lived there, helping in the house for three months. REGINA – QUEEN – A queen is responsible for the interests of her people within her kingdom. While other athletes are announcing they will not be going to Rio for the Olympics because of Zika virus fears, Simone Biles will be there. In 25 days the Rio Games will begin, Biles could walk away with 5 gold medals by the time they are over. Everyone has different dreams, fantasies and aspirations and the path you take to realize your own could see you exploring avenues that you never expected. No matter where you hope to end up, learning English as a second language could be a real asset by either opening up more opportunities, smoothing the way or simply making the journey more enjoyable.
Here’s five reasons why you should serious consider learning English as a second language. With an estimated trillion pages, the World Wide Web is an almost endless source of information, whatever the subject you are studying. The beauty of the internet is that it is truly a worldwide phenomenon and it’s possible to access information from countries everywhere, with pages in every language you can think of.
English is the official language in 53 countries around the world, with 400 million people speaking it as their mother tongue.

Even more people speak, read, or understand the language – it’s thought that around one in five people can communicate in English in some way! English is a language which transcends career barriers; whatever sector you work in, knowing English will be a huge advantage.
Aviation, computing, diplomacy, science and tourism are just some of the industries where English is recognized as the official language for communication and transactions. If you are able to speak English, you will have far more chances for career progression than your peers; without it, you may be unable to move forward regardless of how you excel in your role in other ways. It’s becoming increasingly common for individuals to seek to complete their education or to carry out further training in an overseas country. Although there is inevitably a sense of adventure about the prospect, there are many solid and logical reasons for doing so too. Traveling to a foreign country to complete your education allows you to experience a different culture and way of life, which can enrich your knowledge in a way which books alone simply can’t provide. In addition, although the curriculum may look similar, in a foreign country you will be exposed to different methods and schools of thought, which in turn can help broaden your knowledge and expand your mind.
Whilst many of the benefits of learning English certainly will boost your career, there are many other advantages which are simply for fun.
There are a far greater number of English speaking films and being able to watch them in their intended format, without dubbing or subtitles can be a much richer experience.
The same principles hold true for other forms of media too, such as music and of course, books. The above five reasons are just a snapshot of the benefits that learning English can bring. Gabby Douglas and Dominique Dawes were the last African Americans in the sport who arrived with similar fanfare before reaching the Olympics.

The next most popular language is German and this commands less than 10%, dwarfed by the English-speaking content. This is not just helpful for when you are on holiday, but very useful for business and professional opportunities too. Business deals which are cross border are frequented conducted in English too; this is almost an unspoken rule. Having an overseas education on your CV is also a sure-fire way of attracting attention from prospective employers, and helping your application to stand out.
In addition, there may be many films which are never dubbed or subtitled; knowing English makes far more accessible. With top quality language courses available in London, it’s possible to learn English where the language is truly at the very heart of the location. I'm also a Web Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Professional Guest Blogger and Social Media expert. The truth of the matter is that whilst there are pages in all languages, if you can’t speak English you will be missing out on a large portion of in the internet, and this could leave you at a distinct advantage. I loves to share knowledge and experience in public domain, thus on GetHow I am publishing various interesting stuff.

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