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If the proposed rule had come into play, the government would have had to spell out what constitutes CSR and social responsibility definition. In the 2009 guidelines were released and noted that though  business sector has generated wealth for shareholders for decades, it continues to grapple with problems of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and malnutrition. A report from global accounting and consulting firm Grant Thornton that used data collected in late 2010 and 2011 noted that CSR activities across the world have increased dramatically in recent years as "businesses realize their value not only commercially, but also in terms of boosting employee value, attracting staff and cutting costs." Incidentally, "Saving the planet" came in sixth in the survey of drivers of CSR. Despite this seemingly irreconcilable divergence, some management thinkers feel a meeting of minds is possible. Large companies operate differently than startups and entrepreneurs, but can still use the same tool – crowdfunding. Externally, as a customer facing tool, crowdfunding campaigns can be displayed on a company’s corporate website. If a company wants to act as their own portal for campaigns, they can partner with a platform that provides white-label crowdfunding. The widgets for campaigns like this can be shared anywhere – for example, if a company sponsors fees for a campaign by one of their partners, the widget could be shared on the corporate website, as well as the website of the charitable organization. Internally to increase employee engagement, companies can adopt internal crowdfunding to fuel innovation within a company.
Similarly, there is opportunity to provide internal crowdfunding for non-profit and personal causes of employees. Thanks to the crowdfunding revolution we have seen in the last five years, more than $5 billion was crowdfunded last year.  As crowdfunding develops, so has crowdfunding as a service technology (CFaaST) and the opportunity to unite a community around the causes a company supports, while taking a leadership role. While there are a variety of rewards based crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, others have emerged to offer white label crowdfunding – a platform corporations can integrate into their own website. This entry was posted in Featured Headlines, Global and tagged canada, corporate social responsibility, fundrazr, indiegogo, kickstarter, tessa macdougal, white label. VisionVPM allows you to enter details of a mare's pregnancy and to print pregnancy documents. When you insert a new Pregnancy Summary, the following window will be displayed for entry of the pregnancy details.

As a Shipping Administrator, you can create, add, edit, and delete reports for any shipment you have processed using FedEx Ship Manager® in the past 45 days. The goal of Corporate Social Responsibility is to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. (wiki) This defines social responsibility.
While the government undertakes extensive developmental initiatives through a series of sectoral programs, the business sector also needs to take the responsibility of exhibiting socially responsible business practices that ensure the distribution of wealth and the well-being of the communities in which the business operates.
The Grant Thornton International Business Report was launched in 1992 and now covers over 11,000 respondents per year in 39 economies. In a 2006 Harvard Business Review article titled, "The Link between Competitive Advantage and CSR," authors Michael E.
There is a global push towards Corporate Social Responsibility and creating shared value, which has been embraced by many companies like Cisco, Nestle, and Intel (to name a few), who actually integrate their CSR into everyday decision-making.
A campaign like this, for example, could be a partner charitable organization raising $1 million for a cause, and a company with a promise to match all donations if the campaign reaches the $500K threshold. Then campaigns can be started by the company, initiated by customers (only public after approval), or initiated by supported partner organizations.
For example, IBM started internal campaigns that gave employees some funds to invest in each other’s crowdfunding initiatives. By aligning business pursuits with the triple bottom line, corporations can interact with all of their stakeholders and create shared value. The interesting thing about crowdfunding is that it develops every day, and further innovations are on the way. To access the Admin report manager screen, click on the Admin Reports tab on the secondary navigation bar. That said, there remains an opportunity for companies to create a platform where brands can interact with customers, donors, charities, and their community. A campaign like this can act as a marketing tool to display the company’s corporate initiatives, as well as amplify the effect of their donations.
Companies can choose to match donations made to a specific campaign, donate perks for donations to a campaign, sponsor fees, or just host the campaign on their platform.

Similarly, the more interactive a campaign is, or the more customers and employees can get involved, the more people will share it online. They had great results and the innovative approach brought light to some great employee ideas, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Harvard Business Review posted an informative article on the details of this initiative and the results they had. This helps to strengthen company culture and encourage support of your corporate community. The fact is that these innovations are creating an opportunity for corporations to do far more than they currently do via traditional means. The problem with corporate social responsibility (CSR) is that nobody is very clear about what exactly it encompasses. Rather than just making large corporate donations, public donations can be made that further increase company awareness. The great part is that clicks are not reverted to a crowdfunding website, they stay on the corporate website. Donating money is easy, but for those CSR thought leaders and companies that actually act with a triple bottom line – crowdfunding is something to think about.
Several governments have been trying to make it mandatory for companies to spend at least 2% of net profits on Corporate Social Responsibility. In this case, everyone who made a donation to the campaign online would see messaging that a corporation is matching donations dollar for dollar. Similarly, posts can be seamlessly shared via social media, giving companies unique marketing reach. This white-label crowdfunding can change the game of corporate social responsibility to actually involve the community, instead of trying to tell them about all the great things a company does.

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