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It is that time of year when aspiring school administrator candidates are polishing their resumes and getting job interviews to make the jump from teacher to administrator.
As an administrator you set up classrooms that give students the opportunity to engage in higher level thinking as well the creation of their own content. Sphero Challenges that were provided to me by other teachers who had their students use their coding skills to make Sphero the robot to do the hokey pokey as well as navigate an obstacle course. My advice to new administrators is not to think that every teacher will embrace every item in the tech memo overnight. The Edison School district is in the midst of a digital conversation, and they are going 1:1 with Chromebooks in grades 3-8.
When you land your first administrative job, you may be in a school with iPads, Chromebooks, or BYOD. Courtney Pepe and Ross Cooper will be presenting on Effective Leadership in the Digital Age at the ISTE Conference in Pennsylvania in June. This week, Tuning Forke interviewed Teacher Suzy on the increasingly important edtech-teacher relationship. Teacher Suzy is the Founder of TinkerED, a feedback mechanism platform bringing together edtech entrepreneurs and teachers. TUNING FORKE: What do you feel is the best way for edtech product companies to get their products in front of teachers?
TUNING FORKE: What is the general feeling of educators when they come across a new edtech product?
TUNING FORKE: What kind of products do you find have the best reception amongst teachers you work with? Teacher Suzy: Ones that save teachers time Time is precious to teachers and there isn’t enough of it. Teacher Suzy: Talk to teachers who know what hoops and hurdles you need to cross before even attempting to get it into a classroom. Tuning Forke interviewed Heidi Morgan on how edtech companies should approach educators and schools to get their products into the classroom. In an ideal world, advertising and digital agencies would join forces and all would be well in the marketing communication world. Done right, a good content marketing plan can help you generate 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, while costing 62% less. Sometimes it helps to see content marketing from the customer’s viewpoint and understand the content marketing stages in their discovery of your offerings. Here are some of the common social media marketing mistakes businesses make and ways you can avoid wasting time and effort by avoiding the rabbit holes. Understandably due to the various media and new online opportunities , many companies are stupefied at how to begin calculating their online marketing budget. At the University of California over 150 faculty in forty-eight departments have been honored with Distinguished Teacher award.

EdTechTeacher are a team of instructors whose mission is to help schools leverage technology to help improve student learning. We’ve got to know some of their team over time as they have inputted suggestions on how to develop Book Creator, and have helped train teachers across the US in how to use Book Creator, as one of the apps they often recommend for schools using iPads. Reacting to teachers’ feedback, the EdTechTeacher team wanted to find a way to archive and present all of the great ideas and resources that they came across. There are contributions from a range of fantastic educators, including some who have published their case studies on this blog, such as Meghan Zigmond, Jon Smith and Jodie Deinhammer. The first volume was such a success that the EdTechTeacher team are keen to create a second edition, and they are accepting contributions now. Do you have a great idea for teaching with iPads that you think other people could benefit from? Export your ebook as an ePub and Open in any file sharing service such as Google Drive or DropBox. The EdTechTeacher team are still accepting proposals from speakers, so if you have a great idea that you’d like to share, get in touch with them and let them know. The 2-day conference features keynote speeches from Guy Kawasaki and Justin Reich, plus some great featured speakers – Kathy Schrock, Kristen Wideen and Reshan Richards among others.
Technology is always a topic that comes up on an administrative panel: what do you do with ed tech during the first 30 days on the job, on the first 60 days on the job, on the first 90 days on the job?
As part of the makerspace, they obtained a handful of iPads, and Ross took the lead in loading the devices with apps. The more students are engaged in the learning, the less disciplinary issues an administrator will have to deal with throughout the school day. However, this does not mean that they are not hungry for new information related to best practices on the implementation of technology in the classroom. No matter what technology infrastructure exists in your new job, it is important to remember that not all teachers learn the same way. It is always important to find new ways to inspire your innovative teachers as well as support those who are not quite yet on board. Make teachers opinions count and then you have a shot at teachers sharing your tools organically through the likes of Edmodo or Edshelf. You are thinking: will it be easy to implement and get up running, will it crash and cause more trouble, will the IT department approve it. If you are looking for support in marketing your education product online, click here for more information. Then, it’s a great idea to get it reviewed by an educational reviewer, especially if they have a popular blog or network of followers.
If you are an edtech company, don’t miss this post as it is bound to get your wheels turning.
The teacher’s main task is to guide students through the learning process, not to dispense information.

The goal of teaching is to help students read, speak, write, and think critically— and to expect students to do these things. Good teachers do not see teaching as separate from other activities; rather, they see their lives as remarkably integrated. Home - (Un) conference about software craftsmanship, technical leadership, code design and architecture. Book Creator is an official sponsor of the iPad Summit in Boston, this coming November 2015. The comments feature in Google Drive is a great way to give feedback on these teacher lesson plans. When approaching this challenge, this first year administrator wanted a mix of creation apps and those that were more makerspace specific. Then after the first 30, 60, and 90 days you will see evidence of your suggestions in the classroom.
The package of productivity applications that Google offers for free to schools helps to increase the culture of collaboration in the classroom through the use of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sites.
Just as you would differentiate for students with varying needs in the classroom, it is important to differentiate the instructional coaching and feedback you provide for your staff. I have shared augmented reality resources like Blippar with my innovators while some teachers on other parts of the tech Bell Curve have benefitted from more concrete tasks such as how to accept a calendar invite in Microsoft Outlook.
Also ones with a good support team behind them- so if it does crash, you have a support team who are ready to help. Reviewing the lesson plans is really a good way to get to know the instructional needs of your staff, and the fact that the comment feature in Google Drive allows the teachers to immediately respond to the feedback is really useful. Some of the creation apps now include Book Creator, Canva, and iMovie, while some of the makerspace apps include Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch Jr., and Kodable. My advice to other administrators would be to limit information in your weekly tech memo to 4 or 5 items.
Any accomplishment that any teacher on any portion of this bell curve makes with technology is significant because it supports a change mindset and a willingness to try to new things. Don’t waste time building something and trying to push it into the US market unless you have evidence that there is need for it. Also, by having your teachers submit their lesson plans electronically, you are modeling digital workflow for your faculty. They get constant feedback and are always striving to improve the edtech-teacher relationship by listening to the on the ground users.

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