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If you wanted to know what Ed Sheeran sounded like before his 6x platinum record + or his sold out tour with Taylor Swift, now is your chance.
Sheeran proves with his latest release his talent for writing beautiful and clever lyrics and strong melodies is nothing new.
The collection takes you through the joys and pains of falling in love, breaking up and walking in the streets of London. He tackles the internal debate anyone who has ever been in love understands all too well, “Do I love you? While his lyrics and melodies have grown in complexity and layers in his last two studio albums, 5 shows a beautiful simplicity and vulnerability.
Enter your email address to subscribe to TYF and receive notifications of new posts by email. O trabalho era distribuido pela Europa quando o cantor ainda nao tinha contrato com a gravadora Atlantic. Alguns dos mini-albuns que estarao presentes na compilacao, pode-se encontrar “Loose Change”, “You Need Me EP” e “Want Some?”, ja conhecidos pelos fas do britanico. Nesta segunda-feira (4), Ed postou a capa do material em suas redes sociais, que so estara disponivel em plataformas digitais a partir do dia 12 de maio.
O cantor esta preparando o lancamento de “Photograph” como o quinto single do album “X” e contou mais essa novidade, que deixou os fas ainda mais felizes, e claro. Christmas cards from Bonnie Raitt, Lowden guitars made from whiskey barrels, duets with Ed Sheeran, and writing about the love of nothing, Foy Vance has nailed it. Having just returned from touring the States and Europe, he’s talking down the phone, readying for his in-store gig at East Trade Records in London. It’s often thought of as a delay, but the world is no better or worse of for my not having released a record, let’s face it. Another collaboration on Joy Of Nothing is with the wonderful Bonnie Raitt, but she only sings backing vocals?
My manager brought up the idea of having it all filmed and it was important to me that the person to do it would be able to disappear into the background, so to speak. A longtime advocate of George Lowden, Foy makes it quite clear how he achieves his great acoustic sound on Joy Of Nothing. Sign up to Acoustic's Guitar Of The Week newsletter for weekly video reviews straight to your inbox.
Follow Us!!!Promotional use only!!I do not own any music or image uploaded, I upload to entertain and to promote the owner of the song. Sheeran previously released all five EPs himself before he was a household name under Atlantic Records. The variety in his music adds to the story of the lovable, smart redheaded Brit we all want to be serenaded by. Sheeran’s words and melodies transports the listener into his world and lets them see the sights, feel the emotions and understand the passion behind his songs. Most of her time is spent pretending to be best friends with celebrities, eating cereal and professing her love for one of the Franco Brothers.
The five EPs contained in this set feature a total of 33 songs - both studio and live - many of which can only be found on these releases.
Not just because this was his first album in six years, but also because I’d finally have a legitimate excuse to interview him. He was born in the Northern Ireland town of Bangor, although his passion for traditional music was born in the southern states of America.
He wears the scars of a well-travelled, seasoned musician, and Joy Of Nothing is the perfect representation of this. I suppose after I released Hope I looked at the state of the industry and thought that that record could have been better.

I was with two sound engineers, the producer, and my girlfriend, and we went out, had a drink, and came back, listened to it and that was it, really. You’ve toured with him, he covers your songs, you guys duet, he features on ‘Guiding Light’… It’s not a pairing we’d expect, but it’s a good one! My dad taught me how to fingerpick and then I just messed around with the guitar, figuring my own way with the instrument. She plays the usual stuff for a ten-year-old – the ‘Seven Nation Army’ riff and ‘Smoke on the Water’ because you’ve got to learn that one, right? Foy heads out on the Joy Of Nothing world tour later this year with dates in the UK and Ireland throughout November and December.
Specific details and simple rhymes are refreshingly honest and tell an elaborate story of Sheeran’s past. Ed Sheeran is blessed - he seems to know exactly where he is going, and exactly how to get there. Joy Of Nothing is, by far, the greatest record Foy has made (he’s released eight EPs and two albums), one he’s finally comfortable with (strangely, he’s not a fan of Hope) and one that has guest appearances from Bonnie Raitt and Ed Sheeran. It’s a clear nod to the poetic qualities of Ireland, and to the country vibes of the United States. I’ve always liked the whole idea of a new place means a new feeling – even learning their language.
It was magical for me because we’d worked hard to get to that point and we were all very pleased with it.
He was a fan of Hope and wanted to do some co-writing before he released his record and so we exchanged a few songs – I think it may have even been ‘The A Team’ at the time. A guy I knew used to tell this story about a shitty guitar he had for forty quid that he made sound amazing – I mean, he played the shit out of it!
Sheeran is sharing a special gift with his fans by granting them insight on his journey to become the artist they know and love today. Em sua passagem por aqui, o ruivo conversou com nos do MIXME e falou tudo sobre Game of Thrones!
Where countless others fail to make an impression amid today's information overload, Ed's music and talent cut straight through. He travelled to the South widening his horizons and absorbing the musical traditions he was exposed to. I think I’ve been through five different time zones in the last seven days,’ he laughs with his lilting Irish accent. I’m proud of the songs – they were written with the right intentions, but how the album was addressed wasn’t really there.
I could tell that it was real, and that he really meant it, but I didn’t know what I could add to it.
It’s funny how we used to want artists shrouded in absolute mystery, not knowing anything about the recording process. So, sometimes it isn’t all about the instrument and it is about how the player approaches it, but with Lowden, for me, it’s the whole package.
I went through phases of learning scales and all I could bare was the major scale – I just had enough of them.
Returning to Ireland several years later, Foy began writing his own music shaped by the sounds of his youth. An album of joyous acoustic harmonies, juxtaposed orchestral longing and triumphant, thunderous choruses celebrate the joy of nothing – his figurative lyricism echoing his transition from the Big Smoke to the Scottish highlands; a place he now calls home. I think with this record, the amount of good songs that were coming through was thick and fast. We met up a few times, and he invited me on the tour and we got to be really good friends whilst on the road.

George is a real perfectionist and he’s got the soundboard resonating with all the sounds from the lows to the highs, and the mids in between, all working in such a beautiful way that comes out singing likes birds, you know? I spent more time detuning my guitar into tunings that didn’t make any sense and then trying to write a song from it. Since those days, he has spent a considerable amount of time on the road, touring with Bonnie Raitt, Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Foster, Snow Patrol (Foy also sang backing vocals on Fallen Empires in 2011) and Ed Sheeran, who he supported on his recent US tour. But there’s something there that suggests he doesn’t care too much about the industry’s response.
The things about all those records were that they came at a time when music mattered to people in a more profound way – these people had something to say.
I need to do stuff to learn it, so sat there listening to people tell me how to do something really doesn’t work for me. Foy also scored Oscar-winning short-film The Shore with David Holmes, who collaborated with Vance on his 2012 EP Melrose. Whether it’s good or bad is not half as important to me as that fact that I’m happy with it. The only thing wrong with travel for a musician is that it tends to be multiple time zones in only a couple of days! When I got to Scotland I was invigorated and I’d been doing it for many years, so when they came this time I was able to apply the craft and arrange them a bit better. We were trying to find a way to show a bit of what was going on behind the scenes but without giving too much away – I still wanted to leave some bits down to the imagination, you know?
Also, Michael Keeney, the producer, came and worked alongside me when these songs were being born. My Lowden has such much range, and for me, as a solo player, that was perfect because it meant I could sound like a one-man-band if I wanted to. It’s free from the industry constraints and is, simply, his journey and constant search for artistic expression. I thought it was about time I should write something and make something that was relevant, and the best work that I could do. We were playing in Nashville one night and sang it together unplugged which was beautiful and we realised after that gig that we should try and record this together. It was 1974 in Bangor, I think, when he made the first Lowden guitar and that was the year I was born in Bangor so there’s a little bit of nostalgia there. My first major influence was my dad – I couldn’t believe he could fingerpick the way he did, and go on to play every song he mentioned. I didn’t feel like I had anything to say, but thought I might as well say something about nothing – we might as well talk about that, right?
The one thing I do know about writing a good song is that you need to be almost unconscious – not in a drunk sense, you just need to tap into something different. As soon as I’d made that decision it coincided with me moving from London up to the highlands of Scotland and when I got there, writing about nothing was easy because of the stillness and the ancient qualities there.
It was important for me to be realistic because the last thing I wanted this record to be was in anyway mercenary – I didn’t want to have Ed on there just because he’s Ed Sheeran and because it’s going to draw a load of people.
Although, on tour with him, his fans looked at me liked Ed had wheeled out his demented uncle just for the craic!

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