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Schools cannot adopt blended learning without access to quality and affordable education technology hardware.
Execs from Cornelsen Schulverlage, Scholastic India, Capstone’s myON, and Microsoft Education share thoughts about various edtech business models. Earlier this month at the Frankfurt Book Fair, leaders from the world of educational technology talked business models and  wrestled with how to reconcile the hype around digital in schools with the more disappointing reality of low budgets and troublesome teachers — and particularly the all important question of how to actually make some money out it. For Martin Fielko, International Business Manager, Cornelsen Schulverlage, “50% digital is unimaginable. However, Todd Brekkus, President of myON, a division of Capstone, sees the the cloud as key to the wider adoption of digital in schools and that his platform is proof of that potential. Its success has even led to them moving to become a distributor of content on a revenue sharing basis, he adds.
If you are looking to introduce eLearning into your organisation or are wanting to take your current eLearning provision to the next level, please get in touch. We will work with you to design bespoke eLearning content as well as multi-device educational platforms which effectively deliver the training to your team as and when you need it. The eLearning content can be created and delivered by our team of authors and presenters or it can incorporate elements from your own in-house training support. The platforms can be hosted on our servers or on your own servers and can be fully white labelled for your organisation so that they fit perfectly with your brand requirements.
In summary, our EdTech consultancy, design, build and deliver services can be tailored to meet your exact needs, brand and budget.
We help New Zealand educational technology businesses to succeed by providing a collaborative voice, creating connections, increasing knowledge, supporting international growth and influencing policy. To join EdTech NZ and gain the benefits of being part of this edtech focused community just click join and you will be taken to the NZTech shop. For more information about membership benefits, the types of membership options available and the fees visit Membership Information.
EdTech NZ operates as a focused tech sector association and community with the support of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech), the voice of the New Zealand technology industry.
NZTech enables an ecosystem of tech communities and helps members find ways of increasing their capabilities through access to talented staff, peer networking, experience sharing, exporting, keeping a close watch on government initiatives and working with many agencies here and overseas. When you join EdTech NZ you automatically join NZTech and can benefit from the broad range of services, events and advocacy across the multiple NZTech communities.
Educational Technology is a rapidly growing sector – the global smart education and learning market, worth US$100 billion, is forecast to grow to US$394 billion by 2019.
New Zealand has a number of growing companies who have developed a diverse range of learning-focused products including games, apps, educational software and courseware to make the most of these EdTech export opportunities. Cloud based educational technology is accelerating at 20% growth per annum and is forecast to reach US$12 billion by 2019.
Increased competition among educational institutions to appoint, retain, and graduate students will surface the implementation of SaaS and cloud-based solutions that can be deployed rapidly and proficiently in response to the advance requirements of schools and colleges.
We kicked off our session by sharing our thoughts on how we define a balanced life in this day and age. Multitasking is great for rote tasks, but may not be the best option for activities that require you to focus  on the job at hand (ex. If the situation has escalated to a point where the child’s school work is getting affected,  do not hesitate to get the school involved. This entry was posted in Parent Presentation, Parent Sessions, Parents on October 1, 2013 by mmatias.
In the past, speedgeeking has been a highly orchestrated affair, involving different rotations, various groups and multiple locations. After a delicious mid-afternoon snack, we had about 45 minutes to just sit and digest, both the food and what we’d just seen!
This entry was posted in Professional Development and tagged blogs, Coaches Eye, copyright, diigo, Edcanvas, Flubaroo, Google Sites, maps, Mixcraft, PE, pecha kucha, Photoshop, robotics, SpeedGeeking, ThreeRing on May 17, 2013 by Mr Hamada. Over this school year, there have been some great opportunities for teachers to learn with others about using technology to enhance and transform learning experiences.
In addition to mini-workshops hosted by Clint and Michelle, there was a D-12 T^4 (Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology) session in January that included a mini unconference session. Also in January, the first of the Innovative Learning Projects began, giving teachers an opportunity to fund ideas they have about teaching and learning.
In March, UNIS Hanoi co-sponsored the inaugural Vietnam Tech Conference (VTC) in Ho Chi Minh City. May 15 will be our final D-12 Technology PD opportunity and will take the form of our 3rd annual SpeedGeeking session.
Looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year, the technology professional development opportunities are already piling up. If you have any feedback from this year’s sessions, or ideas for next year, please leave a comment below!
This entry was posted in Professional Development, Teachers and tagged 21clhk, asbunplugged, learning 2.0, SpeedGeeking, unconference, VTC on May 6, 2013 by Mr Hamada. This story starts with two ordinary people in their daily lives, when one day, one clumsy action leads them through portals to an imaginative adventure.
This entry was posted in Parents, Students, Teachers, UNIS Showcase and tagged animation, arts, IDU, stop motion, transdisciplinary, video, vimeo on April 13, 2013 by Mr Hamada.
This past weekend 18 member of the UNIS Hanoi community went down to Saigon South International School and participated in the inaugural Vietnam Tech Conference (#vtc2013). Thanks to all of the teachers who helped make the first edition of this conference a success. Use Google Docs as an alternative to our school dropboxes.By using GDocs, students can turn in documents from anywhere they have an internet connection without flooding your inbox with emails and attachments. How it works: One student creates a presentation in Drive and shares it with the other group members.
Use Google Forms and Flubaroo to create self-graded quizzes that are great for quick formative assessments. One of the promises of computers has always been to make our lives easier! How it works: Flubaroo is a free script that was developed by a teacher and shared with the world!

This entry was posted in Apps and Software, Teachers and tagged collaboration, Flubaroo, formative assessment, GDocs, presentations, quizzes on January 21, 2013 by Mr Hamada. I am so excited to introduce Coggle as a Mind-mapping & Brainstorming tool at this year’s Northwest 5 Consortium Workshop!
One of the biggest benefits of using Coggle over other mind-mapping and brainstorming tools is being able to share and collaborate on Coggles in real time. As with any third-party cloud based tools, there are FERPA considerations for asking students to use and create a Coggle account.
There are several account options that offer different features for students, however I have personally used the free account for a couple of years and can highly recommend its capabilities for academic purposes.
Additional support and how-to guides are available on Coggle’s cleverly named blog, Bloggle. Magdeleine – Hand-picked stock photos, searchable by license type, creative commons or attribution. Crewmen of the Amphibious Cargo Ship USS Durham Take Vietnamese Refugees Aboard a Small Craft, 1975, via New Old Stock (Copyright Free).
Educational technologists feel the pressure of not only using digital resources but sharing them successfully with faculty. We recently had the privilege of attending Lewis and Clark’s Faculty Technology Institute and were inspired by how they reached and supported faculty through a week-long training event.
Quizlet: Make studying simple by requiring students to create varied quizzes for others to study from (recommended for language courses).
The following is a great example of an institution who has used technology to connect globally and place students at the center of learning. University of Southern California iPodia:  Creating a “global classroom” through the use of technology.
Educational technology conferences take the fear and uncertainty out of using digital tools and resources and add excitement to our teaching practice.
We are so excited about offering our own training and are guiding our plans based on faculty feedback and researched best practices. Turnitin is offering some additional features and functionality in its latest release: Feedback Studio! As Feedback Studio reminds us that, “feedback only matters if your students engage with it.” This is especially evident with their emphasis and easy access to creating voice and text comments. We are so excited to to welcome Kaity Fain as our new Educational Technologist for the Humanities.
Kaity graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Secondary Education and has taught English Language Arts, History, and Technology to K-12 students. Born and raised in Arizona, Kaity has steadily worked her way up the West Coast to settle in Tacoma, her favorite place to date. Instructors are encouraged to modify assignment due dates either before or at least several hours after the scheduled maintenance window. Please be patient as we are eagerly helping our many customers as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.
An email was sent out via facultycoms on April 18th, 2013, informing users that an upgrade would be occurring over the summer and that it was necessary to contact the Service Desk to schedule a software update.  This impacts previous versions of SPSS and will prevent them from operating.
If you are needing instant access to SPSS and cannot wait for a software upgrade, you can use SPSS 21 via our virtual desktop installation on vDesk. Die Digitalisierung verA¤ndert schon lange weite Bereiche in der Gesellschaft a€“ den Bildungsbereich jedoch noch viel zu wenig. Trotz etlicher Pilotprojekte und medienwirksamer Berichte A?ber den Einsatz von Tablets im Unterricht sind die UnterstA?tzung des Unterrichtsgeschehens durch Plattformen, Learning-Management-Systeme, Blended-Learning AnsA¤tze oder die sinnvolle Nutzung von Smartphones an Schulen, Hochschulen oder in der Erwachsenenbildung derzeit noch die Ausnahme. Startups aus dem Bildungsbereich sind eingeladen, sich dem Verband und der Fachgruppe EdTech anzuschlieAYen. Device costs can be a tremendous strain on precious district resources, both in terms of dollars and time spent buying and maintaining them. Often the process for choosing a device is long and complicated, and is repeated multiple times by districts across the country. So our strategy is to penetrate the market — and get the teachers used to digital — by giving away the digital book for free when we sell a book.
We know and understand what is needed to design, produce and deliver effective and efficient eLearning content. Either way we’ll ensure that the right blend of interactivity and media is used to meet your precise training needs and budget. What may be appropriate for your 10 year old child may not necessarily work for your teenager. At the end of it, there were a lot of teachers with glazed-over eyes, scratchy throats and full brains! In addition to all the great ideas they had just seen, we were able to talk with our colleagues about what happened in the other room.
This was a great opportunity to meet teachers from other schools in Vietnam as well as for UNIS Hanoi teachers to showcase some of the ways they are innovating in their classrooms. In this new world, everyday objects become the landscape for this stop-motion musical adventure.
Secondly, we would like to thank our families for supporting us and providing us with the necessary equipment; and lastly, we would of course really like to thank Ms.
The conference brought together over 90 teachers from international schools in Vietnam (and one from China!) to discuss how technology is transforming  learning and education.
While not as feature-rich as PowerPoint, there is still plenty that students can do including: adding images, adding videos from YouTube, changing the theme, adding speaker notes, adding basic transitions.
If you have any other ways in which you use GDocs in your classroom, leave those in the comments too! Coggle has a share feature that allows Coggles to be edited by peers, evening allowing editors to chat in real-time. Educational Technology suggests including the following information in your syllabus to ensure that all necessary information is shared and students have the opportunity to decline the create of an account (rare, but optional).
While it can take a few tries to get a hang of Coggle’s many features, especially the keyboard shortcuts, Coggle does grow to become extremely easy to use for a variety of purposes.

Now, the phrase sends a chill down the spine of many faculty; yes, there is a digital resource for that- actually there are many resources for that, on top of the apps and websites for that other thing you were interested in, and don’t forget about those digital resources that those amazing professors are having incredible success with.
We strive to stay current, focus on best practices, and find the best resources that enhance teaching and student learning. The conference offered varied trainings at a variety of skill levels, and focused both on the theories of using technology in education as well as what actually using it looks like. Our kiosks are setup with our subscriptions to give you full access to their videos and training materials on a variety of technology, creative, and business skills. Inspired by their institute and the requests for professional development at University of Puget Sound, we are currently working on our own faculty technology institute that would offer faculty an opportunity to explore using technology in their teaching practice.
Please look out for news regarding quarterly trainings and our first faculty training institute  2017!
Turnitin is a perennial favorite among faculty as it combines key assessment features into one easy-to-use tool.
Among Edtech’s favorite features are the “Quickmark” comments that allow faculty to provide detailed feedback from a set of custom or pre-written comments, which can be saved for future use. Kaity is currently in Seattle Pacific University’s Master of Digital Education Leadership program where she gets to explore and build on her love of all things educational technology.  She has plenty of new and fresh ideas to bring to our team. Startups aus ganz Deutschland wollen nun die Bildung digitaler Kompetenzen durch Nutzung neuer Technologien im Unterricht, Studium oder in der beruflichen Weiterbildung fA¶rdern und ihre Interessen gemeinsam vertreten.
Das Ziel der Fachgruppe ist die Aus- und Fortbildung digitaler Kompetenzen fA?r den Wirtschaftsstandort Deutschland. Er hat Informatik und Amerikanistik studiert und ist seit vielen Jahren in der Medienwelt zuhause. TLA is focusing on two main aspects of EdTech devices that can assist districts transition to a 21st century classroom. TLA has created multiple resources dedicated to helping districts make more informed and efficient purchasing decisions, including a Guide to EdTech Procurement (in conjunction with Digital Learning Now!), and a Snapshot of EdTech Purchasing in Houston.
Current methods of price checking, such as researching retail prices or contacting districts as references, are insufficient.
And its hard not to agree as myON has 6.2 million students online (mostly in the USA),  two million students will have been online within four or five days and the average student spend on average 22 mins on the platform each day.
Some adults struggle with the fact that we did not grow up with technology as our children have. What followed each scenario were thought-provoking discussions that addressed  the different perspectives with which we viewed the situations.
This means that your child will need rules and structure to help them regulate their tech use. SpeedGeeking is an opportunity for our teachers to learn, celebrate, socialize, and hopefully get inspired. If you want to learn any more about any of these topics, the presenters are good people to start that conversation with! There is a lot of expertise here at UNIS and this is a chance to share it with our colleagues in Vietnam. Michelle Wise for supporting us in this project from beginning to end in every way possible.
Once the group presentation is complete, it can be viewed online, embedded into a blog post or other online space, or downloaded as a PowerPoint file.
Flubaroo is a script that will then grade the quiz and give you a summary of the class answers.
When grading the quiz, Flubaroo simply compares student answers to an answer key that the teacher puts in. Whether to take notes, organize ideas for an upcoming project, or brainstorm new ideas, Coggle could work for you this semester! Unlimited options can mean unlimited complications and questions for faculty as they seek to incorporate more technology into their classrooms’ daily use.
Those tasks can become daunting as we explore how to best deliver that information to faculty. It was a wonderful blend of best practice theory, exploring, and learning and gave their faculty a sense of commonality in the issues and successes that can be had when using educational technology. Our goal is not to create a syllabus drenched with digital tools, but to seriously look out ways technology can enhance student learning in ways that fit with teaching style and goal outcomes.
Feedback Studio combines all of your favorite assessment features, like plagiarism detection and peer review, but includes added features that allow faculty to provide dynamic and specific feedback.
Die Startups wA¤hlten drei Sprecher aus den Bereichen Schule, Hochschule und Professionals, die hier zu Wort kommen sollen. The Technology for Education Consortium (TEC), a non-profit incubated by The Learning Accelerator (TLA), is working to bring transparency, efficiency, and collaboration to K-12 technology purchasing. We also discussed the  issues which may not have been apparent at first glance as well as possible responses to each scenario. How can we share and explore best practices in educational technology to the people who need it most, but whose time is already so tasked? What opportunities lie in our syllabi for a digital resource to enhance a project or clarify student understanding? PeerMark allows students to edit one another’s papers, discuss, and reflect while collecting student feedback anonymously. If you would like to add the work to the digital lockers, you can download the Doc as a Word file or as a .PDF.
Knowing that going in, it’s easy to design a quick formative assessment that can harness the power of Flubaroo while giving you good data from your class! How can we better organize our content, say on Moodle, to create a clear and concise digital learning environment?
Contact your Educational Technologist for more information about how Feedback Studio could work in your teaching practice.

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