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Our company offers medicines Tadacip (Generic Tadalafil) india directly with india manufacturer brand name Tadacip, without intermediaries. Synthetic hair implantation is a very popular procedure worldwide, where natural looking hair are implanted in the scalp one by one exactly matching the existing original hair.
This procedure is a boon for patients who don’t have enough donor area or time left for natural hair transplant or who don’t want natural hair transplant at all.
It is particularly very important for our overseas patients as just in a single session they can get the entire job done.
It is the latest technique, in which natural looking synthetic hair are implanted in the scalp of a patient. Limited donor area: patients who have limited donor area or who have exhausted the donor area, this is a good option. Not permanent: This is just a temporary solution for baldness as there is 10-20% hair loss per year.

Still in spite of these limitations, Synthetic hair transplant has proven to be a good solution for baldness in patients with limited donor supply or having shortage of time. Very large areas which can’t be covered with natural hair Transplantation can also be covered. In case of emergencies or some important event coming at a short notice (like marriage), it is a very good option. Main USP of the clinic is the speed and accuracy of implantation and 100% natural looking results.  We can do around 5000 hair in a single session, which is far ahead of the industry standards. Unlike a wig, this is very natural as the hair are fixed to the scalp and are absolutely natural looking.
It is ideal for patients who don’t want to wait for the results of natural hair Transplantation to grow or those who don’t want a scar of natural Transplantation on the back of their head. Later on natural hair transplantation procedure can also be done after removing these hairs.

These types of reactions can be seen in 1-2 % of the cases Once cut these hairs would not grow unlike natural hairs, so one has to be very careful while styling them.
The hair are available in 15 or 30 cm length so you don’t have to wait for these hair to grow unlike natural hair transplant. This is the highest number of synthetic hair transplant in India in a single patient and 2nd highest in the world as per the best of our knowledge.

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