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The news is awash with new warnings as a new Ebola (bleeding from every orifice) strain hops the waters from Africa into Italy.
Your family, co-workers, classmates, and fellow shoppers might all be at risk from breathing your infected exhaled air long before you or they know about it. It is also not fear-mongering, but a FACT of modern life that you can get on a plane in Arabia while feeling healthy but still be under-oxygenated. This is easy because the disease invaders are almost 100% anaerobic microbes that can’t live in Oxygen. Because our traveler in our example didn’t have an abundance of Oxygen already built up or stored by supplementation within his cells, tissues, lymph, and blood fluids, his immune system couldn’t eliminate the invading anaerobic viruses and bacteria as soon as they tried gaining entry into his warm wet body to breed. In my opinion of over 26 years of having thousands of people tell me they do not get sick any more, I have come to believe your best prevention defense is a big stockpile of supplemental active oxygen already stored inside your cells, tissues, and fluids. I postulate and history proves that in a properly supplemented body the invading anaerobes first hit the condition of being unable to live or breed because a body stuffed with Oxygen is like a wall and they cannot pass because they cannot live in what the metaphorical wall is made up of, the active Oxygens and their subspecies. Your cells and fluids would be chock full of them if you started supplementing early enough. Once you know about active oxygen and supplements your next challenge will be getting access to these oxy-solutions.
Depending on how long you have had the illness infection, usually corresponding to how deep the infection is before you start, the number of sterilizing Ozone gas injections will vary, and it may take a weak body some time to come back even if you kill them all. It takes time for the body to flush out the dead, weak, feeble, diseased and dying cells and their no longer infected cores and waste. Active Oxygen Supplements and Medical Ozone Injections are taught worldwide but not in US medical schools.
Their deflection trick is to always get into a debate about stable Oxygen O2, not our hero ACTIVE Oxygen O1 & O3+.
What these 2 junior spreading plagues (and other real possibilities) have in common is the uncontrolled rapidity with which they are spreading, and the erroneous belief that there is no cure for either. This current mainstream fraudulent “no cure” and “hidden details” response is setting up the prerequisites for unparalleled social unrest we have not seen the likes of in modern times – as the healthy may eventually try to stay that way, possibly behind barricades.
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Traduit de l’anglais (Irlande) par Audrey Coussy, septembre 2011, 200 pages, 16 euros. De cette melancolie de la solitude, de cette peur de voir la verite en face, Etgar Keret tire des recits multicolores, releves par un humour sarcastique ou par un comique de situation frisant l’absurde. Weather Underground, Histoire explosive du plus celebre groupe radical americain, de Dan Berger – ed. Peu connu en France, le Weather Underground fut pourtant l’un des groupes contestataires les plus actifs de la fin des annees 1960 a la fin des annees 1970.

Traduit de l’anglais (Etats-Unis) par Aurelie Puybonnieux, avril 2010, 600 pages, 24 euros. And now MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) is out of control because you might be sick with it, and possibly spreading it, and not knowing it, for up to 14 days! Lyndon Lee Suy, Department of Health (DOH) program manager on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Spokesperson for MERS-CoV, said that the virus has a three- to 14-day incubation period. Then upon landing in NY, Dallas, LA, Miami, Toronto, London, or Chicago, you can still feel healthy, but you might already be infected from a few days (3-14) ago, just as all those who just breathed your exhaled air might be now. Relief worker got on the plane in Arabia, then London, Chicago, and took a bus to Indiana passing thousands of people. Our immune systems need lots of Oxygen in reserve to respond when we are attacked by these anaerobic disease microbes. Phagocytes like neutrophils produce singlet oxygen and are the most likely source of the substrate for antibody production of hydrogen peroxide. This is international historical research information, not medical advice, and always see your qualified Naturopath, or other healing expert, or MD, hopefully one skilled in the oxidative and detoxification realities, whenever there is illness.
If the medical industrial complex was not in charge we would already have equal and easy access to all the active oxygen supplements and therapies like the rest of the world does.
Infected cells have been weakened by the infection, and therefore cannot protect themselves against lipid peroxidation sterilization like the healthy ones can.
They are the only proven, safe, and effective, (but suppressed) therapies that will actually KILL all the invading anaerobic or anaerobic-like microorganisms making up these threats.
Also, when they hit significantly, typically governments stop reporting everything like the numbers of cases, as it would be bad for business. And then for us personally, we have to get our bodies safely flooded with Oxygen right now and kept that way. Canadian government contributes $1.2M to fight Ebola outbreak, Canada The Star, May 1, 2014.
131 positive bacteria & virus anaerobe killing medical Ozone references in “Flood your Body With Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World” by Ed McCabe, Energy Publications. Un periple etourdissant au c?ur de trente annees cruciales qui, entre 1840 et 1870, accoucherent de l’unification italienne.
Le role primordial des mafias balbutiantes, la lachete des elites, leur haine du peuple, la corruption ou le mepris de la femme en disent deja beaucoup sur l’avenir de la peninsule. Il explore sa pensee a la fois syncretique et novatrice, mais echafaude surtout une reflexion riche sur cette periode ou il semblait possible de changer le monde. And The World Health Organization (WHO) states that patients are not contagious during the incubation period and that asymptomatic (without obvious symptoms) cases might not be contagious.1 MIGHT NOT? Scripps Institute found our immune systems produce Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone which give off ACTIVE Oxygen, which kills the disease microbes entering our bodies.
Your having one in storage along with butterfly needles and tanked oxygen will go a long way in case your doctor ever needs one for you and family, and people are desperate, and supplies short. In any case, the already proven safe and effective in millions of dosages ozone medical therapy is the cheapest strongest therapy available worldwide. Helping this process is where plant minerals and colloidal silver shine along with the Oxygen.

Nothing else has the real world proof of millions of safe and effective dosages and more than 50 years of successful real world usage on people. They will never tell you of the safe effective natural ACTIVE Oxygen perfect solution – because it is not one of their drugs!
First we have to get the media to tell the truth and stop siding with Big Pharma that will never admit that the safe, proven, and effective competitor to their drugs already exists. Gut-brain connection, FDA attacks, circadian rhythms, cholesterol issues & heart health! Enfouissez-le au fin fond de l’Oregon, au nord des Etats-Unis, sur la cote Pacifique. Car Keith Scribner deplie constamment son intrigue pour ajouter de nouvelles dimensions a son Experience. Avant de claquer la porte de son petit village a la frontiere irlandaise et de filer dans le Londres sautillant du debut des annees 1970. En placant son roman dans la bouche bariolee de rouge a levres de son insaisissable heroine, Patrick McCabe imagine un texte debordant, exalte, enchainement de chapitres succincts qui sautent du coq a l’ane, changeant sans arret de tonalite. Ferocement antiracistes, bien decides a renverser le gouvernement, ils revendiquent fierement leur solidarite avec les autres mouvements d’emancipation. It is not fear pushing to warn you how to protect yourself beforehand, because it can happen so fast. You have to decide to pursue this, and to take action to do it, and while you’re at it throw in some Colloidal Silver and plant minerals daily. Aventuriers sardes, terroristes francais, mafieux napolitains, bandits siciliens, journalistes americains, putains sans frontieres, lords anglais, republicains genois, soldats piemontais, peintres ou scientifiques. Le monde ne changeait pas : il y avait ceux qui etaient au-dessus et ceux qui etaient au-dessous. Ses personnages tentent, par tous les moyens, de se voiler la face, de se soustraire a une realite qui les effraie, les maltraite.
In 1924 British military doctors Oliver and Murphy injected an active oxygen solution into Ghurkas with the plague. Des salons londoniens enfumes aux abominables geoles napolitaines, Les Traitres virevolte, porte par un souffle romanesque intarissable. Enchainant les chapitres courts, multipliant les points de vue, Giancarlo De Cataldo faconne une fresque ou le grandiose le dispute au pathetique.
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