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A good amount of our business comes from referrals: one happy client introducing us to another business in need. We typically pay out those referral rewards in cash (many tens of thousands paid to individual business matchmakers over the years). If you happen to have a list of customers or a network of relevant contacts with which you occasionally communicate (perhaps by blog, newsletter, email, etc), we could work with you to facilitate the introduction. As a security precaution, we use Google's Recaptcha tool to verify that you are a real, live person & not an internet bot trying to hack into our website server.
Our Mission:South River offers an enriching and rigorous academic program where students will become self-directed individuals who are able to thrive in an ever-changing technological world.
The Dass Advisory Group offers strategic planning to address the employees’ skills for tomorrow’s challenges. The immediately-derived value is in developing your team and improving their effectiveness as managers and leaders. Please visit this website periodically to find out what is happening in the Business Education Department!
By taking Business Education courses, you will develop job skills which can be used immediately and in the future.
If you happen to have relationships with entrepreneurs or business decision-makers looking for some added help toward growing their business, consider referring BI to them. But someone interested in engaging our services for their own business could opt to apply those rewards toward BI fees.

We cost & time-efficiently develop customized, best-in-class presentations that you can present yourself or have us present for you.
We provide a safe and stimulating learning environment with an emphasis on integrity, respect for diversity, pride in education, and engagement in school and community service in preparation for success in the 21st century. Employers who recognize the value of professional development, skills and competency training are rewarded with a more motivated and productive workforce.
Sharing our expertise with business owners, directors, managers and team leaders is so very important. We have a lucrative referral program which discreetly pays 15% of first year revenues collected from any new clients referred. A sufficient-sized referral(s) could mitigate up to ALL of our cost resulting in you getting our full quality of service for little-to-nothing out of pocket! We could also ghost write business growth content for your newsletter or blog with a few links pointing readers to BI for more information.
Have a tired, "ho-hum" presentation(s) that needs modernized into an audience dazzler? By entering those words into the text box in the gold section, you help defeat the bots while also doing a great service in support of digitizing books.
Skilled and motivated employees provide companies a competitive edge that is long lasting and difficult to imitate—strength never more valuable than in today’s economy. The DAG brings the experts to you and shares vital information using seminars and training sessions.

It's a very easy way to make money on efforts as little as making a few phone calls or sending a few emails. If some of your followers click through and then engage BI, it would qualify within our referral rewards program. If you can't quite make out those words, click the reload button immediately above the speaker icon and it will give you a different word or two. Companies that outsource HR and learning functions are far more likely to assess their workforces as highly effective and twice as likely to be satisfied with the overall performance of their HR functions. The impact of professional training can be hundreds of thousands of dollars saved when managers know precisely what’s needed to keep the company within regulatory compliance.
We could promptly send you the money, give you the equivalent value in BI services or some combination therein. After you have entered the words, click the submit button below to share the speaking event information you provided. If your business matchmaking yielded more referral rewards than the total cost of BI services, you could enjoy a scenario in which WE are paying YOU to work for your company.

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