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A detail from the north wall of Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry murals shows workers on the automobile assembly line. This weekend, visitors to the Detroit Institute of Arts buzzed with excitement over a new exhibit a€” it was a big moment for the once-troubled museum.
A new exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts displays nearly 70 works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.
But the grand murals stand in stark contrast to Kahlo's paintings, which are small and intensely personal. Frida Kahlo painted Self-Portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States in 1932. In Kahlo's painting The Henry Ford Hospital, she depicts her traumatic loss of a pregnancy. On the Kahlo works on view in the exhibition Way in the center of the exhibition is the small painting The Henry Ford Hospital where she rather gruesomely shows the fact that she lost a fetus and she shows herself lying in this bed in a very desolate urban landscape with the Henry Ford Company, the Rouge Plant in the background. The DIA spent much of the last two years under threat as its owner, the city of Detroit, looked for ways to emerge from bankruptcy.
Foundations, private donors and the state of Michigan together raised more than $800 million to help rescue public employee pensions.

As the museum says in the exhibit description, Rivera romanticized Detroit; Kahlo rejected it. She basically puts herself in pain in the middle of an unpleasant landscape, and she writes along the bottom of the bed "Henry Ford Hospital," which somehow links her accident with the Ford company. Tomorrow these two hit the road with Skrillex and friends to begin the much anticipated Mothership Tour.
In return, ownership of the DIA was transferred to a trust a€” thereby securing its future. The Mothership Tour begins tomorrow, but today the duo of Dillon Francis and DJ Snake bless us with an official music video. We didn't know about the bankruptcy when we started working on this exhibition in earnest, and we certainly didn't know how long it was going to last. Grand in scope and scale, they celebrate Detroit's auto factories, and depict a kind of worker's utopia a€” men of all races side by side on an assembly line.
It was through this ghastly experience that you see the emergence of Frida as a signature artist. You see her grasping the fact that she is going to be her own subject matter, something in fact that Rivera urged her to do as well.

One engineer at the time said the artist coherently fit 2 miles of assembly line onto two walls. And so almost like out of a chrysalis, the recognizable Frida Kahlo arrives because of the pain and everything she went through in Detroit. And that can be seen in the murals, which, you know a€” let's face it a€” were never going to leave that building whatever happened.
Now you can see the murals as something that is now looking to the future as well as looking to the past, and that all of the old engineering, all the know-how, all the entrepreneurial spirit is somehow in effect again." Interview Highlights On the time Rivera and Kahlo spent in Detroit Rivera was invited here as one of the world's most famous artists to paint some murals in the really relatively new cultural palace of the Detroit Institute of Arts. So you have this artist come here who sees the [Ford River Rouge] plant and the other auto plants, and he just falls in love with them and he loves all of this engineering and all this technology even though he's a Mexican communist who's not supposed to relate to anything so obviously capitalist.

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