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In order to make sure that a student enjoys the best education possible, he must be aware of some vital characteristics of adult education. Understanding of spiritual and positive values provide individuals and societies with moral accountability and that is the basis of human Integrity.
At this writing, I am on the steps of the Coleman Library on the campus of Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Now, on this important matter of getting a good college education: you will have some obstacles, to say the least.
Your second obstacle to obtaining a higher education is the ever present lure of immediate money and gratification.
My friend, you will learn in life that you must postpone gratification to reach for something far more important and valuable. They have that locked in, locked down mentality (commonly called the slave mentality.) This mentality is bent on working for somebody for thirty years, retiring, and then dying with nothing.
Independent thinkers, innovative, entrepreneurs; they may work for somebody for a little while, but their aim is to be in charge of their own business or what have you. This blog post is an excerpt from my book, Letters to Young Black Men. Click here to find out more or to purchase the book online. If he sees these qualities in a prospective school, he has chosen the best one that can meet his needs. Any adult student should be provided the support and security that he needs from his choice of adult education provider. Professors of adult education must consider and treat their students purely as such, but also as peers.
A student must consider an adult education that fosters his active participation in the offered learning activities.

Finally, an adult student is encouraged by his adult education provider to give feedback and comments about lessons and activities that he is engaged in. One of the few people who inspire her in putting such institution is Ken Von Kohorn, who has established an organization that focus on moral aspects of families. Every college or university is not necessarily the right institution of higher learning for you. Please do not let the money problem strike fear into your heart because even in these days there are ways in which one can get an education, if he really wants to.
3 On Billboard’s Top 200Natasha Owens to Headline Benefit For Shining Light Recovery HomeLegin Releases Double Video “There He Go” (ft. If such a choice is afforded to a student, this will challenge him to go beyond his level of learning skills and abilities. Becoming a participant in learning allows him to absorb new knowledge and skill easily, compared to being just a passive listener to lectures. Because the process of truly learning is laborious, monotonous, and at times down right bitter and boring. Just because your friends appear to be cool and powerful does not mean they have wisdom and good sense. At the same time, it must be a school where in which his existing abilities and skills are recognized. It has been known that if adult students are pushed too much to study, they easily give up. In an adult education, the ideal setting is for the instructor to engage his students in a lively conversation or even a debate.
This is intended for the student to be able to inform his professor on what truly works for him.

Therefore, obtaining a truly higher education will require of you a determined mind and a will to stick and stay.
I recall, upon my graduation from high school, my parents wanted me to go on to college at Gardner-Webb College in North Carolina. If they are not increasing in knowledge, and if they are not exhorting you to do the same, then you are flying with the wrong birds.
This is one way of fostering intellectual freedom; while at the same time, creativity and experimentation are fully encouraged.
The ability to give feedback helps an adult student to express what he need and would like more to learn. However, I was too short-sighted, and, frankly, too foolish to take their advice because I had this restaurant job in high school that offered me a new job as trainer and assistant manager for new restaurants that were opening up.
Adults who are engaged in open pace learning experience are immersed in intellectual stimulation, allowing them to grow more.
In my view, the money was good, so I opted for the fast money and the fast lifestyle of partying, women and drinking — immediate gratification.
However, thankfully, by the grace of God, I came to my senses and began the higher learning process, and became a college graduate later.

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