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The EDGE Accelerator program will run from September to December 2015 and will select ten startups to participate in its cohort. Aside from writing about startups and entrepreneurship, Ronald is interested in 'Doctor Who', Murakami, 'The Mindy Project', and fried chicken.
Estimated at over $1 trillion, student debt is a serious problem in the United States of America.
In 2008, the average debt by degree amounted to $23,200 – a little lower in the case of degrees issued by public universities ($20,200). Even though the prices of tuition fees keep rising, a college degree remains a good investment in statistical terms, despite often coming with an unprecedented burden of financial worries.
Holberton School’s model makes it easier for students to focus more on their education, leading to better results and the formation of better professionals. In this harsh economy it can be hard to get a job, which only helps to increase the numbers of student debt. Jacqueline Feldman, a journalist-turned-UX designer, on the perils of designing a bot that's too human and that apologizes too much. Massive open online courses providers — dubbed “MOOC” providers by the press — are finally starting to grow up. Today, the best-known MOOC provider, Coursera, announced a “Specializations” certificate program. Students would receive a certificate for mastering a series of courses in a particular topic area rather than just one. The ed-tech startup has partnered with various universities for the program and plans to launch 10 new Specializations in the next few months. Two of the Specializations — Programming Mobile Cloud Computing Applications with Android from Vanderbilt and the University of Maryland and Reasoning, Data Analysis and Writing from Duke University — are currently open for enrollment. Specializations is an important step that will provide more of an incentive for students to complete courses.
If they complete the Specialization, students will receive a certificate that they can attach to a resume.
About the writer: Christina is a San Francisco-based writer covering cloud computing, health IT, women in business, education technology, and venture capital.
At M&T Bank Stadium, an energy titan encouraged its employees to experiment — and possibly fail.
When Exelon wanted to find fresh ideas, the Chicago-based energy titan on Tuesday again looked to Baltimore. Industrious is in the middle of building out its first location in Brooklyn at 594 Dean Street. As we recently reported: coffee is table stakes in coworking, but Brooklyn Creative League also keeps beer on tap. Community philosophy is one element that many argue is critical to the success of coworking spaces.
Pinterest, Viggle and Instacart all have space in other Industrious locations, according to Jamie Hodari, one of the cofounders. Anyone looking for coworking space in Brooklyn should consult our continuously updated list of coworking spaces. Industrious’s Brooklyn site is about a six-minute walk from a stop on the 2, the 3, the B and the Q. Harber (former CEO of Pearson K12 Technology), has launched its 2015 EDGE Accelerator program in the city. In that positions, he successfully worked with more than 20 edtech startups – with startups in the 2013 and 2014 classes raising over $35 million collectively.
He is currently based in New York because he mistakenly studied philosophy in college and is now a "writer".

It has more than doubled since the beginning of the new millennium, to the point of overcoming the volume of purchases made with credit cards.
In a difficult economic context, clearly marked by a high unemployment rate, a growing number of debtors are finding themselves unable to pay their loans, as the students’ default rate rose from 5 percent to 10 percent between 2008 and 2011. However, according to the former Secretary of Education William Bennett, only 150 of 3,500 US Colleges are worth that investment.
The school does generate its revenue, but only after its students land a job – when they do, 17 percent of their salary goes to the school, for as long as 3 years.
Opting for this pricing model, Holberton School is not only helping to drop those numbers, it is also aligning the interests of both the school and the students: the success of the students becomes the only key performance indicator of the school. However, students will be required to complete the series of classes to receive a certification. In addition, it makes it much easier for people to figure out the right sequence of courses when hundreds (sometimes even thousands) are available. Many of the specialization areas are technical, which makes them ideal for folks who need to brush up on IT skills. Exelon also operates fossil fuel, renewable and nuclear energy production facilities in a number of states including Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois and as far away as Nebraska and Texas. The Chicago coworking company is expanding to several cities across the country, including Philadelphia. As the image above shows, there’s a big emphasis on natural light in Industrious spaces, so the company is building a new third floor on the building, which will be floor-to-ceiling glass.
Brooklyn Creative League, The Yard, Brooklyn Desks and BrooklynWorks at 159 all offer a mix, from flexspace to large private offices, as well.
In other words, if you want that startup vibe of sweet office and ample snacks, but don’t have the bandwidth on your staff to manage it, Industrious is a spot that will cover some of that for you.
The site will also have a rooftop terrace and redundant fiber connections, to make sure internet access is reliable. Aimed at startups that are utilizing technology to improve education and learning, the accelerator hopes to support the mission of these companies through funding, mentoring, and pathways to various resources in NYC.
Throughtouthe three-month period, these edtech companies will be provided with mentorship, coaching, legal services, agile development expertise, sales consulting, and business development. And they’ll be asked to complete a project, which can be added to a portfolio and presented to a potential employer. The Brooklyn location is now available for touring and is 25 percent occupied, according to community manager Leah Alexander. Alexander said that the Brooklyn site will feature daily coffee from Devocion and pastries from Colson. The accelerator is now accepting applications for the class set to start this upcoming September. Seward is an alumnus of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. He's originally from San Francisco and went to college in Chicago.
A native of Pittsburg, Kansas, he went to Cornell and worked as a progressive community organizer for over a decade before quitting his job to pursue writing.
AR: As a district leader, Eileen Murphy, the founder of ThinkCERCA, saw the lack of differentiation resources and instructional delivery support for teachers as well as the chaos of free apps and discrete sources of content or empty platforms that gave teachers tools but no content. Using the successful paper-based system as a model, Murphy developed a technology that delivered the research-based approach to improving student growth.New standards and assessments combined with federal legislation, which require principals to hold teachers personally accountable for student growth meant that teachers throughout the U. Principals are buying ThinkCERCA to help teams prepare students in every subject from grades 4-12 for new tests that measure both career and college readiness.We are lucky to work with schools and teachers across the country to help identify ways to improve the way we help teachers personalize student growth.
By providing teachers with leveled lessons that focus on building critical thinking, reading and writing skills, ThinkCERCA saves teachers time and allow them to work with students one on one or in small groups to truly personalize instruction. ETT:  And how did you develop a solution to this particular problem?

She was the founding English Department Chair at Walter Payton College Prep, one of the country’s highest performing high schools, and a district leader in Chicago Public Schools. As the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for over 100 of Chicago’s highest performing schools, she became passionate about the role technology could play in education in the 21st century. Eileen has been collaborating with teachers, administrators, and scholars across the country to bring a new level of rigor and engagement to blended learning in the era of CCSS and it is her work in-schools that lead her to develop the ThinkCERCA Framework.After seeing schools struggling with the complexity of the standards and the sheer lack of resources to address them, she decided that whoever was going to develop these resources had to know what they were doing.
That meant teachers who really understood the content AND how to teach it.Our solution addresses all the Literacy Standards through direct instruction, applied practices, and formal assessments. Over the course of years of collaboration and work in schools and universities, we used the findings of the University of Chicago’s research that isolates particular classroom practices that had dramatic impact on student achievement.
And after our first year of successfully implementing the full platform in schools, we have developed several case studies about the impact of our solution.ThinkCERCA is designed to provide all students access to engaging and rigorous curriculum, instruction, assessment as well as heightened peer engagement in the world of ideas, regardless of a students’ location or means.
Through expert lesson design around authentic, high-quality texts and engaging peer collaboration (online and offline), students everywhere can achieve more through ThinkCERCA’s evidence-based argumentation framework. We teach kids how to do everything else, while we engage them in the process of making a claim, supporting it with evidence, explaining their reasoning, addressing counterarguments, and using audience-appropriate language. Since our framework works across grade levels and subjects, it addresses the organizational problem of helping teachers get on the same page in terms of student growth and team ownership for that growth, without sacrificing the duty they have to their content.Our innovative approach helps principals solve the tower of babel problem by helping them bring a “no assembly required” solution to the entire team, rather than a single-point solution for one teacher.
Howard Tulman, 1871 CEO, gave the keynote at the opening day of the Education Technology Conference on August 13th to over 90 administrator and school leaders (check out the photos at FB album). Our team consists of 15 people and we are still experiencing an incredible growth spurt, due to increasing traction and sales growth.Our free version is in over 5,250 schools across all 50 states and 27 countries. Our subscription-based version has over 25,000 subscribed students across 13 states, quadrupling our growth since launch and incredible renewal rates due to happy customers with stories of growth results.We expect to reach over 50,000 by the end of the next school year! ETT:  Are you a disruptor, and why so? Do you believe you will remain as a disruptor in near foreseeable future or become a more mature company?
Why is that so?AR: The entire education industry is being disrupted and we are committed to being on the forefront of innovation. Who is that mentor?AR: We are SO lucky to have Chuck Templeton as an incredible mentor during Impact Engine and now as a Board member.
His perspective as an entrepreneur has given us spot-on advice and insight throughout every step of the way, from fundraising to sales strategy. Over the next few years with the CCSS, more access to technology and the infrastructure, you will start to see schools truly understand that “blended learning” is a mix of teachers, students and technology. It has never been easier to educate people but the spaces and time in schools need to shift and ultimately, we are going to have to pick some things to focus on and get away from the free for all consumer app mentality. We will really need to increase the pace of organizational adoption of solutions to see rapid change. ETT: What advice, if any, do you have for someone thinking about launching a company in the education technology market?
AR: Education technology companies that value the importance of the student-teacher interactions and collaborative learning environments will be the ones that have learning outcomes for college and career readiness. His career spans from joining Xplana Learning as it launched to Cengage Learning to MBS Direct when it acquired Xplana in 2009. Yevgeny brings to EdTech Times his passion for start-ups and technology, along with his interest in the ever evolving world of edtech.

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