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Yet even though EDC touts the unparalleled transit access at the sites, which are currently surface parking lots, and its desire to make this a pedestrian-friendly development, the agency is requiring that any development include a huge amount of parking.
It is widely recognized that the neighborhood represents a great opportunity for Staten Island to accommodate significant population growth (Staten Island is expected to grow by +65,000 people in the next twenty years, including 35,000 seniors and 17,000 young adults) and establish the kind of vital downtown that has long eluded Staten Island but emerged in municipalities stretching from Jersey City to Long Branch.
Yet EDC wants the island’s transit center and would-be downtown to make room for a sea of parking, which will draw more traffic to the neighborhood streets, eat up space that could be used for housing or offices, and degrade the pedestrian environment.
Please, God, replace Seth Pinsky and Amanda Burden before they can do any more damage to our urban fabric.
I wish they would stop getting higher officials from the suburbs addicted to a car centric society – the funny thing is many of them complain of increasing car traffic but still believe in adding and expanding roadways which just encourage more traffic.
The parking is a bribe to shut up the morons who will oppose any plan that increases density. Call it a phased approach, a bargain with the devil, whatever.  It sucks, but it still might be a step in the right direction. Atlantic Yards, an ESD project, is supposed to provided remote parking on Staten Island as part of its demand management program. Word On The Street “Amazing how fast DOT can act to make things better for motorists. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), New York returns to the Tri-State area for two days during Memorial Day weekend, Saturday May 23 and Sunday May 24, 2014.
The 4th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), New York returns to MetLife Stadium this Memorial Day weekend, May 23-24, 2015.
The city plans to redevelop this 125th Street site, currently an underutilized 450-space garage with some small retail on the ground floor, while replacing each and every parking space. The New York City Economic Development Corporation’s commitment to replacing any parking spaces the agency builds on top of is a one-way ratchet toward ever-increasing amounts of automobile infrastructure.
In an RFP released Tuesday, EDC went a step further and asked for developers to try and replace every space included in a four-level garage located in the heart of Harlem at 125th Street.
The low-slung garage, located between Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and Lenox Avenue, currently houses 450 parking spaces, with a few small retail shops fronting Harlem’s main commercial street. The impetus for that parking provision appears not to stem from EDC itself nor from any demonstrated demand for parking, but rather from Council Member Inez Dickens and negotiations over the controversial rezoning of 125th Street in 2008. In fact, the language in EDC’s new RFP leaves more wiggle room to build less parking than the 2008 letter suggests, requesting that developers preserve only as many spaces as possible, rather than all of them.
Given that flexibility, it is not clear that the future developer will actually rebuild all 450 spaces. Dickens’s office has not responded to Streetsblog inquiries about the garage redevelopment.
New York, New York – The Electronic Daisy Carnival New York 2013 festival will be held at Citi Field, but no stages will be inside Citi Field itself. We see your preferred language is English (United States), would you like to stay on English (United States) or switch to English (United States)?
The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) hit New York this past weekend, and it brought forth some of the greatest acts in electronic dance music all into one place. The duo from Illinois took to the stage on Saturday, and their split from producer Kris "Rainman" Trindl is apparent.
When a number of DJs get together for a huge music festival, each one not only wants to put on the best show imaginable, but they secretly want to be the best. Early on, he delivered with hits like "Chasing Summers," "Take Me," and a remixed version of John Legend's "All Of Me." The fans continued to get more and more worked up as Tiesto plowed through his 31-song set list. Late into Saturday evening, there were choices to be made of Afrojack or Lock Dice and Carl Cox and Bassnectar. As the festival began to wind down, Prydz took to the kineticFIELD stage late on Sunday night, and he wasn't alone. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) hosted by Insomniac Events is a wild and thrilling two-day musical festival in various cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.
Electric Daisy Carnival has grown drastically since its beginning in Los Angeles almost twenty years ago to become the largest dance and musical festival in the United States. In 2014, over 100,000 EDM lovers attended EDC New York, roving between the five stages in the parking lot and Metlife Stadium field. This year, EDC is returning to New York over Memorial Day weekend, May 23-24, for what is sure to be an even more extraordinary event. Though Insomniac has not yet announced EDC New York’s lineup, there is no question that it will be an incredible one.
Source: Iconosquare Born on the 25th of November in 1990, Ashley Alexiss is a superhot chick who has got the abilities which can make the world spin.

There are multiple ways to get to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with many opinions on which is the better solution.
Note: Insomniac does have some lot restrictions. Any vehicles left in the lots between 10am and 4pm will be towed! For everyone who is feeling brave and has the extra cash – you do have the option to be transported to the festival by helicopter for a fee of $5,000 round-trip or $3,000 one way. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
This past weekend was one for the history books as San Francisco hosted the second Dreamstate, presented by Insomniac Events.
But even in this transit-rich location -- the ferry, bus terminal and railroad are all visible in the lower right of this satellite image -- NYCEDC is making parking a priority. Not only would every surface space have to be replaced, but EDC intends to accommodate anyone who wants to drive to the developments and find a parking spot.
New Urbanist leader Jeff Speck even identified the site as crying out for construction in a presentation to the City Planning Commission in January of last year.
At this stage in the development process, it’s not clear exactly how many spaces the new development might contain. In a press release announcing the development plans, the only official to mention parking was Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself. Downtown Manhattan was largely developed prior to the enactment of any parking regulations; today a strict parking maximum is in place. I’m smelling a huge pot of money that could go to pay for another phase of the SAS instead of reducing property tax receipts with more automobile subsidies. With its over-the-top production, amazing fireworks displays, larger than life art installations, full-scale carnival rides and more, the show will once again transform MetLife Stadium into another world not to be missed as summer officially kicks off. For projects at Flushing Commons and the Lower East Side’s SPURA site, slated to be built over surface parking lots, EDC has pushed for the new developments to include hundreds of parking spaces in addition to replacing the old parking.
The request for so much parking seems to be based not on any transportation needs in the largely transit-dependent neighborhood, but rather on political negotiations with the local City Council member, Inez Dickens. In the letter, the administration committed to maintaining the current number of parking spaces and placing them underground.
The current garage has only one underground level, in addition to two above-grade and one on the roof. Harlem has terribly high rates of obesity and asthma, and you often hear about these health problems from the same leaders who fight improvements in biking and walking conditions. The problem is that they (and a vocal minority of their constituents) regard car ownership as a social promotion.
The entire two day event will be help outside in the Citi Field parking lot with five main stations and various other attractions like carnival rides. With over 70 artists across four different stages and a lot more to enjoy, fans had to make choices.
With the Krewella sisters doing their own thing now, it's obvious that they wanted to take their performance in different directions. His set was close to 20 songs long even though it was just an hour long on the circuitGROUNDS, and fans loved them all. Well, even without saying it right out, Tiesto hit the kineticFIELD stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in New York, and set out to be the best, and may have delivered. Others wanted to head over to the kineticFIELD stage and listen to the young DJ known as Hardwell, and those that did, know why he was scheduled to close it out. On stage with him was a giant Technicolor octopus that not only moved around on stage, but it actually made its way out into the crowd. Hits such as "Satisfaction," "Now or Never," and "Cinema" hit the sound waves over top of everyone and it made for a fantastic start to the night. EDC is a haven for EDM fans, acquiring some of the best electronic artists and DJS in the world for each venue. Revelers also enjoyed the otherworldly installations throughout the grounds such as rides, massive illuminated flowers, and a fire-breathing owl. The energy and support at last year’s festival laid a path for an even larger production next year! After all, EDC events have wrangled mind-blowing acts for previous festivals, including Skrillex, Afrojack, David Guetta, Kill the Noise, Paul van Dyk, Diplo, and many more of the hottest performers! The rider chooses their pickup location: Excalibur, Las Vegas Festival Grounds (across from SLS), Las Vegas Village (across from Luxor) MGM Grand Hotel, The Linq or Downtown.
All taxis get to use the same dedicated route as the EDC shuttles and drop off festival-goers at a designated taxi lot.

Individual seats will cost $500 one-way or $800 round-trip (up to 7 passengers in one helicopter). I attended EDC in 2012 and 2013 and needless to say, the shuttles weren’t exactly organized.
From the time you step on the shuttle until the time you walk off expect a ride of at least 45 minutes, possibly longer depending on when you leave and any traffic. The gigantic event was one for the books as it once again sold out, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Following his past two singles on Future Sounds of Egypt, the San Francisco DJ proves that third time’s the charm with his latest single “Mykonos”. That’s the plan over at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which is about to redevelop two waterfront sites immediately adjacent to the ferry terminal. But all the spaces in the enormous surface parking lots would have to replaced one for one, ensuring at least a full floor of parking almost by definition. If the borough were to secede from New York City, it would have fewer car commuters, as a percent, than Portland or Los Angeles, and just a hair more than Chicago. Downtown Brooklyn is largely zoned so that commercial development does not require off-street parking; developers and elected officials in the area have been pushing hard for the residential requirements to be eliminated as well.
They do nothing for the city or for the state except to siphon tax dollars to private developers (i.e.
Under current zoning, it could become a 363,000-square foot commercial building, assuming it takes advantage of bonuses for providing space for the arts. The preparation of an RFP for the site, Lieber promised, would be done in consultation with Dickens. A terrible paradox that keeps this neighborhood from receiving the improved safety and health that its residents deserve.
The livable streets movement needs to develop the message that living car-free is a more tangible social promotion in many ways. The events will feature sets by Porter Robinson, Dirty South, Mark Knight, Nadastrom, Nervo and many more (Complete List Here). He isn't labeled the "Number one DJ in the world" for nothing, and the fans let him know it with their huge ovation and constant screaming. The hardcore vibes rocked through the stage area and Prydz began dropping rounds from his "Mouseville" catalogue which drove the crowd into a frenzy.
They also state that drivers should follow them on social media to get any live updates just in case something does happen or change. Pro tip: make sure to take a photo or write down any landmarks, signs, etc that you might be parked next to as a reminder of where you parked! Valet parking is available as another parking option. She travels across the country to attend music events including EDC, TomorrowWorld, Groove Cruise and more. George special zoning district, proposed by the Department of City Planning in 2008 and passed later that year, increased residential parking minimums to 100 percent and forbid developers from subdividing properties to waive the requirements. Not least the fact that it lets you redirect much of your income to other forms of living better: better food, better shelter, and better leisure activities (which in my case means annual pilgrimages to car-light and car-free parts of Europe).
For other drop offs (and pickups), there are two different lots at the speedway – one on the north side and one on the south side. Be sure to hang the Premier Pass on your rear-view mirror at all times, because the only public traffic allowed past Gate 4 will be for those with Premier Parking. After the exhaustion set in it was nice to be able to just hop on the shuttle and get transported back to the strip. At the risk of ending on an abrasive note, a peasant who buys a car is just a peasant with a car. That being said, in 2013, the shuttle line was so long on the 2nd day of EDC that they closed the gates and wouldn’t let anyone on for hours even though we attempted to leave at a decent time around 4am. If you’re lucky enough to get a taxi ride back to your hotel after the festival, it might cost even more. There is no access to Premier Parking from I-15, and anyone arriving via I-15 will be parked in General Parking.
My crew and I ended up paying a hefty price for a charter bus to take us back to the strip because we were so exhausted (and had pool parties to attend of course!).
We walked around the entire speedway trying to find the lot with the charter buses so make sure you check out the parking map just in case.

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