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The 'Should've Been Us' singer admitted while the Grammy Award winner is a great musician, he's always messing around and pulling jokes while recording new tunes.
She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think a lot of people think he is a goofball all the time, he is really good at the business side of things to. She explained: "He is really, really easy to work with, he just makes it really chilled, and relaxed. And thinking about the future, she teased she's hoping to work with 'Hold Back The River' hitmaker James Bay.
Ed Sheeran sings of growing older in “Thinking Out Loud,” his favorite song off his new album x (out June 23).
To some early fans, “Thinking Out Loud” isn’t quite what they craved – a return to the same folky balladry of his 2011 debut, +. Get an eyeful of even more pop music coverage, from artist interviews to exclusive performances, on Idolator’s YouTube channel.
Martin Garrix says he knew people would think it might be "weird" for him to team-up with Ed Sheeran on a song collaboration, but that they both LOVED working to make sure their two styles worked well on the track. The Dutch superstar DJ and Ed revealed their song 'Rewind, Repeat It' in March this year, thrilling fans with the results, but he says people weren't convinced it would work well when they first suggested the collab. News of the superstar team-up first arrived earlier this year when 'Animals' DJ Martin revealed he and Ed were working on a little something-something, and he then opened up even more about how the collaboration came about.
Martin says the pair met in Los Angeles and ended up getting the first ideas for a track that's now ended up as a song called 'Rewind Repeated'. If Ed Sheeran teaming up with 'Animals' DJ Martin Garrix isn't a recipe for INSTANT chart success… we don't know what is! After his first album + assembled a worldwide fan base, the most soulful of gingers, acoustic extraordinaire ED SHEERAN takes us through the bloodstream of his sophomore studio album and breaks down how x fits right into his equation. Like a well-oiled machine, there was no stopping English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran from coming up with his next album.
Like any other artist trying to break the sophomore slump, this record is a make or break for the 23-year-old.

While his songwriting takes as bolder step, his songs still offer melancholic depictions every other person could relate to. Starting off with the first track written for the album, “One” was the perfect number to begin with. While “One” exudes a bit of frailty, the song “Sing” boasts of an upbeat tempo as Sheeran sings about a sexy rendezvous.
While thinking for a viable subject matter for the melody, that’s when he had the idea of writing it about his grandfather.
At the end of the day, whether x makes or breaks Sheeran, he knows his purpose as a performer and he enjoys it. But after listening to it a few times, it’s admittedly tough to blame Sheeran for looking ahead, rather than relive the past. He said, "I am thinking about making two versions, one more sweet and one really for the festivals.
It’s been a few years since then, but the English singer-songwriter has been actively touring and working on new music. For +, he had leeway to make mistakes and experiment on his music, but now, it was time to prove that he actually means business.
MTV recently did a documentary called Nine Days and Nine Nights of Ed Sheeran where he explained how personal writing a song is. Before starting a show, Sheeran always clears it out with his audience on how his show works.
With “Thinking Out Loud,” Sheeran’s written a terrific first dance song at weddings to come, making growing older sound full of promise. He took to Facebook today to announce that he would be releasing his second studio album, x (Multiply), on June 23rd worldwide.
Matching the star power of the album’s intensity, it was most likely that he felt the pressure.
Unlike his no-fuss, semi-acoustic, muted debut, he packed x with R&B influences and inspired beats–being the hip-hop fan that he is.

That at first, the song belongs to you, but once you have recorded it, it slowly starts slipping away–it now belongs to the public for their consumption and for their interpretation.
When they met at the Grammys, Williams expressed his interest on collaborating with the English man and the end result was “Sing,” the album’s first single. A very soulful tune, Sheeran drew inspiration from meeting a “very cool” person at that time when he was at the process of writing the song.
Johnny was like, ‘There’s something in there,’ and then we built the track more and more.” Within two hours, the song was done. Despite the difference in direction, it’s still not a complete departure from his first record.
Marrying soulful beats with his acoustic core, x is a tight album packed with well-thought melodies–his lyrics would unintentionally hit you right where it should be, which will leave you either gutted or hopeful. This track is a breath of fresh air from Sheeran’s mellow and somewhat self-deprecating tracks. A song with a steady drumbeat and wistful lyrics, “Photograph” is probably the most heartfelt track in the album. Incorporating rhythmic patterns into lyrics, the Sheeran staples are still very much present–he continues to holds his acoustic guitar against the barriers of modern pop.
I remember sitting in my grandmother’s living room with all the family around and playing the song and it was all a very emotional experience. Somewhat of an homage of the Pharrell-produced Justin Timberlake song “Like I Love You,” the track also has that spunk, funk, and Pharrell juices that is seamlessly stitched with the Sheeran touch.
Beautifully arranged with strings and heavy on the keys alongside hip-hop beats, “Afire Love” is one that people could easily relate to due to its emotional potency and sincerity.

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