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This page provides links to working documents developed and resources used by the CSULA English Department assessment team. For spending an estimated $15 billion a year on English education, you’d think Koreans would be speaking better English.
The Korean private English education market is estimated at as much as 15 trillion won ($15 billion). In my five years here, I’ve met several Koreans who speak English really well with a nice American or British accent. In my university here for example, in one of my subjects (biochemistry), The course was taught in English (since half of the class are foreigners) and foreign students are using the English version of the book, while native Koreans are using the translated one. The #1 problem is that people don’t practice, a lot of the people have this mentality that they can learn a language (any language) by pen, ears, and eyes and that by attending class they will learn by osmosis from my experience.
The English frenzy in Korea has produced many popular teachers who are good at helping students get higher scores in English tests.
Ahn Young-sop, 62, a professor at Myungji University and also well-known for his best seller, ``Doctor Ahn's TOEIC'' said popular English instructors teaching skills of how to pick answers on English tests will do little to the development of English education here. Ahn also pointed out problems of TOEIC and TOEFL that select test questions from a bank of examples.
He said that English test should provide creative questions and get out of the ``question bank'' system. He also suggested that applications for English tests should be restricted to one or two times a year. As for English reform plan scheduled by Lee Myung-bak's administration, the professor said that the plan needs a more systematic and comprehensive approach. Regarding the new employment plan of 23,000 English teachers for English-only classes, the professor expressed concern. The English Education program seeks to develop perceptive and critical thinking abilities through the study of literature and the English language and to furnish creative and researched methods of writing to express these insights.
Guided by faculty in both the English program and the School of Education, English Education majors will learn from the best of both departments, so that they may successfully teach their own classes in the future.
A survey of the development of American literature from colonial times through revolutionist, romantic and transcendentalist prose, poetry and fiction up to mid-19th century, augmented by select longer fictional works. A study of the era, life and works of this great literary master, with a close reading and video viewing of his histories, comedies and tragedies as well as a study of his other poetic contributions. A study of the advising, writing, editing, layout and design, organization and business management of school newspapers, yearbooks and literary magazines. A study of the philosophy, curriculum and methods of teaching English at the secondary level, concentrating upon skills, knowledge and dispositions that need to be possessed by the teacher and fostered among students.
Laurinda Owen joined the Grace faculty in 2001 after 17 years of teaching elementary education in the public school system. Candidates who have completed one of the listed major programs, were approved by the Teacher Education Committee, and have met all state regulations are eligible to receive the standard instructional license from the state of Indiana as well as other states. Directs and coordinates activities of writers engaged in preparing creative, technical, scientific, medical or other material for publication.

Working within a library system provides many opportunities to serve as a resource for library users and researchers. As an English Education major, I loved that the English classes taught me to stretch my mind and respectfully debate ideas with others, while the education classes helped me learn how to nurture and lovingly challenge students. Most of them have spent time abroad without interpreters so they were really forced to use the language.
Koreans rarely used English as a means of communication, be it in mass media or in everyday conversation. And worst during exams, the Korean Profs allows the Korean students to answer in Hangul rather than in English. Their English is even better than some of my colleagues who have spent some time studying in the states.
A famous former English instructor says some of these ``star teachers'' are misleading English learners.
Students taught by these teachers cannot efficiently communicate in the real world,'' he added.
Eligible applicants for the program are those who have completed English education courses including the Teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), obtained masters or higher degrees in English-speaking countries, or have teaching licenses. Ahn gained his bachelors degree in liberal studies from the University of the State of New York and a Ph.D. Students interested in teaching English and literature will leave furnished with a versatile communication skill set necessary to be successful in secondary education settings.
By examining epics, dramas, short stories, novels and poems, the student obtains a balanced background in the literary traditions that have arisen in diverse cultures. Learning experiences are structured both in and out of the classroom with the purpose of assisting the college students in making career decisions relative to this profession such as to teach or not, at which level, and in which subject area. Tutorial and observational contact with the secondary school is an integral part of the course. In 2010, she was appointed Dean of the School of Education, but continues to teach all levels of Education students. She previously worked for several years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Notre Dame. Analyzes developments in specific fields to determine need for revisions, corrections and changes in previously published works. In addition to being specialists in the care and cataloging of books and online databases, librarians provide a variety of services to the public, often functioning as educators and community leaders.
As an English Education major, I was able to experience the best of both worlds by taking English and education classes. I was confronted with diverse beliefs in the literature we read, [which] presented a challenge to me, yet my professors gently pointed me toward truth.
College students and office workers also spend time and money learning English the way younger Koreans do. But I don’t want to think that my friends in Korea befriended me because I can speak English.

Probably, the companies they wish to work and by the gov’t to cope up with fast pace of globalization.
Especially, many cram schools in southern Seoul can make a lot of money only by teaching know-how to solve examples of stored questions,'' he said.
She was recognized for her hands-on, practical, applied and innovative teaching with Grace College's Alva J. I guess this is one of the reasons why the speaking test is now included in TOEIC and TOEFL tests. Koreans here don’t really use English outside their classes, unless they have foreign friends. However, many take those tests every month by learning simple skills to choose the right answers,'' he said. Adopting English as an official language is challenging us to opt for `a second opening.' At this time, I hope we can do this earlier than Japan,'' he said. He was a reporter for The Korea Times between 1974 and 1982 and taught English at major private language institutions for more than 15 years.
She takes students every fall to Stratford, Canada, to see the plays at the Shakespeare Festival.
Lewis, has written on George MacDonald, and has completed advanced studies in communication at Notre Dame. During my student teaching semester, I referred to my notes and knowledge from the many English classes I took, including American Literature, Modern American Grammar, Shakespeare and Adolescent Literature. Being a foreigner here, I sometimes think that they’re just being friendly so they could use the language.
He also worked as an interpreter for former Prime Minister Goh Kun and has published several English studying books. These classes, and my professors, helped me feel prepared to teach literature, grade essays, encourage students to read, teach grammar and focus on the students as people. Her family attends Warsaw Community Church, where she is a storyteller for the 4-year old room, serves on the Thread Team, and volunteers as a barista in the coffee shop. By the time I graduated, each professor knew me for who I was, not only academically, but they asked after me and my life. She advises the school newspaper, the Sounding Board, and does editing work both for Grace College and for outside organizations and individuals. As one who chose this college because I didn't want to just be a number on a roster, that had immeasurable value.
At Grace, you are prepared to be competent in whichever career field you choose, your professors care about who you are as a person, and you are encouraged to not only grow in your knowledge mentally, but also to develop who you are, your character, and then to give back to others in service.

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