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EDC’s “Kinetic Cathedral” stood at a cool 440 feet wide – about 80 feet longer than a football field – and a mere 80 feet tall – more than twice the length of a 65-passenger school bus.
From huge book shelves, to massive volcanos, to gigantic owls, EDM festivals have been getting bigger and better, and it’s awesome. The question is, however, where do they go from here? VH1 producers aren't taking any chances with the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season 4 reunion special! Fans will never forget the chaotic season 3 reunion when Joseline Hernandez went on an alleged drug and alcohol induced rampage and attacked three of her cast mates including former co-stars Althea Heart and Tammy Rivera as well as her husband Stevie J's baby mama Mimi Faust. For the season 4 reunion, producers aren't playing any games with the cast and have reportedly already instituted a zero tolerance policy in regards to fighting. According to TMZ, producers recently ordered the cast to sign a document agreeing not to start any fights during season 4 reunion production.
So far all the cast members have agreed to cooperate and follow the new LHHATL rule simply because nobody wants to miss out on collecting the hefty amount of coins they'll receive for being a part of the show. It looks like the only war Joseline will be starting with her enemies this time around will be a war of words.
Recently, the self proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess was on trial for her role in the season three brawl after Benzino's fiance Althea pressed charges and filed a lawsuit against her.
As much as we hate seeing our favorite reality stars trying to physically rip each other to shreds; fighting is one of reasons why LHHATL has fostered the high ratings they're known for. Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J HINT Wedding With Regime Magazine Cover, LHHATL Couple Planning Season 4 Wedding?

Comments commentsReneeSuper Kawaii Ninja in Training, Unicorn Rider, World Traveler, Life Liver, Dog Lover. The Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 made its fourth landing in Las Vegas this year, playing host to multiple stages of electronic music and events at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as well as luxury hotels and low rate hotels for after hours partying. Check out our Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Video Channel for videos from previous festivals.
Who do you want to see in the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014 lineup, or what rumors have you heard?
The Spacelab guide to the best indie, alternative, & electronic music festivals in 2016.
Skrillex has been teaming up with hip-hop artists pretty consistently over the last few years, creating massive hits with artists A$AP Rocky and The Game and the crossovers have been far above our expectations. Twice as big as U2’s world-renowned “360” stage, which previously held the record, and almost six times as big as Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” tour’s stage, EDC’s record is force to be reckoned with. If they fail to keep their end of the agreement they will be cut from the reunion episodes without pay and suspended. Joseline not only denied laying hands on Althea, but also hinted that the attack may have just been made up because the show is more scripted than reality TV likes to suggest. Fans have just about come to expect a fight to break out at every reunion, but we're more than sure the cast will still manage to bring a ton of juicy drama to the set without starting any physical altercations. Then come back during the festival weekend and after for archived performances and live sets.

Let’s hope this crossover trend continues to evolve both hip hop and dubstep and deliver massive festival hits. The stage also featured 28 LED displays, 1,000 light fixtures, and 30 lasers, requiring a total of 2.5 million watts of power to function!
The Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas lineup is out and Electric Daisy Carnival tickets are below. And so, it's a lot of acting in the reality TV show," Joseline said when asked under oath if reality TV was real or not. Whatever it is you want to call them, it seems that there is definitely a Fetty Wap and Skrillex collaboration coming soon.
In Detroit this past Memorial Day Weekend, GLENJAMN caught a glimpse of DJ Sliink dropping that potential collab. The video takes us on a tour of the club and goes all the way from audience to in the booth with DJ Sliink. Fetty’s catchy lyrical style are absolutely recognizable and you can definitely hear Skrillex’s influences in the production.

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